Saudi’s Evolving Market Potential

Published on
September 6th, 2017
10 minutes

Saudi’s Evolving Market Potential

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Featuring Abdulhadi Shahadah

Published on: September 6th, 2017 • Duration: 10 minutes

Abdulhadi Shahadah is the head of asset management of GIB Capital based in Riyadh, with two decades of investing experience in a multitude of international markets. Abdulhadi dissects the state of the Saudi equity market, alongside the future of investments and the implications of inclusion in the MSCI EM index. Filmed on August 14, 2017, in Saudi Arabia.


  • NA
    Naiem A.
    12 September 2017 @ 19:55
    • HF
      Hassan F.
      17 September 2017 @ 21:11
      Money is money it doesn't matter
    • JC
      Ja C.
      5 January 2018 @ 01:53
      Do you invest in the US?
  • GR
    Guido R.
    21 September 2017 @ 12:52
    Obviously, if the rationale is to buy when blood runs in the street, Saudi Arabia could be your market of choice. Considering that the great and the good in SA are flying out in droves on their private jets, taking the kookoo clocks (literally) and leaving behind millions in unpaid bills (including the bills pertaining to the upkeep of their jet fleets) investing in SA now would have to hinge on the well known rationale of buying "when blood runs in the street". ... ... Well?! Are you feeling lucky punk!?
  • ek
    eric k.
    18 September 2017 @ 05:20
    what happens after the Aramaco IPO? pump and dump?
  • HJ
    Harry J.
    8 September 2017 @ 17:49
    You can have it. Ill stick with accepted convention. This will be a train wreck. No doubt some folks will make money, till the Arabs decide they want to change the rules!!!
    • HF
      Hassan F.
      17 September 2017 @ 21:18
      Hi Harry. I am not arguing your point (Arabs changing the rules). But the question I have is. What is the difference between Arabs changing the rules and Nixon cancelling Bretton Woods?
  • TR
    Thomas R.
    16 September 2017 @ 21:00
    Here is one of the fascinating things we are as human beings - in our simple reactions. John Burbank spoke about Saudi on his Dec 15 2016 piece and got 516 thumbs up and 16 thumbs down. This gentleman, who arguably probably doesn't list one of his top talents as being a "dynamic speaker", had basically the same message. The take away here for me is to start looking at avenues, which appear to be opening up, for some long term capital to deploy in some form of Saudi ETF to start.. The idea originally started percolating with me with Mr Burbank's interview. Thanks RV
  • MB
    Max B.
    9 September 2017 @ 08:30
    Andy J…I hope not. If RV start this they introduce conflict of interest which in my eyes will wipe the quality & reputation overnight. I have my suspicions also with the whole vision 2030 thing…I spent 7 years in Qatar as a teenager, albeit from 2000 to 2007. There was too much risk in corruption and the ability of them being able to change the rules to suit back then, however we are 10 years on. One thing I would say that may be a valid point is my age group and the age group before me have spent a lot of time in the west. Perhaps this may have helped shape fundamental views….food for thought!
    • M.
      Milton .. | Founder
      12 September 2017 @ 21:17
      Hey Max, Milton here... check out my reply to Andy's comment below. Or to save your finger the strain of scrolling, short answer: nope! Can't buy your way onto Real Vision.
  • AJ
    Andrew J.
    8 September 2017 @ 15:00
    RVTV, was this a paid advertisement?
    • M.
      Milton .. | Founder
      12 September 2017 @ 21:11
      Hey Andy, Milton here - nope, not a paid ad. There's no way to pay your way onto Real Vision. We considered this piece and decided that there was value for investors to hear this viewpoint, considering Saudi's geopolitical positioning and macro situation. There's certainly no obligation for you to agree with it (as with all interviews on Real Vision) but much can be learned by listening to those we disagree with.
  • CY
    C Y.
    12 September 2017 @ 17:22
    I tallied the mood of the comments.. out of all the comments there is 1 positive comment. If you're a contrarian then this might be a screaming buy.
  • rc
    random c.
    12 September 2017 @ 05:54
  • PS
    Paul S.
    11 September 2017 @ 08:31
    Saudi would need to do a lot to convince me they have improved rule of law and enforcing contracts before I put another dollar there. From experience in the mining industry they are good at welcoming capital/expertise and super adept at stealing assets using the corrupt courts. Classic lobster pot
  • JG
    Joe G.
    11 September 2017 @ 03:26
    I appreciate the update on saudi. glad/sad to see I've not missed much overlooking this market. Those folks have problems.
  • DT
    Dave T.
    10 September 2017 @ 23:53
    Disappointing. Looks like an infomercial. No more like this please RV.
  • JS
    John S.
    10 September 2017 @ 23:44
    So does investing in Saudi indirectly fund the spread of Wahabism?
  • JS
    John S.
    10 September 2017 @ 23:43
    So does invest
  • JS
    John S.
    10 September 2017 @ 23:39
    Also disappointed to be down to three interviews per week. Five please!
  • CG
    Chase G.
    10 September 2017 @ 05:03
    More epic Masterclasses less Middle East plz!!
  • MY
    Madjid Y.
    9 September 2017 @ 15:32
    When I subscribed to RV, The plan was to have access to 5 interviews a week ranging from 30 to 60 minutes $1 per interview that was the deal. After 1 year we dropped from 5 videos to 4 then 3 recently in July/Aug. --------- We start the first week of September with 3 interviews 22 min with Aspen, 9 minutes selling the Saudi Market, and 34 min with Bill Ehrman…… total 65 min take out the intro and you are below 1 hour. ---------- I have complained to RV about this and will continue to claim what I paid for, and while I cannot cancel my RVTV membership. I have already stopped the auto renewal for RV publication. As for the Saudi Market , I would rather invest my money in North Korea if I can. Thanks
    • DH
      Dion H.
      10 September 2017 @ 02:16
      Mmm, don't add more services unless you can maintain the agreement made for the services already provided. Also been disappointed over the last few months. I don't want to hear about Saudi. I want oil market updates, I want some analysis on the gold breakout... seriously realvision, fuck Saudi.
  • RG
    Ric G.
    8 September 2017 @ 23:29
    Thanks for this summary of the Saudi market - I don't think I would have found it anywhere else . less than 2% foreign investment! - will be interesting to follow as this market opens up - says something about Saudi willingness to begin to adjust and free up their part of the world.
  • Sv
    Sid v.
    8 September 2017 @ 19:59
    Anybody understand the concept of Taqiyya?
  • Sv
    Sid v.
    8 September 2017 @ 19:57
    Now why are these guys trying to get my money in their stock market all of a sudden? Hmmm.... Lots of other places to invest in the world. but interesting.
  • HJ
    Harry J.
    8 September 2017 @ 17:50
    Can you say TRUST?
  • MS
    Marc S.
    8 September 2017 @ 12:48
    wow, that was reslly for nothing. at least it's short.