Word is Bond

Published on
June 10th, 2019
7 minutes

Word is Bond

The One Thing ·
Featuring AK

Published on: June 10th, 2019 • Duration: 7 minutes

They're supposed to be the most boring investment in the world. So why are U.S. Treasurys suddenly garnering so much attention? AK tries to figure out why so many are now so fond of bonds.



  • TS
    Tamás S.
    10 June 2019 @ 07:22
    Am I the only one not preferring the "style" of AK? He is tryting too hard to be "cool" I guess might be the right word, but this doesn't realy fit the real vision brand, or at least to what I expected from RV.
    • SS
      S S.
      10 June 2019 @ 12:27
      The show is total garbage. It will get dropped soon no doubt like the Knock on Effect.
    • KC
      Kenneth C.
      10 June 2019 @ 15:59
      He's suppose to appeal to Millenials (I'm guessing). If I could kill the music, I would. His reports inter splice other interviews so I believe his job is to show Millenials how to pull information and build your investment thesis. I enjoy his 7 minute on their merit and realize I'm old enough to be his dad and don't quite get the beat in the background.
    • TS
      Tamás S.
      10 June 2019 @ 18:29
      The funny thing is, that I am a millenial too. What disturbs me is that, if the infromation has to be "dumbed down" this much to you, then you probably should stay away from managing your own money, it can be a risky business.. Anyway who am I to tell others what to do. I was just curious to see if other people have the same "unease" seeing these style of videos on RV (btw which I still like a lot)
    • DS
      David S.
      11 June 2019 @ 06:30
      Many people have not seen the original interviews. After watching AK they can search and watch it. This may not be a benefit to you, but it is to other subscribers. DLS
  • SU
    Shakeel U.
    10 June 2019 @ 21:34
    Many thanks AK & RV team. It would be good and helpful if some of these videos were longer and more in-depth.
    • DS
      David S.
      11 June 2019 @ 06:26
      I agree. They are archived and you can search for the person interviewed on RVTV and see the whole interview, any part of the interview and/or look at the transcript. DLS
  • LE
    Loui E.
    11 June 2019 @ 05:18
    Dr. Kumar’s videos are always cool. According to Newton’s theory of gravity, it should pull bond yield lower no?
  • ag
    anthony g.
    10 June 2019 @ 19:00
    I like that he reviews other interviews again.
  • DS
    David S.
    10 June 2019 @ 18:11
    RVTV is making a concerted effort to appeal to many different audiences as a major part of its mission. I do not think that every program will appeal to all subscribers. I am certainly not a millennial, but I do enjoy AK's approach. Keep up the good work. DLS