An Update from Raoul

Published on
July 8th, 2019
6 minutes

An Update from Raoul

The Multiplier Effect ·
Featuring Raoul Pal

Published on: July 8th, 2019 • Duration: 6 minutes

Real Vision co-founder and CEO Raoul Pal explains the recently released “spoof” videos, and lets viewers know about the ways in which Real Vision can help companies in the finance space to grow their businesses. Email us at:,,,,



  • JD
    Joe D.
    17 July 2019 @ 15:51
    Seems like a trend towards opinion pieces, where illustrative data is absent. Like hard core discussions where the speaker can back up what they are saying. And lay off the inside references, so us civilians can understand more fully.
  • JK
    Jon K.
    9 July 2019 @ 07:27
    Try on some perspective and see how it fits... You (the subscriber) pay $180 a YEAR. You get over 900 on demand videos. New content is constantly being created. REMINDER: You (the perma-hater) are not the only subscriber and newsflash - you don’t speak for everyone just because you’re the only one who speaks. Thoughtful feedback goes a long way at this company, I’m speaking from experience. So instead of flying off the rails and jumping to conclusions, maybe try sharing feedback in a constructive manner. the meantime stop acting like RV peed in your Cheerios, it’s getting F’ing old seeing it every time these guys try to innovate a little.
    • TB
      Thomas B.
      9 July 2019 @ 22:12
      Well said.
    • JL
      James L.
      10 July 2019 @ 07:10
      right on, don't really understand the backlash hey. all this content for such a small price. been here from the start so I paid 1k, not 180. im not going anywhere.
    • CT
      15 July 2019 @ 17:59
      Feedback is super valuable and as far as I know this is the only outlet available. It would be extremely detrimental to RVs business to get detached from user opinion. Why not dump thermometers when you have a fever too?
  • ml
    m l.
    8 July 2019 @ 10:19
    Again these guys are missing the mark and enraging the fan base. These ads and 2 weeks of crypto is not the reason I signed up. On top of this, when contacting Milton I get antagonized about my concerns.
    • M.
      Milton .. | Founder
      8 July 2019 @ 13:20
      M - we talked about this and either you or me dislike it, bitcoin and other cryptos are an asset for a lot of people. It’s well worth knowing what’s going on in this space. Truth be told during the two crypto weeks we had interviews that were outside of this space. Now regarding the spoof videos we did, they’re meant to bring awareness to our new offerings so they can be used to their fullest potential. So people know about them and contact us if they are interested. Your experience continues to be ad free but from time to me we can say “hey, we do X well with over Y years of experience and over Z videos to prove it, hire us if you need these services”
    • fc
      flavio c.
      8 July 2019 @ 17:35
      crypto is another form of financial investing I don't like it either, but it is a option. they must talk about it too
    • CT
      8 July 2019 @ 20:18
      Content has really sucked for a while, crypto week was a fad coverup- where are GW interviews, Raoul interviews where he engages, Mike Green etc. Watching a 30 min video that in last 2 mins sum up that BTC might go to 0 or 100k therefore BET is not a good reason to stay signed up.
    • DH
      Daniel H.
      8 July 2019 @ 23:05
      The two weeks of crypto is solely to attract millennials who think it is going to bail them out and make them rich.
    • KW
      Ken W.
      9 July 2019 @ 01:30
      I'm fine with crypto week. At least that content was tagged as crypto and was easy to avoid. Disguising ads as real content is a misrepresentation and might be worth complaining to the FTC
    • M.
      Milton .. | Founder
      9 July 2019 @ 05:44
      Christian - Grant’s been on with 2 magnificent seasons from the On The Road series plus one-on-one interviews. Raoul’s been flying left and right interviewing and there’s more to come. Mike has been a regular presence in the last month. I know that with so much content compared to when we used to have 3 interviews a week, it seems like a water down but I feel like we’re also giving a platform to other incredibly smart people to express themselves and often times break the bias we’re surrounded in our bubbles.
    • CT
      15 July 2019 @ 17:55
      @Milton Thanks for the direct reply, Milton. Wanted to get back to this sooner. Do not get me wrong, I am a big fan of RV and what you guys are trying to and already have accomplished. I appreciate what Raoul, Grant and the gang are doing and of course there are natural constraints to how much they can do. At the same time a lot of their content is the prime stuff. There are loads of other great interviews too, but focusing on exactly that should be RV's first priority in my humble opinioin. My feedback is only meant as exactly that from an enthusiasts point of view. And all I can say is that during cryptosegments and the period prior to that I just didnt use my subscription a whole lot. Also still believe strategy for attracting new business should be kept off platform. Hope you guys smash it going forward!
  • WM
    Will M.
    12 July 2019 @ 14:57
    I have been onboard for a few years now. Also a Macro Insider. Paid the original higher subscription price and was a little surprised to see it cut in half but understood the explanation. Majority of original content is great and just tremendous value for money. But I would be lying if I said things had gotten better as RVT experiments with the format and the offering. The site now feels cluttered and I feel I am watching 50% of what I used to. Milton makes an excellent point about the 900 videos and how to bring these to the attention of newer subscribers, because some of them are fantastic, and many of them provide a great in depth over time analysis on a topic e.g. gold However the current method of filling up the feed with snippets, majority of which I have already seen is a bit "trying". Now I have watched Raoul's explanation of the spoof videos and have no absolutely problem with what he is seeking to achieve but it is detrimental overall given the clutter on the feed already. Finally, while I enjoy the vast majority of the original content there are a very few I give a thumbs down on. I personally do not see Bitcoin as a store wealth BUT it is clearly a speculative opportunity and thus a valid player for RVT to keep us advised on. If you don't want to watch a crypto based video then ..........just don't watch it. You can never satisfy all of the people all of the time. Folks must decide what $200 gives them in terms of value. I am sure the folks at RVT are closely monitoring feedback and will make adjustments to ensure they are sticking to the original goals and tuning the site to provide the most optimal experience they can. The bottom line here is that there is NOWHERE ELSE you can get the sort of content you find on RVT.
  • gg
    gurdeep g.
    12 July 2019 @ 07:05
    Nothing like transparency! Well done. Any chance we could Professor Werner (author of princes of yen) make an appearance? Another global central bank expert long overdue (shout out to Di Martino Booth)
  • RP
    Raoul P. | Founder
    9 July 2019 @ 02:30
    Thanks all for your comments and I hear all the concerns but I must have not explained clearly enough... Nothing will change behind the paywall. You will notice zero difference. You still get all the same content with no adverts for anyone else. We are just offering our services to your businesses or employers. We are not changing Real Vision in any way. Literally, the more successful Real Vision is, the more of the best of the best content you get! We can’t get the big names or harder to get people without larger distribution! We are also sorting out content display automation as you all want different things, and you want personalized content and we just haven’t got there yet but are working furiously on it! I know you find there is too much content for you, personally. But we need to offer content to a wide number of people. For example, there is a core group who love trade ideas and a core group who don’t! And some who love both That’s all good. We can make those choices easier, and will, but I’m not going to tell anyone that they can’t have the content they want. It’s not what we stand for. Your content will never reduce. Never get watered down. Never have advertising. But we will from time to time offer our own services and products. It’s not a lot to ask for $180 and it might help your business too and its will sure help Real Vision, if you care about that. We are a business after all and we need to make profits but without compromising you and your experience. We take that seriously. The ads are just because we take our business seriously too Cut us some slack. Thanks
    • JW
      Joel W.
      9 July 2019 @ 04:07
      Raoul, I’m fine cutting y’all some slack. I don’t like the spoof video, I’m suspicious of some of the new directions, and I believe you’re generally swimming in dangerous currents with these initiatives. However, I know you read comments and I trust that team RV will walk back away from things that don’t work. So I’ll give it some time to see how things turn out. No biggie.
    • KW
      Ken W.
      9 July 2019 @ 05:27
      I think the right thing to do is to offer an actual apology and admit that this stunt took advantage of RV supporters. I think most will be willing to cut you guys some slack, but we’ve obviously noticed the ads like this and those that are getting appended to the end of actual content
    • SS
      S S.
      9 July 2019 @ 13:20
      Have you ever heard or seen a visionary CEO ever say/write ''Cut us some slack'' I haven't. Constructive criticism should always be welcomed.
    • DH
      Daniel H.
      10 July 2019 @ 00:41
      As I said above, you have turned your interface into clutter. Repeats, spoofs, millennial click bait, etc. I liked it better before you "increased" the feed. I just want serious stuff.
    • JD
      James D.
      10 July 2019 @ 01:42
      I don't normally post comments on any internet forum (in fact this is my first) as it seems to me to be a toxic world of a lot of angry and ill-informed opinions, but RV's readership members I would hope are of a slightly higher calibre than you would find in the comment section of Fox News or the Daily Mail. However it seems that even here there is a lot of impotent keyboard bashing and teeth grinding going on since the latest push-out by RV. Of course noone likes being marketed things they don't want or need. Of course you want your product or service to cater solely for your needs. But surely that is ridiculously unrealistic and selfish? Personally I don't need the extra services but its not rocket science to avoid the stuff you don't want and find the stuff you do. Certainly quicker than getting all menstrual on the comments feed... I assume most of the readership, myself included are ambitious, driven people, as no doubt Raoul and the other founders are - isn't it reasonable to expect they want to push the business forward? Not all the ideas will be hits, but you can't expand without a few misses. Its a bit one-sighted to assume one reader knows exactly what content and format everyone else wants. And P.S - Daniel H., what is with all the millennial hatred? Seems to be a theme in several of your posts...? Bad experience? For the record, I am a 43 year old X-er. Anyway, good luck to RV. If it becomes a service I no longer think is valuable I will just cancel my sub.
    • JH
      Jesse H.
      11 July 2019 @ 18:17
      Ok understood, Raoul. Thanks for clarifying. But if this doesn’t work out, why not just up the price to a fraction of the original rate? That would take care of these issues perhaps, and do so without pulling resources away from your core focus as a company. My two cents, anyway. Look forward to staying the course. Still a very loyal customer / partner.
    • JH
      Jesse H.
      11 July 2019 @ 18:30
      Also, if you are keen to try out things to bring in more revenue, how about online, paid for EDUCATIONAL webinars and platforms to make us better investors and traders? That would be fun, rewarding and would not water anything down. And it would be true to your original mission and vision of democratising finance. Cheers.
    • JH
      Jesse H.
      11 July 2019 @ 18:34
      Sorry, I meant to say, “increased profitability”, not just increased revenue, as you obviously have to consider your costs. I can see you guys kicking some ass in financial education. And there is slim to none of it out there. And while I like Dave Floyd’s work, I am talking about a deeper type of class / course here which delivers premium educational content. To me it’s all about the 80/20 rule - what’s the 20% of resources you could invest that will achieve 80% of the increased profitability you want? That’s what I’m thinking about.
    • KC
      Kenneth C.
      11 July 2019 @ 19:04
      That's the message that was somewhat muddied. RV is like finding the perfect partner, whom you like as they are, and they start talking about change and every fear and insecurity you have go off like fireworks over the harbor on the 4th. And then the partner has to reassure you that you are loved. It's a beautiful thing, this RV.
  • SL
    Shanan L.
    8 July 2019 @ 20:54
    I appreciate the honesty, but I’m concerned about quality degradation from the increased quantity and distractions from the increase in scope of what RV is trying to accomplish.
    • M.
      Milton .. | Founder
      9 July 2019 @ 05:48
      Shanan - we are on it, getting to the right video is the problem. If you’re viewing all the videos we post and you’re not enjoying any one of then, please drop me a message and let’s discuss this.
    • JH
      Jesse H.
      11 July 2019 @ 18:25
      Milton - I think perhaps you may have misunderstood what Shanan was saying here - she is talking about “quality degradation” and “distraction.” This is about business focus and eliminating spoof / extra content which may be more of a fun side experiment but actually draining resources away from what RV does so well - high-quality, thoughtful and independent financial media. Better than anywhere else on the internet frankly.
  • AR
    Anthony R.
    9 July 2019 @ 00:24
    Raoul - Just watched your video. Was as frustrating as the spoof themselves. Bottom line: we don't want sponsors affiliated with the content. If I want that, I can go read WSJ and Barrons who pander to their advertisers first. You guys are ruining your brand and core point of attraction by over-monetizing.... (yes). As others have said, just charge us more if you want more monetization. From now on, I have to wonder what sponsor(s) are pulling the strings. So sad.
    • JH
      Jesse H.
      11 July 2019 @ 18:21
      Agreed. Well said.
  • DH
    Dabangg H.
    9 July 2019 @ 01:42
    It was good while it lasted. Not everyone knows how to scale, stay profitable and still be unique and not lose their core.
    • JH
      Jesse H.
      11 July 2019 @ 18:20
      Very true. Hopefully RV will see this and change course in time. But let’s be patient. They have been excellent thus far. Raoul is right. We do need to give them some slack to try new things, and learn what works / what doesn’t.
  • SS
    Sam S.
    9 July 2019 @ 16:45
    In all fairness, starting, developing and operating RV is very expensive. RV is like any TV show series, once watched, all us viewers just want to watch the next episode as soon as possible. The cost to setup an interview, film, edit, upload for subscribers is enormous. I did some movie work with a well known studio and I can tell, for those who don't know, they spent millions just to get a few minutes of film. It was a huge education on what it takes to produce content. The recent opportunity to invest in RV series of funding, does create pressures for RV the company, in making investors whole. RV said from day one, of which I was an early member, they wanted to change the face of financial news and overcome the bullshit we've endured for so many years. They're been doing that, but their growth objectives come with some challenges. I worry the content may become skewed and the real world, tell it like it is experts, will diminish. I hope the "real vision" platform doesn't get hi-jacked into something else. I feel like I've gotten to personal meet the smartest most experienced people in the world, many whom I never even knew existed. There's always a guy. I'm pulling for Raoul, Grant, Milton and the gang!
    • JH
      Jesse H.
      11 July 2019 @ 18:12
      Well said. Could not agree more.
  • FG
    Flavio G.
    11 July 2019 @ 15:38
    Happy to know RV is diversifying and improving cash flow. I definitely want this service to continue well and alive.
  • JL
    James L.
    10 July 2019 @ 07:13
    72 of you need to calm down and stop bitching
  • ph
    phil h.
    10 July 2019 @ 05:27
    I’m not in the financial market. I’m an entrepreneur. As a long term subscriber, I really appreciate rv services. As an entrepreneur I have some understanding of the issues you’re dealing with at this stage of development. So, with very limited information, I fully support your moves to use rv’s capabilities to expand your business offerings to generate positive cash streams, carefully targeting and separating services. All businesses change. It seems to me that RV free and other services must happen. Key is finding proven leadership in those areas. I wish RV all the very best.
  • KA
    Kevin A.
    10 July 2019 @ 01:15
    I might be emotional if I were paying $1800 instead of $180. You guys should raise the price a bit if necessary. It is a fraction of my FT and WSJ subs.
  • TD
    Thomas D.
    8 July 2019 @ 16:56
    As long as the format continues to give me access to the same high volume of outstanding guests, you’ve got me.
    • DH
      Daniel H.
      8 July 2019 @ 23:00
      Yes, but now the new format is making me dig through small snippets of older, longer interviews, over dramatic millenial click bait, and now spoof videos disguised as content.
    • M.
      Milton .. | Founder
      9 July 2019 @ 05:39
      We are in a full process of changing the way content is shown. Now with over 900 videos on the platform I know it’s hard to discover the videos that you want. Yes, you can personalize your viewing list bit that’s not enough and we’ve recognized the issue and will offer you a better format.
    • DH
      Daniel H.
      10 July 2019 @ 00:43
      I hope you do.
  • TB
    Thomas B.
    9 July 2019 @ 22:13
    I think they were fun. They were a few minutes long and can be skipped. If people don't like it let them cancel.
    • DH
      Daniel H.
      10 July 2019 @ 00:38
      RV has a very clunky interface, and all of the snippets from earlier long videos, spoofs, millennial click bait like The First Thing, etc., clutter it up. I now have trouble finding the things that I do want to watch.
  • RH
    Rob H.
    10 July 2019 @ 00:15
    I've been here from the start and I know things will change and evolve as RV will try new things as they should. As long as the content is as good as it has been for the past few years, I will remain a loyal customer. As far as I'm concerned you just can't get content like this anyplace else.
  • PF
    Patrick F.
    9 July 2019 @ 15:39
    I've cancelled my renewal. Hopefully I can be wowed before my subscription expires.
  • ml
    m l.
    8 July 2019 @ 10:26
    I think they miss the part whereby if you upset your customer base there isn’t anyone that’s going to stay to advertise to
    • PF
      Patrick F.
      9 July 2019 @ 15:32
      Not necessarily so - it's a business model decision: pursue the masses (ads) or the few (subs). You can win at either, but I'm not sure you can have them both. What I keep hearing from RV is that they are becoming more interested in the masses. I will say that I'm firmly in subscription camp.
  • lD
    lance D.
    9 July 2019 @ 12:27
    I remember the days where there was no choice but to watch ads they were perfect opportunity to get a cuppa tea before resuming nowadays any ads are just fast forwarded in my house so anything to remind me of the old days is welcomed - I'm an advertisers dream lol. the old carousel on here was best imo
  • AC
    Avi C.
    9 July 2019 @ 06:20
    Basically Raul it boils down to this. people here like RV because this is in the end a niche product that serves a niche group of people. Sort of an open secret. As long as it will be like that it's ok. when this service becomes the next cnbc or the next xyz for everyone the allure if RV will be gone. You can't sell to masses and be unique at the time. The Brooklyn roasting company won't be same if they will open a branch on every street corner in the US, they will become the next Starbucks although they serve the same coffee as ever.
  • JB
    Justin B.
    8 July 2019 @ 18:55
    Your audience does not want advertising to screw up the current experience. Just raise the price of a subscription if you want more money. I'm going to have to seriously consider ending my subscription if you go the advertising route.
    • JH
      Jesse H.
      8 July 2019 @ 18:58
      Amen Justin. This is part of what I was driving at in my comment below.
    • JS
      John S.
      9 July 2019 @ 00:13
      Did you even listen to what Raoul said?
  • SS
    Steven S.
    8 July 2019 @ 23:18
    I've been learning how to trade Stocks on the Internet for 15 years. 8 of those I've been trying to get involved with various Relationship Marketing projects. I would like to investigate if Real Vision could help Me build my Project Management(s). How much is it?
  • KW
    Ken W.
    8 July 2019 @ 14:31
    I bet that 85% watch through rate will dramatically drop when spam like this keeps showing up in the feed
    • JH
      Jesse H.
      8 July 2019 @ 18:13
      Agree, Ken - I don’t understand this change of business direction at all frankly and it seems like a complete non-sequitur to me.
    • DH
      Daniel H.
      8 July 2019 @ 23:02
      Worse, I can't find the new good stuff hidden in snippets of the old plus plainly silly items
  • JH
    Jesse H.
    8 July 2019 @ 18:22
    Raoul, Grant and Team - as a longtime viewer and RV partner (back when your rates were much pricier), it occurs to me that what may really be going on behind the scenes is a sort of revenue / business model crisis. Please come clean with us partners in a video about some of the company challenges you’re facing - those that you can divulge, of course. We are a smart group of subscribers and many of us have substantial experience in business. Perhaps we can provide ideas that you may find useful in navigating whatever challenges are bringing about this sudden change in business strategy. I am guessing you’re having trouble with operating cash flows from the sudden change in approach and the push to add a complete non sequitur service of “hey, we are an awesome financial media platform; now maybe we can also help you make stronger videos.” Really?! Common, guys - it’s Apple 101. Please stick to your bread and butter and innovate around that core, rather than adding services which by definition pull resources and detract from your core locus of excellence. Happy to offer ideas, if that is of interest. Will also send an email to this effect to Milty. I deeply care about the original mission and vision of RV, and this to me seems like a significant departure from what makes you such a fantastic platform (and the team behind it). Cheers.
    • JH
      Jesse H.
      8 July 2019 @ 18:28
      The reference to Apple is meant as an allusion to the way Jobs came in and cut back the many disparate products Apple was working on to just 1-2, I believe. The iPhone became a key centrepiece of their focus, of course, but the key here was depth over breadth. They became fantastic at just a few things (iPhone being the main one), and they then took the entire market by storm. I can see you guys doing the same thing with financial media and becoming a key rival to services like Bloomberg.
    • DH
      Daniel H.
      8 July 2019 @ 22:57
      I agree. It makes no sense to water down the revolutionary access to macro information with things that are plainly silly. Somebody needs to grow up.
  • DH
    Daniel H.
    8 July 2019 @ 22:54
    Look, it's really simple: 1. Don't put up over dramatic nonsense to pander to millennials. 2. Don't put up silly nonsense like the spoof videos. 3. Get serious, stay serious, and fly straight.
  • SP
    Steve P.
    8 July 2019 @ 21:35
    PLEASE , who could I email a sales resume to ? Willing to relocate.
  • CT
    8 July 2019 @ 20:12
    Its a pretty simple mistake to use the platform that broadcasts content to attract business to that broadcasts on the same platform. How often do you see adds on Netflix? The reason why you don't is that its a **** up in a marketing context. Fire whoever thought of this and stop hurting your brand.
  • CL
    Cyril L.
    8 July 2019 @ 18:37
    Wow some folks really like to complain. Keep trying new things RV. You can't please everyone.
    • JH
      Jesse H.
      8 July 2019 @ 18:58
      Complain? No, it’s more a matter of concern, not complaint.
  • fc
    flavio c.
    8 July 2019 @ 17:22
    He is just giving " trading ideas" to currently subscribers / company owners/ etc And been transparent about it. No problem. Keep going! Lets wait and see
  • RO
    Robert O.
    8 July 2019 @ 16:54
    This new addition is just like having commercial breaks every 15 minutes in a movie theater. It does not improve the viewing experience.
  • KC
    Kenneth C.
    8 July 2019 @ 15:28
    I love Real Vision. Bang for buck, not only do you get your money's worth but it is not the same as what is out there. Real Vision has always come across as independent from the financial industry. That is truly what makes it special. There is a danger in making paid for videos for companies, allowing them to dictate/specify their message their branding. If this is separate from RV content and for the companies specific audience, then it's doable without damaging your brand. If you cross the beams, it will be dogs and cats sleeping together mass hysteria. And trust will be broken. Always rooting for you.
    • CM
      C M.
      8 July 2019 @ 16:02
      Having produced TEDx events for +10 years, agree that having a Chinese wall between content production and sponsors is critical. What happens when you have an expert recommend shorting a company's stock when that same company is a video client? Having built a great service, you do need to maintain the viewer's trust. At the same time, believe you have more flexibility in your pricing versus jumping into a highly competitive corporate video production market. Hope this does not turn into a "jump the shark" moment.
  • JC
    JAMES C.
    8 July 2019 @ 14:28
    I agree with the sense I get from some comments as the reach for growth/$ risks editorial integrity and quality. Still watching,,,,, through more critically, as the struggle to mould RV into a mainstream product continues. Not sure I like some of these directions though it is not my company..... and I do still have choice (though one still slanted significantly towards RV given the alternatives).
    • JL
      J L.
      8 July 2019 @ 15:18
      Safe to say the struggle will be quite long at this pace to get into mainstream, I mean what is really on offer here for someone who knows nothing about finance? 10 min trade idea buy SPY with stop here, next day sell SPY with stop there? probably should be looking to go into educational videos that are well structured and sell courses on finance rather than the cheap bloombergy netflixy clips
  • DJ
    D J.
    8 July 2019 @ 14:58
    How is real vision free different from bloomberg ?
  • JL
    J L.
    8 July 2019 @ 12:55
    on the bright side it's only 200 bucks now so let's face it who will be leaving real vision at that price point? guess we'll have to suck up to the ads for the next couple years
  • RB
    Richard B.
    8 July 2019 @ 11:35
    realvision well on its way to becoming the next CNBC. well done guys!
    • JL
      Jinny L.
      8 July 2019 @ 11:49
      agree. sadly its about monetization at this point. i liked it when not too many people knew about RV. at this rate, most of the ideas and trades wont work if everyone knows about them
  • MP
    Matthew P.
    8 July 2019 @ 10:25
    I dont open realvision hoping to see joe blo peddling his products. Pls keep the quality high and no ads
  • SS
    S S.
    8 July 2019 @ 10:12
    I have to say, this is the worst video I have ever seen Raoul do.
  • OD
    Orin D.
    8 July 2019 @ 08:26
    I don't understand, you tell us these were spoof ads then proceed to launch into a pitch about how real vision can help companies advertise.............
    • OD
      Orin D.
      8 July 2019 @ 08:27
      I'd like 5 minutes of my life back, this video is an ad
  • KW
    Ken W.
    8 July 2019 @ 06:15
    • AW
      Aaron W.
      8 July 2019 @ 07:47
      We're already paying for ad-free content. Stop the ads.
  • PB
    Pieter B.
    8 July 2019 @ 06:28
    Thanks for explaining Raoul

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Anthony Scaramucci

SkyBridge Capital, Founder & Co-Managing Partner

Prior to founding SkyBridge in 2005, Scaramucci co-founded investment partnership Oscar Capital Management, which was sold to Neuberger Berman, LLC in 2001. Earlier, he was a vice president in Private Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs & Co. In 2016, Scaramucci was ranked #85 in Worth Magazine’sPower 100: The 100 Most Powerful People in Global Finance. In 2011, he received Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year –New York” Award in the Financial Services category. Anthony is amember of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), vice chair of the Kennedy Center Corporate Fund Board, a board member of both The Brain Tumor Foundation and Business Executives for National Security (BENS), and a Trustee of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Foundation. He was a member of the New York City Financial Services Advisory Committee from 2007 to 2012. In November 2016, he was named to President-Elect Trump’s 16-person Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee. In June 2017, he wasnamed the Chief Strategy Officer of the EXIM Bank. He served as the White House Communications Director for a period in July 2017. Scaramucci, a native of Long Island, New York, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Tufts University and a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School.

Michael Saylor

MicroStrategy, Co-Founder

Mr. Saylor is a technologist, entrepreneur, business executive, philanthropist, and best-selling author. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Office of MicroStrategy, Inc. (MSTR). Since co-founding the company at the age of 24, Mr. Saylor has built MicroStrategy into a global leader in business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services. In 2012, he authoredThe Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything, which earned a spot onThe NewYork TimesBest Sellers list. Mr. Saylor attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, receiving an S.B. in Aeronautics and Astronautics and an S.B. in Science, Technology, and Society.

Alex Saunders

Nugget's News, Founder & CEO

Alex Saunders is the founder and CEO of Nugget’s News, a digital media company focused on all things crypto. Alex has been captivated by cryptocurrency since 2012 and in 2017 he began educating globally on the benefits of cryptocurrency and how to safely acquireit. Nugget’s News has been listed as a top-20 podcast by Business Insider, ShapeShift and Lifehacker and has over 120k YouTube subscribers with 9 million total views.Alex is also heavily focused on his cryptocurrency education platform Collective Shift which currently serves over 4,500 members. provides his unique perspectives by utilising his expertise in fundamental analysis, technical analysis and market sentiment. He is working towards his mission of making it easier for everyone to understand the financial world.

James Putra

TradeStation Crypto, Inc., Sr. Director of Product Strategy

James helped launch TradeStation Crypto’s offeringwhichutilizesa true online brokerage model that self-directed investors and traders have come to expect for equities, futures,and foreign currency markets. He is a reputed crypto asset specialist and blockchain thought leader focused on helping people find innovativeways to participate in this space. He is active in the blockchain community with speaking engagements, TV appearances and mentoring.James has over 15 years of experience in the Fintech industry.

Raoul Pal

Real Vision, Co-Founder & CEO

Raoul Pal is the Co-Founder and CEO of Real Vision, the world’s pre-eminent financial media platform, which helps members understand the complex world of finance, business, and the global economy. Real Vision members also have access to Real Vision Crypto, a cryptocurrency and digital assets video channelwatched by over 80,000 people.In addition, Raoul has been publishing Global Macro Investor since January 2005 to provide original, high quality, quantifiable and easily readable research for the global macro investment community hedge funds, family offices, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. It draws on his considerable 31 years of experience in advising hedge funds and managing a global macro hedge fund. Global Macro Investor has one of the very best, proven track records of any newsletter in the industry, producing extremely positive returns in eight out of the last twelve years. He retired from managing client money at the age of 36 in 2004 and now lives in the tiny Caribbean island of Little Cayman in the Cayman Islands. Previously he co-managed the GLG Global Macro Fund in London for GLG Partners, one of the largest hedge fund groups in the world. Raoul moved to GLG from Goldman Sachs where he co-managed the hedge fund sales business in Equities and Equity Derivatives in Europe. In this role, Raoul established strong relationships with many of the world’s pre-eminent hedge funds, learning from their styles and experiences. Other stop-off points on the way were NatWest Markets and HSBC, although hebegan his career by training traders in technical analysis.

Peter McCormack

What Bitcoin Did, Journalist

Peter McCormack is a full timejournalist/podcaster covering topics such as Freedom, Human Rights, Censorship and Bitcoin. Peter created and hosts the What Bitcoin Did Podcast, a twice-weekly Bitcoin podcast where he interviews experts in the world of Bitcoin development, privacy, investment and adoption. Launched in November of 2017, the podcast has grown to over 100 episodes with a guest list that is a testament to the diversity of knowledge and opinions that represent the broader Bitcoin community. Expanding his growing list of humaninterest recordings, documentaries and films Peter has recently launched theDefiancepodcast andDefianceTV.

Caitlin Long

Avanti Financial Group, Founder & CEO

22-year Wall Street veteran who has been active in bitcoin and blockchain since 2012. In 2018-20 she led the charge to make her native state of Wyoming an oasis for blockchain companies in the US, where she helped Wyoming enact 20 blockchain-enabling laws. From 2016-18 she jointly spearheaded a blockchain project for delivering market index data to Vanguard as chairman and president of Symbiont, an enterprise blockchain start-up. Caitlin ran Morgan Stanley’s pension solutions business (2007-2016), heldsenior roles at Credit Suisse (1997-2007) and began her career at Salomon Brothers (1994-1997). She is a graduate of Harvard Law School (JD, 1994), the Kennedy School of Government (MPP, 1994) and the University of Wyoming (BA, 1990).

Hunter Horsley

Bitwise Asset Management, CEO

Hunter Horsley is Chief Executive Officer of Bitwise Asset Management. Prior to Bitwise, he was a product manager at Facebook, working on advertiser products including the multibillion-dollar sponsored content ecosystem and ad breaks in videos. Before Facebook, Horlsey was a product manager at Instagram, responsible for multiple advertising products generating several hundred million dollars of revenue. He is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, with a B.S. in economics. Recently, Horsley was named a member of Forbes’ 2019 “30 Under 30” list.

Luke Gromen

Forest For The Trees, Founder & President

Luke Gromen has 25 years of experience in equity research, equity research sales, and as a macro/thematic analyst.He is the founder and president of macro/thematic research firm FFTT, LLC, which he founded in early 2014 to address and leverage the opportunity he saw created by applying what clientsand former colleagues consistently described as a “unique ability to connect the dots” during a time when he saw an increasing “silo-ing” of perspectives occurring on Wall Street and in corporate America.FFTT caters to institutions and sophisticated individuals by aggregating a wide variety of macroeconomic, thematic and sector trends in an unconventional manner to identify investable developing economic bottlenecks for his clients.Prior to founding FFTT, Luke was a founding partner of Cleveland Research Company, where he worked from 2006-14.At CRC, Luke worked in sales and edited CRC’s flagship weekly thematic research summary piece (“Straight from the Source”)for the firm’s clients.Prior to that,Luke was a partner at Midwest Research, where he worked in equity research and sales from 1996-2006.While in sales, Luke was a founding editor of Midwest’s widely-read weekly thematic summary (“Heard in the Midwest”) for the firm’s clients, in whichhe aggregated and combined proprietary research from Midwest with inputs from other sources.Luke Gromen holds a BBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Cincinnati and received his MBA from Case Western Reserve University.He earned the CFA designation in 2003.

Meltem Demirors

CoinShares, Chief Strategy Officer

Meltem Demirors is Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares, an investment firm that manages billions in assets on behalf of a global investor base, and is a trusted partner to investors and entrepreneurs navigating the digital asset ecosystem. Meltemoversees the firm’s managed strategies group and its New York office and leads corporate development. Previously, she was part of the founding team of Digital Currency Group. As a veteran investor in the digital currency space, she has invested in over 250 companies in the ecosystem. Meltem is passionate about education and advocacy, and teaches the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme and co-chairs the WEF Cryptocurrency Council.