Say hello to Steve

The investment strategist
who doesn’t trust the bias in the media.

As an investment strategist, Real Vision is extremely valuable to me.

A big part of my job is seeking out insightful and useful information from smart people. Before Real Vision, I used to have to hunt the experts down, or read their research on the internet.

The trouble with this is that when you read investment research – even high quality investment research – you only get snippets. You get a trade idea, or a quick thought. These can be valuable, but not nearly as valuable as the in-depth conversations that Real Vision features.

Listening to a full 50 minute conversation with an expert investor – it’s just incredible. I get to learn his or her thought process, and really develop a true understanding of their approach to investing. There’s just no other service in the world that does that.

I’m very jaded, very cynical about the traditional media. Every network is so blatantly biased. The Trump election was a perfect example. Fox liked him, CNBC hated him. They all have agendas. When it comes to investing, most mainstream outlets like the Wall Street Journal have a permanent bullish bias. I even gave up on the Financial Times, and The Economist.

If you want to know how the investment world really works – without rose colored glasses – subscribe to Real Vision.

Real Vision allows me to hear thoughts straight from the expert. Whereas any media – even truthful, unbiased media, which is rare – is just a journalist’s interpretation of third-hand news.

Over the years one thing I’ve learned in the investment business is that you have to listen to different people. You can never allow yourself to fixate something. You have to be willing to change your mind, to explore new investments and new ideas. I think that’s really the best and most unique thing that Real Vision does. It features such a diverse range of experts. I don’t always agree with all the participants, and that’s wonderful – I’m not supposed to.

Real Vision challenges my thoughts, my biases, my investment process.

I go to a lot of investment conferences. The concept of a conference is simple: gather a bunch of great thinkers and listen to them talk. If the conference organizer does a good job, you walk out with your head spinning, with a bunch of new ideas.

Real Vision does this for me every week at a fraction of the cost of a conference.