Trump & Uranium

Published on
September 17th, 2019
14 minutes

Trump & Uranium

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Featuring Lobo Tiggre

Published on: September 17th, 2019 • Duration: 14 minutes

Lobo Tiggre, CEO of Louis James and editor of the Independent Speculator, makes his Real Vision debut to discuss the recent volatility in the uranium sector. In this interview with Jake Merl, Tiggre breaks down President Trump's decision to not impose quotas, highlights the various knock-on effects around the world, and points out the current opportunity in uranium equities. Filmed on September 16, 2019.



  • GG
    George G.
    16 October 2019 @ 01:51
    Did we get the news release from the trump government on Monday. I cannot find it.
  • pt
    popejumpingjohnpaul t.
    6 October 2019 @ 14:07
    how can he claim uranium trend is bullish?!
  • SC
    Scott C.
    21 September 2019 @ 05:45
    Lobo nails it
  • CL
    Clinton L.
    20 September 2019 @ 23:13
    How does imminence of MSR's impact the uranium price?
  • MC
    Michael C.
    20 September 2019 @ 06:39
    Very clear and concise.
  • MS
    Michael S.
    17 September 2019 @ 22:05
    Best way to lose a maximum amount of money: invest in uranium stocks
    • SK
      S K.
      20 September 2019 @ 05:20
      Once everyone is doing doing that, it will be the reverse. Best way to gain a maximum amount of money: invest in uranium stocks.
  • SS
    Shanthi S.
    17 September 2019 @ 09:06
    Nice. Would have been great to hear Lobo’s take on the current pullback in gold too.
    • DC
      Darren C.
      17 September 2019 @ 21:11
      Shanti, If you are looking for a little more his website is independantspeculator (Speculator's Digest is the free stuff) and twitter handle is @duediligenceguy. Like many he was anticipating a pullback in gold.
    • AH
      Andrew H.
      19 September 2019 @ 06:43
      he has a twitter account. duediligenceguy iirc
  • PP
    Patrick P.
    18 September 2019 @ 02:44
    Lobo mentioned several times that Uranium is in a long term bullish trend ....REALLY?....He needs to look at a chart of the uranium ETF's down 5X since 2012. Not my idea of a long term bullish trend.
    • AW
      Aaron W.
      18 September 2019 @ 06:05
      Look at the holdings of URA. It doesn't track the price of the commodity at all.
    • EF
      Eric F.
      18 September 2019 @ 19:12
      I took the ‘long term’ to be forward looking, not back.
    • CW
      CC W.
      19 September 2019 @ 05:47
      You probably want to watch this again, and then again. He mentioned the equity is not reflective of the underlying trend of uranium price. Hence an opportunity to speculate from the sell-off back in June/July.
  • JC
    Jerry C.
    17 September 2019 @ 13:51
    Lobo Tiggre - what a great name
    • JK
      Jay K.
      17 September 2019 @ 14:48
      Sounds like a "luchador".
    • Mp
      Michael p.
      18 September 2019 @ 00:22
      His name used to be Louis James. What happened. ?
    • DC
      Darren C.
      18 September 2019 @ 03:03
      Michael p, Louis James was a pen name when he worked for Casey Research. When he went out on his own he decided to use his real name.
    • DR
      David R.
      18 September 2019 @ 16:53
      So Casey lost both Louis James and Marin Katusa, leaving the stable empty in the resource space. Katusa now manages all of Caseys personal fortune and loves energy now incl uranium. But it seems to me in the previous pics from Casey Research of Louis James in front of a mine dressed up in a mining outfit, he looked younger and whiter, so I'm surprised it's actually Lobo. He looked just as thin then as now. Anyway, another good interview here from Lobo - I do hope he returns!
  • BF
    Bruce F.
    18 September 2019 @ 10:30
    know Lobo fairly well and comments are clear, without hype. i greatly respect his judgment
  • PC
    Paul C.
    18 September 2019 @ 07:18
    Cameco (ccj) is around a 24pc weighting in URA. It also correlates fairly tightly to the uranium spot price. Both Raoul & Adam Rodwell have done some very interesting pieces on rv in the last few years concerning uranium. Supply & demand dynamics.
    • PC
      Paul C.
      18 September 2019 @ 07:23
      Thanks for the video, lobo & rv... looks like a well timed catalyst. Cheers
  • AC
    Andrew C.
    18 September 2019 @ 02:30
    Buy stocks that everybody hates - buy stocks of companies that shouldn't go out of business. Looking through the comments here shows everyone still doesn't understand/ hates the uranium miners. Be wary of liars over a hole but solid companies with production pending should do fairly well
  • AP
    A P.
    17 September 2019 @ 07:44
    So...50/50 toss coin on Trump hope as catalyst?
    • AC
      Andrew C.
      18 September 2019 @ 02:27
      The way I heard it; Trump is the icing on a huge cake. The underlying bull is there, Trump might provide a little bit more