Emerging Technology Hot Spots

Published on
April 21st, 2017
5 minutes

Emerging Technology Hot Spots

Trade Ideas ·
Featuring Christine Duhaime

Published on: April 21st, 2017 • Duration: 5 minutes

Founder of the Digital Finance Institute and specialist in Fin Tech and Artificial Intelligence. Christine identifies the big technology themes that are still under appreciated by the market for investors to focus on in 2017.


  • AN
    Adi N.
    20 September 2017 @ 02:35
    I code Smart Contracts and its just not as simple as its made out to be in this talk.
  • PS
    PD S.
    17 September 2017 @ 02:43
    highly intriguing, but what/where is/are the trade idea(s)?
  • ┼W
    Łukasz W.
    15 May 2017 @ 13:35
    the camera movements make me sea sick
  • SD
    Sebastien D.
    22 April 2017 @ 09:39
    Very interesting, I learned few gems from Christine's apperances. However, i feel that she is talking about investments with medium to long term horizon that can probably be expressed through private equity or directly creating companies. Interesting but not really trades to me.
    • DP
      Devraj P.
      22 April 2017 @ 17:54
      I completely agree with you.. Looks like investment ideas for investors or software/hardware developers. But worth keeping an eye on companies that are targeting these new areas. For ex. QCOM, NVDA, AVGO, MU, MTSI mainly dealing in semi conductors and chips but not significantly in software.
    • JV
      Jens V.
      25 April 2017 @ 09:54
      Also AMD
  • MN
    Mark N.
    23 April 2017 @ 08:51
    Really odd camera movement in this video, like it was being shot at sea by a drunk cameraman.
  • CB
    C B.
    22 April 2017 @ 16:52
    These are not trade ideas. They are interesting tech tidbits, but to be honest, I'm disappointed this video didn't spend more time diving into ways to play these trends. For instance: companies that enable AI. How about Nvidia? What about Broadcom, maker of communications chips that may carry big data. There are also a number of Japan-listed tech companies who are benefiting from automation trends. Dig deeper please.
    • DP
      Devraj P.
      22 April 2017 @ 17:52
      I heard her saying clearly these are developing areas not that companies are already there in this. But I agree that there should be few companies name to be mentioned for reference if there are any.
    • RM
      Robert M.
      23 April 2017 @ 00:48
      Thanks for those ideas CB. Would you be able to also share some of your sources for ideas? In that spirit (& per your own) this article was hugely informative for me: https://www.livewiremarkets.com/wires/34708 Asserts that autonomous cars may be here in 5yrs! This will result in on demand cars that are called up like taxis. Will reduce the volume of cars by possibly 85%. Pretty bad for auto mfrs but very good for productivity.
    • RM
      Robert M.
      23 April 2017 @ 01:25
      Her blog is interesting and fills in some of the themes mentioned here: http://www.artificialintelligenceinsight.org/
  • JR
    Jon R.
    21 April 2017 @ 18:24
    Christine is very smart and well spoken, but there is no actionable trading idea referenced in this segment.
  • BK
    Brian K.
    21 April 2017 @ 15:24
    Interesting - but try to think about it more from an investors perspective vs. a technologist. What assets can we buy to get exposure to the trend vs. just highlighting the trend itself. Either way, good stuff and really appreciate the new 'trade ideas' format from RVTV.
  • SS
    Steven S.
    21 April 2017 @ 12:34
    will it pull over a public bus & refuse to operate the vehicle when a passengers' behavers dictate ( customer service class says to go to the customer and inform them of the business rules if they are doing something that is prohibited & if have to, call the police to get them removed form the premises). Or will it refuse to let passengers on like so many Coach Operators do.
    • SS
      Steven S.
      21 April 2017 @ 14:20
      I was trying to find the latest on Supercross or Superbike on Steemit. https://steemit.com/secretenergy/@innerverse/mental-real-estate-and-the-agenda-to-make-humans-into-computers-2017421t8450718z
  • OL
    Otto L.
    21 April 2017 @ 13:15
    I agree with Hassan. This is a Think Piece. Trade Ideas need tickers, timing, etc. Peter Boockvar's was a good example. If you were an analyst at a fund, what would you present to your PM? Thanks.
  • HF
    Hassan F.
    21 April 2017 @ 12:21
    Christine is incredibly smart. She has bought to my attention at least many interesting investment topics. However this being a financial markets audience she needs to give us a few tickers. Both the other two gentlemen who presented trade ideas gave us actionable tickers to think about. I understand we still have to do our homework and these are just ideas but still we need a few tickers as a starting point and to point us in the right direction.
    • SS
      S S.
      21 April 2017 @ 13:11
      Think about IBM, there are in AI and other into Autonomous cars with their recent purchase of Mobileye, A highly undervalued stock which just got a lot cheaper due to its recent earnings release.
  • KK
    Kevin K.
    21 April 2017 @ 12:58
    This is all very ambiguous. What about timelines?? Although she mentioned 2017, a lot of these issues are playing out over the medium to long term l.
  • JV
    Jonas V.
    21 April 2017 @ 10:21
    Ethereum (Smart contract blockchain ecosystem)