Why the Yuan Matters to Stocks

Published on
August 12th, 2019
6 minutes

Why the Yuan Matters to Stocks

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Featuring AK

Published on: August 12th, 2019 • Duration: 6 minutes

The Trump administration labelled China a currency manipulator in response to the Chinese authorities devaluing the yuan. This week, AK breaks down whether the Trump administration is correct in that assertion — and what the answer could mean for global markets.



  • ag
    anthony g.
    19 August 2019 @ 17:51
    Demographics, Tech and Debt are largely producing the lack of inflation. Negative interest rates are not going to change any of those 3 things and so inflation is not going to arrive any time soon thanks to anything a Central Bank has done re interest rates. Meanwhile banks, pensions and insurance companies are all in trouble thanks to low rates. Oh ... yes .... forgot ... who is benefiting from all the lower rates ... Governments and the politicians . This is not likely to end well for the average person in my somewhat simple view on a complicated topic.
  • LH
    Laurent H.
    13 August 2019 @ 06:45
    When these recaps started I thought there were a little wanky, but they are actually good. I like how they piece together 20 seconds from all different clips. Refresh's your mind from interviews a while ago that you may have forgotten. Wouldn't mind a different sound track which is weird cause I like hip hop
  • wj
    wiktor j.
    12 August 2019 @ 20:40
    Trump does understand what china is doing. But you guys need to understand this trade war is playing right into what Trump wants. What does Trump want? 0 Interest rates. Trump will not make a deal until the interest rates comes down more.
  • SS
    S S.
    12 August 2019 @ 11:52
    It just goes to show you the quality of this programme when the guy starts off with Chinese WON, rather than Chinese Yuan/Renminbi, that is just basic editing/knowledge that even most elementary kids would know. What's next? US Pound? Japanese Dollar? This programme is an insult to the intelligence of millennials and an outlier terrible show compared to all of the other great videos RV produces.
    • CY
      CHIHLUN Y.
      12 August 2019 @ 15:37
      I think AK's pronunciation of the yuan just came out sounding like the won, rather than confusing the KRW with the CNY. Perhaps he can just call it the RMB in the future, that's how a Chinese would call it (Renminbi) so it is well understood even by the natives.
    • SM
      Sarit M.
      12 August 2019 @ 15:55
      That might just be an accent thing. But that aside, I rarely watch this show. It is mostly marketing material targeted to convert millennial non-subscribers.
  • SS
    Shanthi S.
    12 August 2019 @ 09:25
  • SZ
    Sean Z.
    12 August 2019 @ 08:40
    Won is South Korean currency. Yuan or Renminbi is Chinese currency.