Meet Your Maker

Published on
November 16th, 2018
12 minutes

Meet Your Maker

Trade Ideas ·
Featuring Ian King

Published on: November 16th, 2018 • Duration: 12 minutes

Ian King of Investopedia Academy returns to Real Vision with another interesting risk/reward setup in the crypto market, this time on a coin called Maker (MKR). He reviews the fundamental driver, and explains how to make the trade, in this interview with Ash Bennington. Filmed on November 14, 2018.


  • RR
    Rex R.
    16 November 2018 @ 12:32
    I really like the coverage of the crypto market, however i do not think covering stable coins is a good use of time/ effort as compared to covering other more cutting edge technology coins.
    • RK
      Robert K.
      16 November 2018 @ 15:02
      cutting edge technology coins :)
    • RN
      Raymond N.
      18 January 2019 @ 07:45
      Disagree. Stable coin is at the cutting edge and essential for the crypto market.
  • sk
    sung k.
    13 December 2018 @ 20:11
    I'm generally not a fan of the 2-3 token stablecoin model. My favorite is Xank, which although gets classified as a stablecoin, is more of a hybrid. It's a one token "stablecoin" which is free-floating with no peg. The user gets the option of fixing an fx rate at today's rate for a transaction from Xank (the crypto) to fiat. And that's the part of crypto which sucks, the volatility going from crypto to fiat makes crypto unusable. Disclaimer: I'm involved in the Xank project.
  • MZ
    Martin Z.
    17 November 2018 @ 07:53
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that the guest got the "use cases" for both Ethereum and Maker wrong. ETH is designed to be a smart contract platform, not digital cash like BTC was originally supposed to be. The volatility in the value ETH doesn't effect the value of a smart contract running on the ETH platform. (It might effect the "gas" price, but only insignificantly.) And MKR isn't supposed to be used as digital cash, either. It's designed to be an intermediary of stable value for trading coins between different exchanges, like USDT.
    • sk
      sung k.
      13 December 2018 @ 20:06
      Makerdao is a two token system. The Mkr token represents "ownership" and voting rights and is free floating. The Dai token is their stablecoin.
  • HJ
    Harry J.
    23 November 2018 @ 02:43
    The more time it takes to explain a new idea is directly related to the complications and weakness of the idea. To many extra twists and turns for me. You may not like cash but at least you can figure out the value of the line item!
  • RK
    Robert K.
    16 November 2018 @ 15:04
    RV, please do not waste time on crypto
    • SB
      Salvatore B.
      17 November 2018 @ 18:47
      I'll never understand these comments. Just don't watch the video if it doesn't interest you.
    • RK
      Robert K.
      17 November 2018 @ 23:27
      @Salvatore, I am paying for this so giving a bit of feedback dude. Seen enough crypto bros.
    • EF
      Eric F.
      19 November 2018 @ 04:21
      Robert, your first comment was stupid, your response moronic. Your $180 annual subscription cost doesn’t give you the right to dictate content strategy. To repeat, if you don’t like the theme, just skip it, instead of bitching.
  • JK
    Jan K.
    18 November 2018 @ 22:27
    I'm impressed by RV covering Maker. I think this is definitely one of the most ambitious and best engineered projects being built on Ethereum. I've known about them since inception but only recently decided to dig deeper and I must say, it's of great utility to me. If you want to understand the vision behind Maker, I recommend a recent talk from DevCon IV:
  • JQ
    Joseph Q.
    17 November 2018 @ 16:19
    Hey great interview! He forgot to mention MCD (multi collateral Dai) that will launch in the next 6 months. A lot of down votes but guys look at fundamentals. They own a Dex in oasis and oasis direct. They have the stablecoin attached with a credit system. When MCD lunches they will be putting in all kinds of assets. When this does happen it will connect real world assets to the Blockchain. Tokenization of assets will start.
  • DE
    Darren E.
    17 November 2018 @ 04:11
    More crypto interviews please.
  • ss
    sid s.
    17 November 2018 @ 02:37
    I want my 10 minutes back.
  • MM
    Matt M.
    16 November 2018 @ 18:30
    This is an important subject glad you covered this
  • NR
    Nelson R.
    16 November 2018 @ 15:29
    Interview crypto fund managers on crypto, not Investopedia
  • MW
    Moritz W.
    16 November 2018 @ 15:21
    Next stop: Lemoncoin 😂