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David Fergusson, Partner of Nimoi Holdings, speaks for Singapore as a world leader in gold storage, explaining the jurisdictional and structural challenges to consider in gold markets while pointing out the tremors in the Chinese economy, the fracturing of the EU, and other global challenges that argue the case for gold.

Published on
27 April, 2016
Investment Framework, Monetary policy, Gold
31 minutes
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Commodities, Currencies


  • RN

    Richard N.

    14 10 2016 08:37

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    David: I'm holding gold bullion for all the reasons you mention and plan to add more, but the holdings are in Switzerland rather than Singapore, so you're RV interview is especially informative and timely for me. I'd be particularly interested to learn about the relevant Singaporean tax laws and rules governing hypothecation. I'll be in touch.

  • WM

    Will M.

    14 8 2016 20:16

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    Amazingly I missed this when I was on vacation!! Great viewpoints delivered in a superb "dry" and logical fashion. A few superb quotes " ...looks like Japan took a leaf out of the book of the Shining Path view on how to manage an economy....". His point about grossly indebted governments coming to take your money is one every RTV viewer needs to take seriously. Great stuff.

  • DF

    David F.

    29 7 2016 02:31

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    TS. Drop me an email . . . let's chat about what you are looking for. The guys at RVTV have my contacts.

  • SB

    Stephen B.

    16 7 2016 23:41

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    I think that was as good a summary of the state of the world and the reasons for holding gold as I have heard anywhere. Well done!

  • T~

    Tshort63 ~.

    15 7 2016 07:51

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    Like the guidance around holding gold in a country that won't want to confiscate once the default on debt. His comments on pricing are spot on, why split hairs over a "bet" that one hopes will grow quickly? Unfortunately, GPM has a $500,000 limit. I'm trying to rollover an IRA with $165,000 into gold. I am concerned, regardless of cost, that the logic of tax and confiscate holds true for a US vault. Any suggestions?

  • DS

    David S.

    9 5 2016 05:51

    1       2

    Gold may be the best investment for all time as discussed ad nauseam between gold bugs. The arguments are well stated. There are plenty of ways to invest in gold. It is time to fish or cut bait. .

  • MS

    Michael S.

    29 4 2016 12:22

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    Wonderful, I was an initial subscriber but left. I am back and so pleased to be hear.

  • AM

    Alexander M.

    29 4 2016 07:05

    4       0

    It's interviews like this that make me glad my friends don't have RVTV. I feel like a first disciple listening to this.

  • CD

    Charles D.

    29 4 2016 00:45

    5       0

    I'm nervous too....

  • FS

    Fred S.

    28 4 2016 13:40

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    I'm American. Most of the people I work with fancy themselves quite sophisticated and erudite on financial affairs, but they read NOTHING. The Daily Mail would be a step up for them.

  • SS

    Steven S.

    28 4 2016 11:21

    2       1

    Oh! My God?!!! Darth Vader re-visited! Sorry. Love this tv. I'm amiture investure who has lived around Great Basin, Utah U.S. my whole life.

  • sl

    simion l.

    28 4 2016 09:21

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    one to watch rather than download and listen as the facial "duh" expressions perfectly complement the message. brilliant! love rtv. thanks guys

  • TS

    Thomas S.

    28 4 2016 08:45

    15       0

    "A gold ETF is like a laser-guided toilet roll dispenser" hahaha this is one of the best ever quotes on RVTV!

  • TS

    Thomas S.

    28 4 2016 03:48

    3       0

    At time of taping he may not have been aware of Deutsche Bank's admission of manipulating the gold market

  • EK

    Emil K.

    27 4 2016 21:43

    10       0

    Calmly delivered, terrifying facts and disturbing questions. Always find it more disquieting when grave news is delivered calmly.

  • SS

    Sam S.

    27 4 2016 19:59

    7       0

    Gold has a Silver lining.

  • SH

    Stu H.

    27 4 2016 19:43

    6       0

    Clear, honest and straightforward thinking, such a refreshing change. Love Realvisiontv.

  • mm

    miguel m.

    27 4 2016 18:22

    9       0

    " gold tells the truth." superb interview!

  • KC

    Klendathu C.

    27 4 2016 16:39

    6       0

    Nice to see him rank the best jurisdictions for gold. May need to move gold to Sing. Lastly, the cacophony of anecdotes of gold-phobic clients turning to gold is reaching jet engine levels.

  • CC

    Christopher C.

    27 4 2016 16:00

    21       1

    The truth is so unfathomable that most can't bear to look at it. The financial system has become a Medusa. Most feign as if they wouldn't deign to inspect it when the truth is they won't dare.

  • wg

    william g.

    27 4 2016 13:59

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    posses some valid questions regarding why the US FED will not agree to auditing its gold holdings and the 7 year timeline to return Germany's gold.....hmmmmm.

  • CM

    C M.

    27 4 2016 13:35

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