Keep on Truckin

Published on
June 25th, 2018
19 minutes

Keep on Truckin

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Featuring Tony Greer

Published on: June 25th, 2018 • Duration: 19 minutes

Tony Greer, founder of TG Macro, lays out his bullish thesis on freight carrier and transportation stocks. He explains the technical and fundamental catalysts powering the trade in this interview with Justine Underhill. Filmed on June 21, 2018.


  • TG
    Tony G. | Contributor
    25 June 2019 @ 21:04
  • RM
    Russell M.
    26 June 2018 @ 00:28
    Very thorough. On the light side and off the wall humor, I have my ball glove on in case his eye balls pop out when he makes that wide eyed expression.
    • TG
      Tony G. | Contributor
      26 June 2018 @ 15:10
      Ahahahah I'm a Marty Feldman enthusiast.
  • NI
    Nate I.
    26 June 2018 @ 03:19
    I like the strong balance sheet and the insider ownership. Age and condition of their 6,300 trucks needs to be evaluated. Clarence Warner is almost 80. We need to see who is going to take the wheel when he retires, which can't be too far down the road (pun intended). $WERN is in better shape to withstand rising fuel costs than its competitor debt junkies who could get creamed by both rising fuel costs and rising interest rates. Overall I think this one deserves a serious look.
    • TG
      Tony G. | Contributor
      26 June 2018 @ 15:00
      That's a great point about Clarence Werner too. His replacement will be key. Thanks Nate.
  • mc
    michael c.
    26 June 2018 @ 02:35
    The last 3mins are the most important...the risks of trade, and recession are real...and (unsaid) that Amazon is a very crowded theme...if that cracks, won’t trucking also come under pressure? If WERN is so well placed, I would have thought the chart would have had more of the Amazon glow. Will have to investigate what it hasn’t participated.
  • SS
    S S.
    25 June 2018 @ 09:45
    Aren't Truck stocks susceptible to rising Gas Prices?
    • GF
      Gordon F.
      25 June 2018 @ 19:25
      They just pass them along to their customers. The risk is that higher gas prices could bring on a recession, causing less need for trucking services.
    • TG
      Tony G. | Contributor
      25 June 2018 @ 20:04
      they are but they've been getting away with passing it off to the consumer and I think that will continue as long as it is gradual.
    • CE
      Casey E.
      26 June 2018 @ 00:55
      Yes very susceptible. My family is fourth generation in the industry and just passing on the cost has never worked.
  • TG
    Tony G. | Contributor
    25 June 2018 @ 20:05
    I'd like to know who the jazz band in the outro is?!?!
  • DS
    David S.
    25 June 2018 @ 17:41
    Excellent idea, I hope. $WERN down to $38.45 today. Put on initial position. Thanks. DLS
    • TG
      Tony G. | Contributor
      25 June 2018 @ 20:03
      I put on a starter position in the name myself today with 2/3rds left to add.
  • LT
    Lucas T.
    25 June 2018 @ 19:07
    Tony has a real knack for explaining his ideas.
    • TG
      Tony G. | Contributor
      25 June 2018 @ 19:44
      Thanks Lucas that's great to hear.
  • PM
    Patrick M.
    25 June 2018 @ 14:44