A Great Leap Forward?

Featuring Worth Wray

Worth Wray and Raoul Pal debate China through the lenses of the newly published A Great Leap Forward? co-written with John Mauldin, an anthology featuring research from a range of incredibly acute analysts and economists on the growth and rise of the Chinese economy. In this free-flowing conversation, Worth and Raoul speak about the shift away from Command and Control, compare viewpoints from the book’s different contributors, and question the future of China’s economy as a global powerhouse.

Published on
16 June, 2015
China, History
42 minutes
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  • MN

    Mark N.

    18 2 2017 18:15

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    I wish I could be as passionate about any subject as Worth is about China.

  • VK

    Viresh K.

    17 12 2016 23:46

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    Easily one of the best China discussions out there. A lot of context around the different outcomes with a non bias discussion.

  • BV

    Bryan V.

    18 1 2016 16:41

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    Whether I agree or not with the opinions, I love that all are presented in this interview and on this channel. An opinion isn't worth much if it can't stand up to a challenge from another.

  • AI

    Ataraxy I.

    18 1 2016 06:57

    5       3

    Something feels very untrustworthy about this guy. Can't put my finger on it -- something oddly, forced, rehearsed & phony about his verbal style & facial communication. Did anyone else sense that?

  • CD

    Charles D.

    16 1 2016 16:00

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    Second time I've watched this...whenever I think that I'm somewhat sophisticated about global economics and the financial markets...WHAM...I watch an interview like this and realize how ignorant I am.

  • wg

    william g.

    15 8 2015 17:43

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    Mauldin Economics is an aggregator of every others opinions. Nothing wrong with that, just there is no deep thinking here. Interesting to hear about China's history, but that's about it.

  • LC

    Liliana C.

    19 7 2015 05:19

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    Valuable insights from Worth on Chinese history and culture. Spot on comment from Raoul about the fallacy of analyzing thru our own cultural biases. First class discussion! Thank you!

  • AE

    Alex E.

    24 6 2015 08:46

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    Great stuff, guys, but who was interviewing whom ;)? I see China going splat, than over running a few neighbors thus starting WW 3 and thus instigating the rapture (ha ha ha.......) But I digress.....

  • GR

    Guido R.

    22 6 2015 09:11

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    What role, if any, does the hoarding of gold play in the rebalancing of the Chinese economy?

    Any chance you can arrange a similar discussion on the Middle East and, in particular, the Gulf country

  • GR

    Guido R.

    22 6 2015 09:09

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    Really liked this discussion. A few thoughts and a question.
    First the question. How do we get feedback on questions asked in this very restrictive column?

  • RS

    Ryan S.

    22 6 2015 05:02

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    Thought I detected some hints of an Aussie accent a few times while Worth was talking.

  • R

    Russell .

    20 6 2015 01:41

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    I agree with Steven above. What is the probability of a round table discussion between Worth, Raul, Simon Hunt & Gave. I would by tickets to see and hear it.

  • SL

    Steven L.

    19 6 2015 04:28

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    Excellent! I bought the book but won't have a chance to read it for a few days. I'd love to hear a similar discussion with Worth, Raul, Simon Hunt & Gave.

  • JP

    Jeronimo P.

    18 6 2015 13:58

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    Absolutely fantastic demonstration of critical thinking applied to markets. The best aspect of RealVision.

  • JS

    John S.

    18 6 2015 02:29

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    Another first rate discussion

  • RV

    Ryan V.

    17 6 2015 23:29

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    Raoul do you still think a currency depreciation is the best way to bet on a housing/debt crisis ocurring in China or are you putting on any other trades? Also great interview!

  • db

    don b.

    17 6 2015 17:29

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    What they may not understand is that China does have a plan. They understand that the fiat they own will become worthless. Their plan is to control the worlds gold. Sad the US doesn't know history.

  • FS

    Fred S.

    17 6 2015 14:09

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    I suspect that SHASHWAT is talking his book.

  • sp

    shashwat p.

    17 6 2015 07:43

    1       2

    @JORIS - At the minimum we have to use the same scale for measurement. In this case the preferred scale is Debt / "GDP". Chinese GDP is manufactured. Western GDP is goalseeked. both are meaningless

  • JR

    Jon R.

    16 6 2015 17:11

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    I'd like to see a moderated conversation between Worth and either Simon Hunt or Gave. It seems everyone agrees on excess capacity, but not on what will happen next.

  • GG

    George G.

    16 6 2015 15:11

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    great dialogue on China position and potential moves on world chess board. Interviews like this put RV in a class of its own

  • AB

    Alain B.

    16 6 2015 12:07

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    Great dialogue with thought provoking hypotheses being debated, well done. Perhaps a new series format: "Dialogue".

  • Jv

    Joris v.

    16 6 2015 07:40

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    Nobody said that the US doesn't have problems. The book/discussion was about China.

  • sp

    shashwat p.

    16 6 2015 04:44

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    Chinese debt to gdp is about 350%. US debt to gdp is 600%+ including the entitlements. Why is China a debt bubble but US / West is not? If the credit collapses, where will it begin?

  • sp

    shashwat p.

    16 6 2015 04:40

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    It is much more likely that the USD based financial system blows up with the FED bubble before China becomes Japan. It has to become Korea first. Chinese consumer balance sheet is still unlevered.

  • sp

    shashwat p.

    16 6 2015 04:37

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    I detect some hypocrisy here. Undoubtedly Chinese data is suspect. But so is the data from US, UK, Euro. What passes for financial analysis these days is rehashed fed speak bullshit . Is that better?

  • MH

    Matthew H.

    16 6 2015 04:03

    6       0

    Guys, that was one of the best discussions I have had the pleasure of watching on RV.

  • DH

    Dale H.

    16 6 2015 02:06

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    That was very good - both contributions. Well done; thought provoking and timely. There are quite a few who argue that investment in China is a must - I've had my doubts, more so now. Book sounds VG.

  • WG

    Wayne G.

    16 6 2015 00:15

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    Damn you! Now I have to entirely re-think what I thought I knew. Very interesting discussion of Xi Jinping's background.Sensational, thought provoking interview.

  • BL

    Bruce L.

    15 6 2015 17:42

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    Really looking forward to reading book. Great discussion.