Sit in on Fireside Conversations with Raoul Pal Every Friday (For Free)

Raoul Pal, co-founder and CEO of Real Vision, is on an incredibly exciting journey through the world of crypto, Web3, and digital assets.

He’s the first to say none of us know where it’s going, but the only thing we do know is that it’s going someplace big…

With his Friday show, Adventures in Crypto, he takes viewers on that journey with him.

And you’re invited to come along for the ride (at no cost).

The price of admission is exactly 0 dollars.

You’re joining me on my adventure…

Nobody has the answers, nobody knows where it’s going and that’s the great thing… So, we’re going to have to keep learning, and we have to keep absorbing as much as we can.”

— Raoul Pal

You’re joining me on my adventure…

Nobody has the answers, nobody knows where it’s going and that’s the great thing… So, we’re going to have to keep learning, and we have to keep absorbing as much as we can.”

— Raoul Pal

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Journey of Discovery. Are You In?

Adventures in Crypto captures Raoul’s (and soon your) journey through this brave new world of digital assets.

Every Friday, you’ll get a 30–60-minute conversation between Raoul and the very smartest minds in the space. If you’re looking for a way to keep up with what’s being built and by who — but you don’t have hours to spend every week — this is your show.

It’s for the crypto curious. The seasoned degens. The tech aficionados. The traditional investors. It’s for… well, it’s for you.

Here’s What to Expect

  • 1 new 30-60 minute show every Friday
  • Engaging, eye-opening discussions that don’t lock out the non-technically savvy
  • Big name guests from every corner of crypto and Web3
  • Complex topics, simply distilled
  • Respect of your time: Only the best conversations make it to Adventures in Crypto

And Here’s What Not  to Expect

  • To pay even $1 to watch the show
  • Tribalism, shilling, or pump n dumps
  • Jargon-filled conversation that you need a dictionary to understand
  • Anything boring (ever…!)

Meet Your Guide…

Raoul Pal got his start in TradFi by working in the hedge fund world for household names like Goldman Sachs.

At 36, he retired from managing client money and turned his attention to producing high-quality research through his publication Global Macro Investor.

In 2008, he witnessed the Great Financial Crisis blindside far too many people simply because they weren’t armed with the right knowledge.

This didn’t sit right with Raoul (nor us)…

So, he co-founded Real Vision to democratize the best financial insights for all.

Along the way, he recognized digital assets as THE biggest opportunity he’s ever seen.

Some of the Brilliant Minds Who Have Adventured With Us (So Far)...

Punk 6529

Founder of 6529 and OnCyber

“This is without question the Real Vision interview of the year, and it’ll go down in history as an all-time RV classic.”
— Raoul Pal

Balaji Srinivasan

Author, Investor and Former CTO of Coinbase

“Now THIS is epic… a conversation I’ve been waiting to have for a long time with Balaji.” —Raoul Pal

Anatoly Yakovenko

Co-Founder of Solana

“Crypto is giving us a super connected graph. Everyone is directly connected to everyone else. And that’s an insane thing to think about.”
— Anatoly Yakovenko

Ciara Byrne

VP of New Business Innovation at Conde Nast

“I feel Web3 is changing a lot of wrongs… I love the culture that’s driving this technological movement.”
— Ciara Byrne

Steve Aoki

World Famous DJ

“The Web3 community, it looks, feels, sounds and is a completely different world than what I’ve experienced before.”
— Steve Aoki

Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital on Real Vision

Dan Morehead

CIO of Pantera Capital

“I literally think right now is the most compelling, even value-oriented time I’ve seen in 10 years of doing this.”
— Dan Morehead

Yat Siu

CEO Animoca Brands

“This was another one for the ‘Best Ever’ interviews selection on Real Vision.”
— Raoul Pal


Record producer, rapper, singer and songwriter.

“It’s the new currency, it’s the new world, it’s where everything is going to be on the web… Everything is going to be right there at your fingertips.”
— Timbaland

Ben Mezrich

Best-selling author and screenwriter

“It’s a sea change and the technology is coming together at a moment in time, that couldn’t have happened before.”
— Ben Mezrich

Dan Tapiero

Founder of 10T Holdings and DTAP Capital, LLC

“They’ve [Fed] basically lost faith in their ability to assess the future data… This is, frankly, the easiest cycle to forecast in our careers.”
— Dan Tapiero

Kevin Kelly

Co-founder of Delphi Digital

“I think we’ve gotten to a point where we have enough pieces in place to create some really creative use cases around this technology… and to bring more people in.”
— Kevin Kelly

Kevin Rose

Co-founder of PROOF and Moonbirds

“There’s no better frontier than Web3 right now for experimentation and for completely flipping what’s possible.”
— Kevin Rose

And more every week....

What Do People Get Out of Adventures in Crypto?

Thank you for taking us on the journey with you. It feels like I’m sitting on the backs of the first men on the moon as they are opening the door to a new world.

— Arman K.

Excuse my language… but holy sh*t… mind blown.

— Marco D.

I don’t know anywhere where else these types of super quality conversations are being had. THANKS for a great dinner-table chat.

— Steve L.

As usual, very informative and entertaining conversation. I have a buzz after watching most of Raoul’s content.

— Tyler L.

Loved it! So much to think about. Must… keep… learning

— John L.

Absolutely brilliant conversation. Simple to understand and full of forward thinking useful information.

— Gary W.

Exciting and intuitive interview. Real Vision is the best.

— Mohammad I.

Probably the best commentary on the space and NFTs.

— Blocknoob B.

Mind blowing! Hard to get [my] head around everything he talks about.

— Mike S.

Discussions like these is why I will never cancel my RV subscription.

— Marius J.

Love it, Raoul! You’re keeping us several steps ahead.

— James L.

Absolutely brilliant expose. The possibilities are endless and the way you are sharing your knowledge is priceless. Thanks a million.

— Rui S.

It's Time to Meet Real Vision Crypto...

We launched Real Vision Crypto back in November 2020 — I know, that’s basically 84 years ago in digital assets time — and since then we’ve launched a Pro Crypto membership, 2 Real Vision Collective NFTs, and more.

And Raoul Pal: Adventures in Crypto is the flagship show of the channel.

But that’s not all you’ll get access to…

Whenever there’s turmoil or breaking news in the crypto space (FTX anyone?), we’ll bring your real-time analysis on what’s happening and what it could mean for you and your investment.

Anyway, back in 2020, our co-founder and CEO Raoul Pal wanted to create a membership that helps everyone understand DeFi, cryptocurrencies, Web3, the metaverse, and beyond.

A membership that brings you up-to-date analysis, deep-dive expertise and insights.

Join the 300,000+ members of Real Vision Crypto who are with me on my learning journey into the future of money and digital value. It’s entirely free to join. Can you afford not to join me in this adventure?”

— Raoul Pal


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