Welcome to a special 5-part free mini-series from Real Vision: The Exponential Age.

The robot future isn’t coming – it’s already here. This isn’t the Jetsons, or some far off utopia/dystopia, or even the Metaverse. This affects everything – and it makes the price action of bitcoin seem like a f**king sideshow.

But WTF is the Exponential Age?

It’s the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s a regime change wrapped in accelerating growth inside the greatest wealth-creation opportunity possibly of all time. It’s…

Well, it’s something we’re just going to let Real Vision Co-Founder and CEO Raoul Pal explain…

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Every day from May 3-7 at 12pm ET, we’ll release a new episode of Raoul’s mini-series on The Exponential Age.

Enjoy – the future is better than you think…

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Part 2
The Power of Network Effects & Metcalfe’s Law

A quick-shot explainer on what’s responsible for catapulting us into the Exponential Age.

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Part 3
Network Effects in Action

We have reached the point on the horizon where advancements in tech have all converged. What’s the impact of that right now?

“This was a mind-blowing summary of what is coming. I am so happy to be part of Real Vision. The best investment I made last year. Thanks a lot Raoul and the team.”

– Ersan D. on The Exponential Age*

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Part 4
Macro is Dead, Long Live Macro

The rumors of the death of macro have been wildly exaggerated. But… this time is different (yeah, we said it).

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Part 5
The Solution to Everything

Onwards and upwards…

“I need to sit down in a quiet place and rock in a chair for a bit. I don’t think I’ve sat so still and looked so intently for a long time.”

– Samuel K. on The Exponential Age*

The birth of the new requires the death of the old – and that’s what one of Real Vision’s very first videos was about back in September 2014.

The Reset is two co-founders of a very new company shooting the s**t about how the world was going to change dramatically in the coming years.

It’s also remarkably prescient – so we’ve re-released it for free on RealVision.com. You can watch it here.


“Wish I saw this in 2014. Well at least I’m here now. Thank you Raoul and the rest of the Real Vision team.”

– Fletcher J. (Jan. 2021)

“You could change the date on this and re-issue it and it would all be even more relevant now.”

– Tom E. (Aug. 2020)

Thoughts on The Exponential Age

“On point. Raoul keeps raising the bar higher. Over a decades worth of knowledge delivered succinctly, straight off the bat.”

– Sajad C.

“F**king golden. Thank you, Raoul.”

– Brian D.

“I listen to you guys all the time on Spotify. Today I cancelled my subscription to the FT and The Economist and signed up here.”

– Julian J.

* The Exponential Age was an episode featured on Real Vision’s Expert View on April 16, 2021. In it, Raoul “King of the One Take” Pal presented the early stages of his Exponential Age thesis to Real Vision Essential members – taking them on a 90-minute one-man journey to the new world. 

We published it on YouTube, on April 30, so that as many people as possible could watch it and weigh in (always good to stress-test a new thesis…!) You can watch it here, for free.


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