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It is the most devastating economic event to ever befall a single generation of hard-working people. And it hasn’t happened yet.

Once it does, life savings will be destroyed, millions of people will be dragged back into the workforce, and a core component of their dreams and expectations of retirement will be exposed as a lie.

This catastrophe is The Global Retirement Crisis, a feature documentary film from Real Vision.

Worries about the state of retirement savings are not new. But here’s what most don’t know: After a phenomenal decade, markets appear perfectly primed for a massive fall. A recession and market crash may both be around the corner.

And since millions of retirement portfolios from Chattanooga to Chatham are far too risky, these widely expected events will widen a retirement shortfall into a gaping chasm. The common Western dream of a care-free retirement will prove, just that, an unrealistic dream…

How did we get here? How bad could it get? And what can we do about it?

Famed investor, researcher and financial forecaster Raoul Pal answers those questions and more in Real Vision’s upcoming documentary. By speaking to diverse groups of people across the States and the UK, some of whom are weeks away from retirement, and others who have already retired, he lays out the problems and presents his compelling solutions.

There is hope. But the first step is to forget all the lies that we have been told. After that, we can be honest with ourselves about what we must do in order to survive.

Expanding on his widely watched presentation, “The Coming Retirement Crisis,” Raoul has made it his personal mission to save a generation of investors who have been used and abused by the financial system.

After all, it takes a former insider to show the world just how badly they have been duped by the financial system.

This documentary is vital viewing for the millennial generation and their retiring parents, before it’s too late. 90-120 min feature length documentary.


Views and Engagement

In an effort to test viewers’ appetite for this topic before producing a feature documentary film, Real Vision produced “The Coming Retirement Crisis”, a technical mini documentary presentation describing the crisis we’re facing and published it on YouTube. With no marketing and only 60,000 subscribers, the film went on to generate 1.1 million views.

Remarkably, the video completion rate of “The Coming Retirement Crisis” is twice the average and 10x the length of the average YouTube video. People are simply desperate to figure out what to do. The Global Retirement Crisis will feature robust storytelling how this situation is impacting people across the economic and demographic spectrums and promises to offer real solutions to a crisis of epic proportions.

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