I know because I’ve written and published one of those services for years. Mine costs $50,000 a year.    

Services like mine are subscribed to by self-made billionaires and some of the most successful investors in finance.    

And today I’m giving you access to it plus 31 more elite services for FREE.    

My name is Raoul Pal, and I have teamed up with 31 of the smartest, most successful and most recognizable investors in finance to create a revolutionary alliance that is smashing the barrier between you and the Wall Street insiders.   

This alliance is disrupting the whole of the financial research industry and every member has agreed to send you their best actionable research each week.   

  Did you know the most successful investors in the world 
 pay up to $50,000 a year to access just one little-known 
 investment research service? 


Think Tank is far more than a research subscription. It’s an alliance of 31 of the smartest, most successful, most recognizable investors on the planet. 

In short, Think Tank gives you access to their current thinking and investment ideas, practically on-demand.

Now, you’ve surely seen promotions for investing products that “promise the world.” They’ll entice you with a “secret sauce” or an ingenious “system” that consistently beats the markets. 

Nearly every time, this is total nonsense. 

As far as we’re concerned, there’s only one sure way for an individual investor to gain and keep a meaningful edge in the markets.

And that is by having access to a consistent flow of profitable investment ideas.    

This is what makes Think Tank a game changer.    

With Think Tank, you’ll receive timely and practical investment ideas from our alliance of world-class investors every single week   


Obtaining reliable information is a real problem these days.

Between the mainstream media… alternative media… Wall Street guys in suits… and independent publishers… it’s hard to know who to trust. 

For Think Tank to be a success – to be truly disruptive to the world of investment research– we knew it had to solve this problem.   

We knew we had to recruit the  very best  financial minds in the world into our alliance.  People who are at the very pinnacle of their fields… with proven track records and bulletproof credibility.   

There is NO ROOM for ads, bias, “gurus” posing as experts, or “talking your book” in Think Tank.   

So, we got to work...  

First, we cast a wide net. We scoured the planet for independent investment research. We investigated a seemingly endless list of writers and evaluated their research services. We talked to everyone we could, including sophisticated research houses that charge $50,000+ for their products… self-made multi-millionaire traders… and renowned geopolitical analysts.   

Long story short, most didn’t make the cut.   

Above all else, an analyst must have two characteristics before we’ll even consider them for the Think Tank alliance.

Our two “non-negotiables” are:


We want experts who will contribute new, unique, and actionable ideas. NOT sales pitches. This is only possible from contributors who are truly unbiased and prioritize the quality of their research above all else.


We want professionals who have demonstrated their expertise and whose excellence is backed up by results.

As I’m sure you can imagine, these two requirements alone narrowed the field substantially. From the remaining contenders, we handpicked only the most original thinkers and most brilliant writers. 

Then we formed an alliance with a single purpose. To provide you with access to the best written research in the world. 

In all, we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, 18 months, and over 70,000 man hours on perfecting this project. 

When you see the incredible lineup we’ve assembled… you’ll see why it was well worth it. 


At this point, you’re probably wondering what kind of research you’ll receive as a Think Tank subscriber… and who it will be coming from.

For starters, you’ll hear from the legendary Peter Brandt – who is basically a God among traders.

Brandt, if you don’t know him, is a private trader who has achieved a truly extraordinary track record. Trading his own money, he has made average annual gains of 41.6% over thirty years.

This stunning performance, which has been verified by an independent accountant, ranks ahead of far more famous investors like Warren Buffett, George Soros, and John Templeton.

Peter now runs a trading service called Factor Research. He writes a weekly letter that recommends trades and explains what Peter is doing with his own money.

As part of your subscription to Think Tank, you’ll receive full issues of Peter’s premium newsletter.

Many of you are familiar with Peter’s long history of profitable calls. Do you remember in late 2016, the euro was stuck in a bad bear market? It had declined 30%+ vs. the dollar and had just made a new 14-year low.

Peter alerted Real Vision subscribers that an attractive setup was forming for early in the New Year. Sure enough, the euro bottomed in January, and went on to surge 14% – a huge move for a currency.

Then there’s Greg Weldon, the renowned trader and 30+ year veteran of the financial markets.

Weldon’s stellar track record has helped make him one of the most famous analysts in the world. He’s perhaps best known for his uncanny ability to predict big moves in precious metals prices.

For example, in the early 2000s, Weldon identified the emerging bull market in gold early on, leading to hundreds of percent gains for his readers.

He also predicted the 2008 crisis.

Weldon’s premium trading service – which usually costs $2,500/year – is part of the Think Tank alliance.

Now keep in mind, access to the ideas of master traders is just one benefit of Think Tank.

You’ll also receive original, meticulous research and investment ideas from some of the finest, most sophisticated shops in the world… like Nautilus Research.

Nautilus, if you aren’t familiar, has earned a stellar reputation as one of the best and most accurate research shops on the planet. Many of the world’s largest hedge funds are Nautilus clients. 

Nautilus’ sophisticated research is written by a team of seasoned CFAs and PHDs. And it’s informed by proprietary, cutting-edge models you won’t see anywhere else.

As just one example of Nautilus’ superior forecasting ability, consider this…

In early 2017, Nautilus was defiantly bullish on the U.S. stock market. It was a bold and contrarian position. The consensus was that stocks were topping out after an 8+ year bull market.

Very few analysts were willing to stick their neck out and call for further gains. But Nautilus was dead on correct. The S&P 500 climbed 15% through October 2017.

Think Tank is a firehose of actionable research designed specifically to help you generate trade ideas and make money in the markets. As a Think Tank subscriber, you’ll never suffer from a lack of ideas again. 

We’re 100% confident that a subscription to Think Tank will provide you more useful, timely, varied and meticulously researched investment ideas than any other research subscription on the planet.   

By now we hope you’re starting to see the incredible value Think Tank provides.

We want to make sure you get the very most out of all this incredible research, so we have gone one step further...

We’ve hired a team of professional analysts to monitor all this research for you.  

And I’ve given this team a crucial task: Stay up-to-the-minute on what our alliance of 31 are writing and thinking about. Then report back to our subscribers in a single, easy-to-read letter. Every week.   

Keep in mind, our new team of analysts isn’t just reading research. They’re constantly speaking with the members of the Think Tank alliance, making sure you’re always current on their latest thoughts.  

We call this The Distillery because it distills the research into the most valuable and actionable insights.   

Think Tank gives you access to the thoughts of 31 of the top financial minds in the world. And as we’ve explained, this information has the potential to be extremely profitable. 


The Distillery closely follows the biggest themes and most important ideas in finance. It keeps you “in the know” about everything important happening in the markets. And we believe it will help you spot big trend changes earlier.

I’m confident that reading The Distillery will ensure a foreseeable economic event never takes you by surprise again. You’ll be armed with the combined brainpower of 31 handpicked experts, many of whom warned their readers about the 2008 financial crisis ahead of time.

Now keep in mind, The Distillery is an added feature.

You'll get it on top of the two original pieces of investment research written by members of our alliance. Every single week. 

Not old newsletters. Not snippets. The whole premium newsletter  

A single subscription to just one of these newsletters can cost more than $50,000 per year. Again, with Think Tank, you get to read exactly what the experts are writing about, in their own words.   


Think Tank is a new kind of service that– we believe – dramatically improves both the quality and quantity of investment ideas you have access to. 

The vast majority of other newsletter services are published once a month. If something major happens between issues, you’re left in the dark. 

Think Tank will be in touch throughout the week, to make sure you’re always up to date on the latest thinking of the experts in our alliance.

And every Wednesday, throughout the year, you’ll receive The Distillery. As we mentioned, this is a weekly digest that distills all the most important information published by the Think Tank alliance into a concise, actionable letter that’s a pleasure to read. 

Here’s just a tiny sample of the research Think Tank gives you access to:

Raoul Pal's Global Macro Investor

Stephanie Pomboy's MacroMavens 

Jawad Mian's Stray Reflections 

Grant Williams' Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Nautilus Investment Research 

Julian Brigden's Macro Intelligence 2 Partners

Jesse Felder's The Felder Report 

JDI Research 

Greg Weldon's Weldon Live 

Raoul Pal's & Julian Brigden's Macro Insiders

Peter Brandt's Factor Research 

Paul Krake's View From The Peak

We had our math geeks calculate the value of all the research you’ll receive. If you were to individually buy every newsletter you’ll receive as a subscriber to Think Tank, you’d have to pay $17,473 a year. 

Add in our weekly digest The Distillery, and you’re looking at $20,000 worth of value, easy.


And don't forget, when you become a Think Tank subscriber, you’ll immediately get access to our current research plus all back issues of anything we’ve ever published. 

You'll get two weeks free access to the greatest collection of big-picture thinkers in finance today.

You’ll get full issues of Stephanie Pomboy’s MacroMavens. This service predicted the housing bubble in 2002… showed in 2006 why financials from housing would soon be slaughtered when the bubble burst… in 2007 predicted we were about to see the biggest bust since the Great Depression.

You get full issues of Juliette Declercq’s JDA Research, with its proven ability to turn big picture information into high impact trade ideas.

You get full issues of Julian Brigden’s Macro Intelligence 2 Partners. He uses proven economic models, market technicals and his understanding of both government and central bank policy to identify opportunities across asset classes.

You get full issues of my own Global Macro Investor, the investment research service many of Wall Street’s “household” names happily pay $50,000 to receive.

You’ll get full issues of Dr. Pippa Malmgren’s DRPM Group, a projection of big political, policy, and geopolitical themes and trends that will move markets.

You’ll get full issues of each of these services. You get their analysis, you get their insights, you get their trade ideas. But you will get more than just the big picture. You also get technical trade ideas from many of the best of the best traders in the business.

You get timely technical analysis and trades from the great Peter Brandt, the classical chartist with the astounding track record of average annual gains of 41.6% a year… for over 30-years. 

You’ll get full issues of Robin Griffith’s Global Investment Roadmap, Robin spent 20 years as Chief Technical Analyst at HSBC Investment Bank. 

You get full issues of The Felder Report from Jesse Felder, an amazing technical trader and co-founder of a multi-billion hedge fund firm.

You get full issues of Dave Floyd’s Aspen Trading Service. Dave is one of the best FX & fixed income traders in the business. 

You get full issues of Momentum Structural Analysis, some of the most unique technical research on equities, commodities, debt and foreign exchange. 

And many more – 31 services in all.


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As a subscriber, you can expect profitable big calls like the one he made to the Real Vision audience in July 2017. That was when he predicted that precious metals prices would move higher. Over the following 2 months, gold surged from $1,200 to $1,350.

We want to make this a no-brainer. So we don’t ask for your money up front. 

Instead, we have set up a free 14 day pass for you. 

This free trial gives you access to all areas of Think Tank. If you want, you can read everything we have ever published during your free 14 days – we will even send you email alerts to point you in the direction of the really good stuff. 

All you have to do is complete your credit card details at the beginning of the trial so that if you decide to take out a subscription, it just happens seamlessly. 

But don’t worry, we won’t charge your card a cent until after your 14 day trial ends and you want to continue with us. 

And of course, if you don’t want to carry on with the service, that’s fine too. Just let us know and we will cancel it immediately with no hassle or pressure. Or you can even cancel it yourself in one simple step online.