Gold Breakout Ahead?

Published on
February 22nd, 2019
9 minutes

Gold Breakout Ahead?

Trade Ideas ·
Featuring Louise Yamada

Published on: February 22nd, 2019 • Duration: 9 minutes

What is gold telling us about the stock market's next move? Louise Yamada, CMT, of LY Advisors, returns to Real Vision to analyze the technicals of both gold and the S&P 500, and to investigate the relationship between the two. She then suggests a specific trade idea, and highlights key levels to watch out for, in this interview with Justine Underhill. Filmed on February 20, 2019.


  • WK
    William K.
    26 February 2019 @ 23:13
    Louise Yamada is a consummate professional and masterful technician. She has earned a spot for long-form interview. She has a very large following in the industry because of her long-term track record.
  • FB
    Floyd B.
    25 February 2019 @ 23:31
    As usual an excellent job by Louise,I have been following her for almost 20 years, she has identified many long term trends successfully. She is a real pro with keen sense for history. I agree a longer segment and more frequent input would be great.
  • JC
    John C.
    25 February 2019 @ 19:24
    good stuff - keep her coming back
  • NL
    Nikita L.
    25 February 2019 @ 09:17
    oh wow, thanks RV, please consider doing a full hour or even series with her!
  • RA
    Robert A.
    22 February 2019 @ 19:11
    Love Louise!, but “Momentum Mike” Oliver must get the BIG Kudos if Gold pulls this off. If, If, If, this is Gold’s breakout Michael Oliver has absolutely NAILED it and as he says, Momentum always gives you the signal before Price.
    • BM
      Beth M.
      24 February 2019 @ 19:01
      Really learn a lot from Louise and "momentum" does lead the way. Thanks for that observation. MORE Louise pleeease!
  • MS
    Michele S. | Contributor
    22 February 2019 @ 19:17
    As a frequent contributor to RV, I am so happy to see Louise on the stream. To put my spin on her well-thought out presentation, it's the historical 100-year low ratio between commodities and equities that supports her theory about a momentum top in stocks and a momentum bottom in gold. Thank you Louise!
    • PC
      Peter C.
      24 February 2019 @ 06:26
      please come back to talk more about commodities
  • AV
    Adam V.
    24 February 2019 @ 01:15
    Appreciate the short and to the point analysis. Bring Louise back every 2 - 3 months to see how her view changes based on the charts.
  • KL
    Kathlyn L.
    23 February 2019 @ 02:17
    Could we please get an hr long interview with Louise?
  • JV
    James V.
    23 February 2019 @ 00:17
    Smart, classy lady. Louise has been on RV for three short segments now. Can we get her back as others have suggested below to do a full length interview to talk about her discipline, i.e. how she conducts technical analysis, what she looks for and how she uses it to trade? Also, what about posting a sample of her research on Think Tank? Many thanks (and to Justine as well) for a quality interview.
  • JP
    Jason P.
    22 February 2019 @ 22:54
    Yes, sorry to state the obvious. I would love to see a full length anything with her. A master class would be amazing.
  • DR
    David R.
    22 February 2019 @ 21:38
    In addition, important to note that all precious metals have rising in all currencies. This is key because gold investment is more individual than institutional, so most people in the world care about the gold price in terms of their own local currency. So for example, gold rising in dollars but falling in numerous Asian FX wouldn't be bullish for gold overall. This has happened previously in some fake-out gold spikes.
  • SG
    Steve G.
    22 February 2019 @ 19:13
    Louise is truly the embodiment of grace and knowledge.
  • CB
    Chris B.
    22 February 2019 @ 18:49
    RV may want to consider an extended interview w/ Louise about her career progression. Very few prominent women in the technical analysis field. Although I have no idea, I bet she's seen her fair share of hardship navigating the boy's club on Wall Street. Her story may be an inspiration to other women trying to break into the field. In fact, it might be an inspiration to everyone.
  • MN
    Michael N.
    22 February 2019 @ 18:03
    love the national treasure known as Louise Yamada. great interview, would have loved more detail on the monthly buy or the monthly sell criteria. does anyone know what is her basic criteria for the monthly call?
  • DS
    David S.
    22 February 2019 @ 15:16
    Excellent. I always enjoy and learn patience from Ms. Yamada’s presentations. Knee-jerk market reactions are increasing with derivatives, ETFs, quants and breaking news driving herd mentality. Simple moving averages help me smooth market reactions to a typo in the Fed minutes. Beyond that I will leave technical analysis to others. I do like the epi-volatility (made up word) in today's markets, especially when they reinforce each other. Then we see a sudden market decline like Christmas Eve. Time to deploy a little cash and not be greedy. DLS