V Questions with Bernd Ondruch

Published on
September 21st, 2016
5 minutes

V Questions with Bernd Ondruch

V Questions ·
Featuring Bernd Ondruch

Published on: September 21st, 2016 • Duration: 5 minutes

European hedge fund manager Bernd Ondruch tells us about opportunities in German real estate, and the continuing market risks from Brexit, in 'V Questions'.


  • JC
    John C.
    24 September 2016 @ 02:12
    like this new, short Q&A format
  • TM
    The-First-James M.
    22 September 2016 @ 13:49
    HAMED, take a look at Phoenix Spree Deutschland (PSDL). It's listed on the UK's AIM market and holds residential German Real Estate primarily in Berlin. Just be aware that AIM is the wild west - poorly regulated. Doesn't mean every company on there is cr**, but many are. Definitely do your homework for yourself if you decide to go for it.
  • SD
    Shyam D.
    22 September 2016 @ 06:21
    Disagree with bond yields. Think we see yields rising not going further negative.
  • CD
    Charles D.
    22 September 2016 @ 03:55
    Love the short form interviews...no BS...just questions and answers.
  • TW
    Tom W.
    21 September 2016 @ 19:28
    I like the Q/A format with intelligent questions and thoughtful, well informed answers.
  • TW
    Tom W.
    21 September 2016 @ 19:25
    Hamed, REITs are a good way to invest in real estate. Here is a list of European REITs found with Google... http://www.greenstreetadvisors.com/about/page/coverage/#!/europe
  • TS
    Tim S.
    21 September 2016 @ 16:46
    Like this format for many interviewees.
  • HA
    Hamed A.
    21 September 2016 @ 14:37
    It would be great if these guys would explain HOW TO or HOW THEY express trades they discuss. For example, how does a investor / trader buy German real estate???! do i go bid for a flat in Berlin?