Consumer Comeback

Published on
August 22nd, 2018
7 minutes

Consumer Comeback

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Featuring Christian Fromhertz

Published on: August 22nd, 2018 • Duration: 7 minutes

Christian Fromhertz, founder and CEO of the Tribeca Trade Group, discusses his momentum trade on the consumer discretionary ETF, XLY. In this interview with Justine Underhill, he highlights the ETF as a way to gain exposure to Amazon and Home Depot amid a potential increase in consumer spending. Filmed on August 20, 2018.


  • MI
    Madhu I.
    22 August 2018 @ 23:09
    Check it out his calls work out well....
  • CB
    C B.
    22 August 2018 @ 23:02
    How can anyone make money in trading when your trades are being routed through dark pools and being front run ten ways from Tuesday?
  • SR
    Steve R.
    22 August 2018 @ 21:20
    I have to say the quality of some of the 'trade ideas' on RV is really poor, and seems to be getting worse. How about you add a page to the website listing all the trade ideas so far so we can all see who the winners and losers are?
    • DS
      David S.
      22 August 2018 @ 22:12
      I have seen major hedge fund managers on RealVision say that anything above 50% is a good bet. They ride the winners and get out of the losers ASAP. Scaling and hedging are everything. It is all above me, but no one knows the future. At least these investors have skin in the game. DLS
  • DS
    David S.
    22 August 2018 @ 21:08
    Consumer buying going up, prices going down. Good for the consumer, maybe bad for profits, earnings and stocks. DLS
  • MM
    Mike M.
    22 August 2018 @ 21:01
    Food for mo, mo crickets. Chasing momentum. It is the second mouse that gets the cheese. Will wait patiently.
  • SH
    Syed H.
    22 August 2018 @ 19:08
    Why wasn't this published the minute it was filmed? This could've made sense at a lower cost of entry. Don't forget $FL earnings are going to blow the roof off the joint Friday morning. There. Actionable insight.
  • WT
    William T.
    22 August 2018 @ 16:01
    It sounds like a trade idea based on stale news. This market is overly extended and it seems that his reasons for buying the XLY might be well priced in. We should be alert for any event that could signal an inflection point instead.
    • CT
      Christopher T.
      22 August 2018 @ 16:30
      Ppl have been saying "priced in" since 2010. Exactly why this market will keep going higher is bc so many ppl are so eager to catch the top.