The ETF That’s Hitting DeMark

Published on
January 14th, 2019
9 minutes

The ETF That’s Hitting DeMark

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Featuring Thomas Thornton

Published on: January 14th, 2019 • Duration: 9 minutes

Thomas Thornton, founder of Hedge Fund Telemetry, unveils his bullish call on one of the most unloved ETFs of 2018. He runs through the charts, and analyzes why DeMark indicators appear to signal a potential move higher, in this interview with Brian Price. Filmed on January 10, 2019. "The Workshop" will be hosted on February 4th, 2019 at the Bowery Ballroom in New York. Register for tickets here:


  • dd
    david d.
    14 January 2019 @ 20:05
    this guy is not very smart
    • IA
      Ibrahim A.
      14 January 2019 @ 20:40
      Tommy's has been spot on both on the long and short sides over the last 18 months. He might not be the greatest speaker / presenter but he is an excellent technical analyst.
    • BF
      Brad F.
      14 January 2019 @ 22:54
      I’ve been following Tommy’s newsletter for the last year or so and his calls are spot on. His methodology is deep and proven and I would encourage everyone to watch his long form video on RVTV.
    • VV
      Vanessa V.
      16 January 2019 @ 00:43
      Tommy has been on of my favourite finds on RV. His Hedgefund Telemetry Daily Note is a "must read" for me every day. His work is thorough and he has made some excellent calls. I encourage you to sign up to his website service - I think you will be very pleasantly surprised by the quality of work.
    • TT
      Tommy T. | Contributor
      16 January 2019 @ 14:38
      You might be right. LOL
  • AZ
    Arthur Z.
    14 January 2019 @ 16:37
    If you look at the growth and inflation numbers in China you can see that the economy is slowing. I wouldn’t feel comfortable placing anyone’s money there knowing that. If global growth is slowing and Europe is on the brink of recession that’ll affect every market including China. I don’t think it’s time to be going long EM at this point. Also, for the dollar to weaken enough to stimulate EM’s, other currencies will have to strengthen. I don’t see the Euro, pound or Yen being the new go to for investors. What happens if China is forced to devalue the Yaun to stimulate their slowing economy? Way too much risk in this trade IMO. Cheers
    • JL
      Johnny L.
      14 January 2019 @ 18:41
      100% agree. Data across the globe crashing hard w/o any evidence it is over, perhaps in early stages. Charts are great until you hit tops or bottoms and as the world rolls over, chart patterns may bury you if wrong.
    • DR
      David R.
      14 January 2019 @ 21:04
      Hmm, actually I'm the opposite. And I love hearing it when everyone else is altogether on one side of the boat which "used" to be. Well we'll see.
    • MP
      Mate P.
      15 January 2019 @ 08:36
      Agree with your big picture summary Arthur, while at the same time, I also think that Tommy will get this trade right. A short term EM bounce seems very much likely imo. It just seems too risky for me at this point and there's money to be made elsewhere.
  • LC
    Liliana C.
    15 January 2019 @ 06:50
    Thanks Tommy! I do believe you’ll be proven right. Thank you for providing concise timeframe 👍
  • SS
    S S.
    14 January 2019 @ 13:16
    I'd much prefer owning the Brazilian ETF EWZ than EEM - Having exposure to Chinese financials, Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductors doesn't appeal to me at this time. I'd also rather buy Tencent outright rather than through an ETF.
    • DR
      David R.
      14 January 2019 @ 21:06
      Some of the smartest fund mgr's who were already very overweight Brazil earlier and outperformed the pack have rotated into Asia in Q4 and are again outperforming. Unhedged, as many Asian currencies have since risen against the weakening USD. Agreed that EEM is not the way to go, that's just lazy and lazy doesn't do as well.
    • AZ
      Arthur Z.
      15 January 2019 @ 04:40
      I can definitely see EM as a go-to when the fed cuts rates and prints money to stimulate growth. In my opinion when this bear market in China bottoms it’ll be the buying opportunity of a lifetime. Don’t think we’re quite there yet. Way too many things to be unwound in the next recession.. ie: China’s reckless spending, corporate debt in the US that’s a notch above Junk, zombie companies (TSLA, etc). I don’t think we can just glide over these problems into another raging bull market until we have some reckoning. ‘16-‘17 should’ve been that recession but tax cuts fuelled the rally further.. I think we’re closer to reckoning than a blissful rally. The beautiful thing is the market will let us know and we gotta somehow make some money through all of this. Pretty amazing times!
  • TS
    Thomas S.
    15 January 2019 @ 03:02
    Emerging markets better hope they suspend the laws of supply and the case of Eurodollars. More likely EM currencies will struggle against the dollar, but you never know for sure with
    • IA
      Ibrahim A.
      15 January 2019 @ 04:25
      During the US government shutdown the US Treasury is likely to run down its general account of USD 350bn. If it does, that will release some much needed dollar liquidity into the global monetary system.
  • DR
    David R.
    14 January 2019 @ 21:07
    Great video and charts. TQ.