Interview with Tim Price

Published on
January 11th, 2016
40 minutes

Interview with Tim Price

The Interview ·
Featuring Tim Price

Published on: January 11th, 2016 • Duration: 40 minutes

Tim Price, Manager of The VT Price Value Portfolio, discusses wealth preservation using allocation tactics in fixed income, opportunities in the Asian economies, and exploring structural solutions to the current debt-laden global economy.


  • MS
    Mark S.
    7 February 2016 @ 15:46
    I would trade my four year Econ degree for four hours in a room with Grant and Tim.
  • MC
    Mike C.
    20 January 2016 @ 21:03
    I guess that explains Taleb's distaste for economists. Interesting story!
  • AE
    Alex E.
    19 January 2016 @ 23:14
    Tim touched on market cycles repeating. The up coming crash is #7. The Great Depression Crash in 29 was #7 as well. Both brought on by CB meddling....Go figure.
  • GH
    Gregory H.
    17 January 2016 @ 01:03
    To Tim's Point about Young Value Guys (of the Graham-Buffett-Pabrai mold) wanting to start a fund today, the only way I see is to start with your own capital and slowly build a track record (I'm 24).
  • RW
    Raymond W.
    16 January 2016 @ 22:30
    This helps confirm my ideas on global macro. Is there nobody you can interview who can put forth the other side of the argument that everything will be fine. Just trying to avoid confirmation bias.
  • TH
    Timo H.
    16 January 2016 @ 08:29
    Common sense stuff from the beginning to the end. Just brilliant!
  • JH
    Joseph H.
    15 January 2016 @ 20:15
    Excellent. Can we get Grant to interview Jim Grant?
  • MM
    Myles M.
    14 January 2016 @ 18:09
    Excellent. I thtink Tim works with Simon Black, doesn't he? Simon may also be an interesting guy to interview, with his ideas about diversification and flag-planting.
  • PV
    Peter V.
    13 January 2016 @ 20:04
    Grant, you found a gem with Tim. One of the best and most entertaining interviews yet. Thanks!
  • KS
    Kashyap S.
    13 January 2016 @ 10:22
    Excellent discussion. Can we have Mark Spitznagel on as well, for his perspective on Austrian economics and value investing?
  • RM
    Richard M.
    13 January 2016 @ 00:43
    Simply GREAT! This is what makes RealVision so valuable and so fascinating - thanks guys!
  • jS
    jurgen S.
    12 January 2016 @ 10:39
    Grant clearly its time to establish the Monson Opportunity Fund. The only way to become an investor is via RV. No advertising budget required. I'm in !!
  • EL
    Elizabeth L.
    11 January 2016 @ 23:18
    Brilliant Minds. Brilliant Discussion. Every thought a gem.
  • JS
    John S.
    11 January 2016 @ 22:30
    Another first rate discussion
  • DK
    Daniel K.
    11 January 2016 @ 21:03
    I love this guy! First time listening to him. Please invite him back.
  • dm
    douglas m.
    11 January 2016 @ 20:57
    It's nieve to think economic policy is purely about economics. 'Sound money' nations would risk being wiped out economically & militarily by enemy nations that can print money to fund advancement.
  • db
    don b.
    11 January 2016 @ 19:24
    Great job guys! I love the perspective that asset allocation has gone from being really hard, to next to impossible.
  • AI
    Ataraxy I.
    11 January 2016 @ 17:28
    "Let's look at gold as a type of bond instrument: zero coupon, irredeemable, no counter-party risk, no credit risk, issued by god. That's not a bad description." Brilliant!
  • FS
    Fred S.
    11 January 2016 @ 17:22
    @IDA I - there are MP3's available from the carousel. At the bottom of each presentation.
  • IP
    IDA P.
    11 January 2016 @ 16:35
    I think it would be great to able to listen to these in MP3 format with an Ipod , you would have lots more subscribers I think
  • PG
    Perrin G.
    11 January 2016 @ 16:31
    Milt - good stuff - but takes valuable time - your market would expand with the availability of printable transcripts - I carry a folder to read at stoplights = Perrin
  • CB
    C B.
    11 January 2016 @ 16:15
    Excellent discussion. I could watch it a dozen times and still glean new insights. Best line from Grant: "no voluntary decisions have been made, nor will they be, because they bring on pain".
  • LP
    Lynn P.
    11 January 2016 @ 16:03
    Succinct summary of Austrian economics and the investment implications. Just began reading "Austrian School for Investors", a worthwhile read.