Kay Van-Petersen – Think Piece

Published on
September 13th, 2016
32 minutes

Kay Van-Petersen – Think Piece

Think Piece ·
Featuring Kay Van-Petersen

Published on: September 13th, 2016 • Duration: 32 minutes

Big picture structural ideas through disciplined trade construction & alternate strategies, is our latest 'Think Piece' with Kay Van Petersen, Global Macro Strategist at Saxo Bank.


  • WM
    Will M.
    25 September 2016 @ 14:27
    A little too "flash", and full of his superior skills. I suspect that is the main reason for the high negative votes. I do agree with some that an interview format would have served him better.
  • CH
    Calvin H.
    20 September 2016 @ 00:10
    And another thing - at the 9:45min mark he hits on a good point. How many times have we been stopped out of a conviction trade, only to see it play they way we planned.?! Argh. I hate that. Learning to trust my instinct, assimilate as much macro econ as i can and go for it. Long gold, silver. USD will only hold as currency of last resort, until its not.
  • CH
    Calvin H.
    20 September 2016 @ 00:06
    This is the weirdest rating I have seen since I've been a subscriber. High down votes with NO corresponding negative comments. ?! WTF RVTV people. There have been many more poorer interviews this one.
  • MD
    Marian D.
    17 September 2016 @ 15:41
    My BS-artist detector just went off.. 😂
  • FS
    Fred S.
    16 September 2016 @ 13:49
    I don't understand the negativity in these comments either. He described my own tactical trading activity very well. Yes, it doesn't always work and it isn't as easy/obvious as some others in these comments seem to think. (It always is though after the trade. But my broker makes me trade the right side of the chart. If anyone has a broker that let's them trade the middle, please share the name!)
  • SL
    Stephen L.
    15 September 2016 @ 09:25
    As a trader, I found that interview great! Thanks
  • VP
    Vincent P.
    15 September 2016 @ 02:22
    Truly a rockstar. Just what are you going to do when you get put those 210 spoos when it trades at 110, hey? Actually, good job but let's publish faster as holiday is over. Cheers!
  • AH
    Andreas H.
    14 September 2016 @ 20:38
    Love it!
  • GH
    Gloria H.
    14 September 2016 @ 17:48
    Don't understand the "haterade" in these comments (actually, I DO have a theory but I'll keep it to myself). I found his casual discussion of asymmetric risk/reward , particularly around Brexit and the currency moves, very interesting. Just wish the talk had been a bit more structured.
  • JM
    James M.
    14 September 2016 @ 13:36
    I liked it - he was direct and said what he thought would happen in various markets. Please just try to close the filmed to published gap RV!
  • FM
    Fraser M.
    14 September 2016 @ 06:12
    An excellent grasp of the obvious!
  • WB
    Wes B.
    13 September 2016 @ 22:53
    Anyone else just want to take other side of whatever he's pitching?
  • EA
    Edward A.
    13 September 2016 @ 22:50
    I want to thank you for adding this interview. A great illustration of the poor quality of analysis we find on the sellside today. No process, no deep macro analysis, just a torrent of jargon and "tactical" rubbish to get trade volume. Breathtaking hubris.
  • MS
    Mark S.
    13 September 2016 @ 19:31
    A few good nuggets of strategic info. Probably would have been better as an interview where the discussion could have been directed more
  • RM
    Rainer M.
    13 September 2016 @ 16:18
    Great Interview and interesting thoughts Kay
  • HJ
    Harry J.
    13 September 2016 @ 15:14
    Thanks duh. If we're all managing large accounts and have a large staff to crunch numbers well ok. But we're not.