Better Call Vol

Published on
July 1st, 2019
8 minutes

Better Call Vol

The One Thing ·
Featuring Benn Eifert and Michael Green

Published on: July 1st, 2019 • Duration: 8 minutes

This week we break down one of the major points from Mike Green's interview with Benn Eifert, published as "When the Volatility Markets Changed." AK explains what a call overwriting strategy is, why its use is significant, and what its popularity might mean for the overall market.



  • DH
    Daniel H.
    5 July 2019 @ 06:39
    You bait me in with Mike Green and the first thing I see is this over dramatic millennial. I will never watch the First Thing again.
    • BS
      Boris S.
      10 July 2019 @ 00:45
      Agreed. Mike Green in any video's thumbnail or title is saliva inducing for anyone fascinated in conversations related to global macro concepts where conversations are only made better through polite intellectual prodding and poking.
  • SC
    Sean C.
    9 July 2019 @ 16:10
    If you didn't understand the original video I doubt you will understand any more after watching this. What was the point?
  • BT
    Brian T.
    2 July 2019 @ 15:25
    so a call overwrite is ? When a large pension fund is seeking to obtain greater returns in a market of very low yields? --by selling a wager on future market returns to gambling mavericks? which has changed gradually since ? last year, last 5 years, ? how was it done in the past? is it a new strategy? Sorry, I'm in the 40 (or less)% on this one. Thanks for humbling....
  • PG
    P G.
    1 July 2019 @ 21:39
    BTW I bearly understood 40% of this one LOL AK maybe another try
    • JF
      John F.
      2 July 2019 @ 03:50
    • DS
      David S.
      2 July 2019 @ 04:35
      No comprehension problem. Just a typo. DLS
  • DS
    David S.
    1 July 2019 @ 16:37
    Thanks AK. Short and well thought out. DLS
  • SM
    Sean M.
    1 July 2019 @ 15:16
    Really cool that the response to those questions came so fast
  • RG
    Ryan G.
    1 July 2019 @ 14:45
    Very helpful