The Workshop is a completely unique event for a limited number of people. 
And…there is no other event like it.

World class traders will show you exactly how you can become a better trader by sharing their trading secrets, waking you through special techniques, showing you how they work and revealing the tricks they have learnt over many years at the top of the game.

This isn’t a dull old conference where you sit back and watch hours of PowerPoint presentations.

This is The Workshop: a fully immersive experience where you engage in discussions with experts, talk to other traders and work together on interactive exercises.

The Workshop • February 4th • Bowery Ballroom, New York City


How to construct a World View

“At Real Vision’s first live event, I will explain how I construct my global macro view from looking at the secular backdrop, understanding where we are in the business cycle, the interrelationships between the business cycle and asset classes, the dollar as an independent driver of returns and confirmation across markets and asset classes.”

CEO and Co-founder of Real Vision

How to Use Technical Analysis to Set-Up Trades

“At The Workshop, I’m going to cover how to narrow your focus and ignore the noise. My approach is to keep things simple. Go back to the days when we weren’t constantly inundated with information all day long. That leads to group thinking and clouds our judgement. Keeping a narrow focus and tuning out the noise is what gives traders an edge. We all need time to think – something that is lost on most people. With traders it’s critical.”

Founder of Aspen Trading

How To Master the Rigor of Trade Preparation

“Having a proprietary trading account is an expression of FREEDOM and it should be treated with the same care. In order to defend that freedom, and maintain the right to do so, you have very few responsibilities but they all require RIGOR. Managing risk, trading your personal account is an act of controlled aggression. For those of you that have never sat on a trading desk I want to tell you that the most rigorous risk managers I ever knew traded 25 line items in 24 hour markets and knew their PnL within 5%, real time, 24 hours a day. Your rigorous behaviour becomes your trading dashboard. The only thing left to do is have a view constructed in the background. I’ll discuss all this and more at The Workshop.”

Founder of TG Macro

How To Develop Your Trading Process

“I’m going to focus on helping you build your own trading process. Everyone is unique – we all have different risk parameters,  timeframes, age variants, goals – so it’s important to know what works for you and your personality. And to understand that you have to have a clear head. You have to constantly reflect and reassess. Look at your wins and losses. If you’re in a slump, why are you in it? Journal everyday about what you are thinking, why you are losing money? Then take a step back. Meditate, go to the gym – step away from trading and do something that is personally enriching. A well rounded life is imperative to success. Finding balance is the KEY. Your trading process is as unique as you are, I will help you create a process that works for you and help you invest in yourself.”

Founder of Hedge Fund Telemetry

How To Distil ‘The Information Firehose’

“I intend to break down how I distil a firehouse of information down into a cohesive theme in each edition of Things That Make You Go Hmmm… and how I maximise the time spent with guests on Real Vision, to extract the most valuable information from them. The idea is to cover how I take the many pieces of information I digests – news, articles, opinion pieces, tweets, videos etc. –  into my own perspective. How I retain a clear focus and POV despite so much noise and how that helps me build my viewpoint.”
Co-Founder of Real Vision

The Workshop • February 4th • Bowery Ballroom, New York City


Watch Raoul Pal explain what you can expect from Real Vision’s ground-breaking new live format and hear why it is so different to any other event you might have been to


  • Come the night before and watch the Super Bowl with Raoul, Grant and the other speakers at our special Viewing Party.
  • Access All Areas to The Workshop PLUS an invitation to the after party with open bar. Raoul, Grant and all the other speakers will be there too
  • Exclusive Gift for VIP Guests only
  • Food and drink included at the Super Bowl Party, The Workshop and the After Party
  • Presentation materials from the event
  • All for $1,499


  • Access to The Workshop and the After Party
  • Food and beverage
  • Presentation materials from the event
  • All for $1,050


Everyone is welcome, but this event is going to be most beneficial for those who are at an intermediate level of trading. You will need to be familiar with trading techniques, this is all about developing your own skill set to become a better trader.