How the Pros Identify Value

Published on
February 25th, 2019
4 minutes

How the Pros Identify Value

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Featuring AK

Published on: February 25th, 2019 • Duration: 4 minutes

What does "value" actually mean? This week, AK shows us how the best of the best find their edge in the markets. Since value is a relative concept, he provides some much-needed background as to how the market assigns value to different assets.


  • CM
    C M.
    6 March 2019 @ 21:01
    Learning to avoid this series on RV
  • DS
    David S.
    26 February 2019 @ 08:57
    This presentation merely states that you need to value and own your trades. Mr. Yusko and Mr. Burbank are both successful with different approaches to the market, except maybe for Bitcoin. We just saw the Mr. Yusko presentation with Grant Williams. Search for JOHN BURBANK’S BULLISH VIEWS ON CRYPTO, SAUDI ARABIA AND TECH on RVTV with Mike Green. These are not trade ideas. No silver platters here. DLS
  • RP
    Ryan P.
    26 February 2019 @ 01:58
    Where’s the mike green interview ... this was the only value I got from this video.
  • JG
    John G.
    25 February 2019 @ 18:12
    What a load of absolutely useless information. Cut out thus time wasting rubbish, please!
  • ag
    anthony g.
    25 February 2019 @ 16:26
    Complete waste of time. If value is going to be discussed, then compare a bad value with a good value when investing in stocks ? That may be only a start .....
  • MD
    M D.
    25 February 2019 @ 14:11
    This is a fantastic topic, and I thought they should have pulled in the Deden comments on value = enduring. That said, I know this was a snippet but it came off like a commercial. And Yusko / Grant contradicted Green, which left this 3 min piece short of answering its own question.