Palladium: Is the Bottom in?

Published on
May 17th, 2019
7 minutes

Palladium: Is the Bottom in?

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Featuring Tom Bruni

Published on: May 17th, 2019 • Duration: 7 minutes

Tom Bruni of All Star Charts analyzes palladium’s recent price action - outlining the past year’s move higher and the dramatic selloff in March. He argues that a great buying opportunity now presents itself. Bruni notes the key technical indicators that suggest a move higher and mentions the risks to his thesis, in this interview with Justine Underhill. Filmed on May 16, 2019.



  • sd
    sukru d.
    22 November 2019 @ 11:51
    This was really on target. Congrats: D
  • RK
    Roger K.
    1 June 2019 @ 22:33
    is he not after the much needed liquidity in the market to get out of his long trade ?
  • JS
    Jerad S.
    17 May 2019 @ 05:43
    To summarize. Energy has been up, Agriculture down. Gold and Silver flat, Platinum flat. Then...drumroll, palladium is going up. So pick palladium which is already at 10-year highs, to re-test 10 year highest high. Rational, technicals and tea leaves. Defense, Palladium has broken free from the dollar, see no reason for it to return to the mean. Sure, why not.
    • PC
      Peter C.
      18 May 2019 @ 03:09
      lol. enough people think this way it may get there!
    • AW
      Aaron W.
      18 May 2019 @ 04:28
    • JS
      Jerad S.
      19 May 2019 @ 06:17
      To be fair. Tom appears to be very bright and he did a great job presenting his thesis. The issue is someone at Real Vision said: "We need to do another piece on metals." Then this guy got volunteered. They loved that he was doing a piece that wasn't on gold. This is a product of trying to push out too many shows too fast.
  • AC
    Alessio C.
    18 May 2019 @ 22:00
    Come on! Spend two words on the auto sector. It's dreadful.