"The Most Powerful Business Model Ever Created"

Kiril Sokoloff interviews Pierre Lassonde, co-founder of Franco-Nevada. Lassonde is the world’s best gold allocator, and one of its greatest wealth creators. Sokoloff and Lassonde discuss all the most important questions about gold. Will gold and the Dow once again sell at parity? How much gold should you have in your portfolio? What’s the proper relationship between bullion and gold mining shares in your portfolio? And what’s the risk of gold confiscation— should you be worried? Lassonde also discusses at length why the gold-royalty model he invented in the 1980s remains so powerful today. Finally, you will learn how Lassonde turned a $2 million investment in a gold royalty into over $1 billion of royalty cash flow for FNV’s shareholders. Will he be able to do it again? They don’t call him “lucky Pierre ” for nothing.

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