S&P 500: Buying the Potential Pullback

Published on
May 23rd, 2019
13 minutes

S&P 500: Buying the Potential Pullback

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Featuring Joseph Perry

Published on: May 23rd, 2019 • Duration: 13 minutes

Joe Perry, CMT, global head of business development at ForexAnalytix, updates his technical take on the S&P 500 and provides new key levels traders should pay attention to. He notes the breakdown from the ascending triangle, highlights Elliot wave analysis, and reviews the new trade he's looking to make, in this interview with Jake Merl. Filmed on May 22, 2019.



  • JB
    Jake B.
    4 June 2019 @ 06:43
    "The Fed cuts which will be bullish"... He makes it sound so easy! The market typically isn't kind to such 'obvious' assumptions... We will see though as it's an interesting setup.
  • BS
    Brian S. | Contributor
    28 May 2019 @ 22:04
    great video Joe. "correlations come in and out of favor" more people need to realize that!
  • GB
    Guilherme B.
    25 May 2019 @ 14:53
    Excellent, pertinent interview. Congrats