V Questions with Grant Williams

Published on
May 21st, 2015
7 minutes

V Questions with Grant Williams

V Questions ·
Featuring Grant Williams

Published on: May 21st, 2015 • Duration: 7 minutes

Grant Williams, author of Things That Make You Go Hmmm... and co-founder of Real Vision, finds himself in the hotseat facing V Questions.


  • BV
    Bogdan V.
    10 June 2015 @ 21:33
    Fascinating how assets without intrinsic value like Gold can be a favorite investment vehicle. Could this be linked to the ancient mono-atomic Gold?
  • JA
    John A.
    26 May 2015 @ 15:09
    Position sizing. Could not agree more. The law of percentages wins every time, so make sure you are not fighting them.
  • FJ
    Frank J.
    26 May 2015 @ 15:09
    Good common sense analysis! Thanks.
  • RR
    Russell R.
    25 May 2015 @ 20:54
    Grant is a standout in a group of Masterclass. The best of the best. I admire that he pulls it all off without an ounce of ego. Bravo.
  • RB
    Roy B.
    22 May 2015 @ 22:07
    He's spot on re politization of US fed. Whatever Obama wants, Obama gets He gets his legacy and we are screwed.
  • MS
    Morten S.
    22 May 2015 @ 07:40
    Haha.. my comments was definately NOT ill intended! I laughed - what can be better? :) I too would like to say a big thank you for what you have done with RVTV. It keeps getting better by the day!
  • AE
    Alex E.
    22 May 2015 @ 05:35
    Robert is right! TTMYGH is one of the best newsletters you can buy...worth every penny. And, you also get a few laughs...Thank you, Grant. Your views always strike me as honest ones.
  • DH
    Dale H.
    22 May 2015 @ 02:50
    We may have to define the type of book recommendation from Grant.... Or we may end up with an esoteric tome from Ancient Greece or somewhere. So then we will need a copy of TTMYGH to go with it..:)
  • DH
    Dale H.
    22 May 2015 @ 02:39
    Grant thanks for reminders. I have some work to do on position size. Yes, easy to get carried away. Appreciate opp to sift all RV ideas; Or too much in my own head. TTMYGM = Excellent Best wishes
  • RA
    Robert A.
    21 May 2015 @ 23:26
    Thanks again Grant. Knowing that you won't do it, I'll be glad to: "For more of Grant consider subscribing to his TTMYGH"......I have and think RV afficiados would be glad they did.
  • RA
    Robert A.
    21 May 2015 @ 23:20
    I call it "poor man's hedging"; if you don't want to use Puts, shorts, and off setting positions with all the attendant costs, just take smaller positions! Right sizing, indeed.
  • GW
    Grant W. | Founder
    21 May 2015 @ 20:14
    Martin... thank you. I can think of no higher compliment to be paid - both personally and in terms of RV. Tim, everybody has to pay their dues - even the Druckenmillers and Gundlachs of the world
  • NP
    Nirav P.
    21 May 2015 @ 19:45
    Same questions doesn't matter...its the perspective these guys get is very impressive...keep up the good work RV..!!!
  • MB
    Martin B.
    21 May 2015 @ 19:21
    Grant, again your sincerity and integrity shines through. RV-TV is refreshingly 'no BS'. And I have diversified...into gold, silver, dirt, water and lead. Thanks.
  • TH
    Tim H.
    21 May 2015 @ 19:17
    Oh of course and that is a great point, we are talking about world class investors here! Not some silly sod looking at charts in his bedroom hoping to make it, like me! :--)
  • GW
    Grant W. | Founder
    21 May 2015 @ 18:05
    Tim... Stan make a great case (and Jeff Gundlach made a similar one when I interviewed him recently) but I think the important thing is that those guys have EARNED the right to do that with OPM...
  • TH
    Tim H.
    21 May 2015 @ 17:57
    Position sizing on the other hand... No one seems to know the right answer there, no consensus! Great interview, thanks Grant!
  • TH
    Tim H.
    21 May 2015 @ 17:56
    Point re diversification is interesting, seems a 'consensus' view though. Not that I disagree with it, but Druckenmiller's leaked speech pretty much said the complete opposite.
  • GT
    Graham T.
    21 May 2015 @ 17:09
    Yes Grant, just cut my biggest losing position. its not just the truth that hurts. size isn't everything.
  • TW
    Thomas W.
    21 May 2015 @ 16:31
    This would be a good time and place to say THANK YOU to you Grant ... and Raoul ... for what you've done with Real Vision. You've more than delivered.
  • GW
    Grant W. | Founder
    21 May 2015 @ 15:39
    Morten... I had no part in setting the questions so they actually WERE all a surprise to me!!! I now know how well everybody else did :)
  • Jv
    Joris v.
    21 May 2015 @ 14:49
    Would be interesting if you guys added a book recommendation question to these V Questions series!
  • MS
    Morten S.
    21 May 2015 @ 14:23
    GW's surprise being asked the exact same questions which he just put in front of others recently... #HollywoodWatchClosely :)