Gold vs. The Stock Market

Published on
November 15th, 2019
9 minutes

Gold vs. The Stock Market

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Featuring Louise Yamada

Published on: November 15th, 2019 • Duration: 9 minutes

Louise Yamada, CMT, of LY Advisors returns to Real Vision to analyze the technical backdrop for gold and to review the recent breakout in U.S. equities. In this interview with Justine Underhill, Yamada points out similar chart patterns between gold and the Dow, notes the dicey situation for the Dow to Gold ratio, and discusses why the stock market should find a bottom in 2022. Filmed on November 14, 2019.



  • DH
    David H.
    29 February 2020 @ 11:40
    Love how Louise targeted 3400 for the S&P; we managed to hit 3397.5 despite several months of data pointing towards a slow down and the onset of the Corona virus.
  • BM
    Beth M.
    18 November 2019 @ 20:53
    Louise is always fantastic...just loved this. Would really enjoy a a little bit more "micro" examination of what she is uncovering...just a bit more revelation of what leads her to her conclusions. This was really good though.
  • AC
    Andrew C.
    17 November 2019 @ 05:02
    Bullish. I love it, but it would have been nice for a question on risk/reward on Dow 30,000 though.
  • MH
    Michael H.
    17 November 2019 @ 00:24
    What's the rush? Louise Yamada is one of the legends and to have her interviewed by someone who has no idea what technical analysis was distracting. What was the reason to give her only 30 seconds, to sum up her view? You simply have to say "Please give us your thoughts on XXX." Just sit back and listen to her wisdom. One of the worst interviews.
    • AC
      Andrew C.
      17 November 2019 @ 04:58
      A bit harsh. This is labelled a trade idea. Perhaps ask politely for another full (60min) interview? Or perhaps go back and (re)watch the 30min interview in May this year....
  • DM
    Douglas M.
    17 November 2019 @ 03:36
    I'll pile on - I would love to see Louise Yamada here for an hour. She's got the goods and is prepared, eloquent and pragmatic.
  • MN
    Michael N.
    16 November 2019 @ 19:34
    great interview, please have her on more she is the elite technician that I love watching.
  • JL
    James L.
    15 November 2019 @ 20:23
    Top Notch technician!
  • SS
    Steven S.
    15 November 2019 @ 18:25
    Wonderful interview. I always learn from Yamada. Her track record is stellar.
  • DR
    David R.
    15 November 2019 @ 17:15
    Always a treat to see Ms Yamada. Such a treasure trove of insight. Her last time on RV in Feb, she was prescient to be bullish gold whilst it was still in the 1300s, and on the outlook for a V pattern this year in both stocks and gold. Would love to see her on for 30-60 mins instead of just for several mins. She is a breath of fresh air from the extensive coverage of fundamental analysts who sometimes contradict each other with typically a rather subjective opinion and little to no technical analysis or evidence in support.