Interview with Jack Selby

Published on
May 9th, 2016
41 minutes

Interview with Jack Selby

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Featuring Jack Selby

Published on: May 9th, 2016 • Duration: 41 minutes

We sit down with one of the co-founders of Paypal, Jack Selby, who described to us the laborious and disruptive processes involved in setting up one of the biggest online payment systems in the world. Jack also shares lessons learned at Clarium Capital and the challenges of managing a macro fund when you have the Fed on the other side of the trade as well as his latest venture into the independent film industry. A fascinating journey through a wonderfully diverse career.


  • JF
    John F.
    17 October 2016 @ 18:00
    Brilliant mind. Highly articulate. Good momentum in thought assembly.
  • bm
    bill m.
    25 May 2016 @ 18:31
    Hello Have you read the Great Deformation by Davis Stockman. My opinion is that, in your hands, an excellent interview could be made! TX Bill
  • JL
    Jordan L.
    15 May 2016 @ 02:27
    Fantastic interview. Jack makes a great point about the questionable sustainability of cable providers current business model.
  • WM
    Will M.
    14 May 2016 @ 16:25
    Great story teller, eloquent delivery, interesting topic, superb interviewing. Thoroughly enjoyed this business model discussion!
  • AI
    Ataraxy I.
    13 May 2016 @ 20:31
    Favorite RV interview so far. A gem! Great questions from Grant and insightful answers from Jack.
  • RR
    Robert R.
    11 May 2016 @ 02:43
  • JM
    John M.
    11 May 2016 @ 01:07
    Another one for the "Watch Again Later" category. Well done to both participants!
  • CD
    Charles D.
    11 May 2016 @ 00:57
  • SS
    Sam S.
    10 May 2016 @ 19:02
    Well spoken, clear, concise, knowledge with experience. Like Oliver---can we have some more please?!
  • JM
    Joseph M.
    10 May 2016 @ 03:41
    Loved his point on how tech IPOs spawn amateur angle funds that enable companies to retain talented engineers while they should be consolidated into better companies
  • SR
    Steve R.
    10 May 2016 @ 01:51
    Definitely agree with his view on Bitcoin! Total sense.
  • GB
    Greg B.
    10 May 2016 @ 00:05
    Believable. Would take advice from Mr. Selby. Thanks!
  • TL
    T L.
    9 May 2016 @ 20:22
    very good interview! would love to hear more about the online gambling stuff
  • IJ
    Ian J.
    9 May 2016 @ 18:59
    Hope you guys follow this up with Peter Thiel!
  • AA
    ALI A.
    9 May 2016 @ 18:38
    A great interview full of career lessons
  • EL
    Elizabeth L.
    9 May 2016 @ 18:01
    Great interview Grant. Thanks for introducing us to Jack Selby and his brilliant career.
  • GR
    Gregory R.
    9 May 2016 @ 15:56
    He is a stellar practitioner of solid business principles that heighten the probably of greater return and avoids catastrophic risk.
  • WS
    Wes S.
    9 May 2016 @ 15:01
    very refreshing...