Gold: The Story of Man’s 6000 Year Obsession – Episode 1

Featuring Grant Williams

Grant Williams presents the definitive analysis of gold, in a brand new two-part Real Vision documentary, to understand why gold became money and has outlasted every alternative currency for thousands of years. Featuring an incredible collection of experts and market analysts, Episode One charts the history of the yellow metal, and shows us why gold has retained its unique place at the center of the global financial system.

Published on
26 January, 2018
Gold, History, Macro
54 minutes
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Currencies, Commodities


  • VS

    Vignesh S.

    3 7 2018 16:45

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    Ahhh, novel presentation of why gold using the periodic table. But it assumes that you're to only use elements as materials and not compound.
    The gold we use isn't pure element form gold either. It has copper in it in minute quantity for strength.

  • GA

    Greg A.

    29 4 2018 15:29

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    It says episode 1 of 2. When is part two out?

  • RY

    Raymond Y.

    13 3 2018 17:56

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    Best - Rick Rule completely straight-faced punchlines.

  • JJ

    Joe J.

    6 3 2018 20:04

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    And kobe Bryant won an Oscar and this didn't?

  • JH

    James H.

    28 2 2018 06:55

    0       1

    I agree with many others who discuss the quality content. My struggle is with the desire to allocation some investment to physical gold and the practical realities of storage. Does anyone here have any recommendations of all inclusive solutions for purchasing, delivery and storage of physical gold outside of the US?

    Has anyone heard of I have been evaluating them but it does not seem like they have been active on a marketing front since around 2016.

    Comments welcome


  • RF

    Robert F.

    25 2 2018 20:40

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    Excellent Grant et al. Fascinating !

  • JS

    James S.

    20 2 2018 11:51

    1       0

    Fantastic !

  • EV

    Erik V.

    17 2 2018 14:35

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    Holy shit!

  • JC

    John C.

    12 2 2018 20:32

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    such an amazing video

  • Sv

    Sid v.

    8 2 2018 21:10

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  • SS

    Steven S.

    6 2 2018 05:40

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    Simply amazing video, Grant. Beautifully done.

  • CN

    Chak N.

    5 2 2018 08:36

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    great vdo

  • TD

    Tim D.

    5 2 2018 00:43

    3       0

    Oh yes. That is was I subscribed for.

  • DD

    Daniel D.

    2 2 2018 14:55

    9       0

    My goodness, where else could we get such quality content. Can't wait for the next episode from Grant "Goldfinger" Williams! I'm so envious of the cool places he gets to visit. Also, thanks to all the hard working people in the credits at the end that made this a special piece.

  • yd

    yon d.

    2 2 2018 01:07

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    Grant's The Man! Another great interview by Grant! Agreed, another viewer mentioned why Mike Maloney wasn't interviewed. And, almost no exploration on the pivotal point when gold was taken off the gold standard by Nixon. A great episode and just makes you look forward to more!

  • MS

    Matt S.

    1 2 2018 23:21

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    That was great! That's proper RVTV..... none of this Dee Smith BS.

  • DK

    Dylan K.

    1 2 2018 15:41

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    Potentially stupid question and maybe I should do some research on monetary policy history before asking but I don't really understand why we came off the gold standard in 1971? I understand the US broke the Bretton Woods agreement "to help pay for the Vietnam war," but if that's the case, how did we "pay" for the previous two World Wars? Also, does anyone have any good charts comparing gold price, US Dollar price, money printing, etc.? Thanks for any clarification!


  • KB

    Kenneth B.

    1 2 2018 00:07

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    Another solid piece from Real Vision!!

  • IL

    Ian L.

    31 1 2018 20:58

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    Very interesting (and very professionally produced). Really looking forward to rest of series

  • PU

    Paul U.

    31 1 2018 17:48

    0       0

    Thank you Grant! We must each draw our own conclusions, but the implications are profound.

  • RH

    Robert H.

    31 1 2018 16:06

    0       1

    This is excellent.

  • FC

    FRED C.

    31 1 2018 14:06

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  • ml

    michael l.

    31 1 2018 04:16

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    Excellent presentation. Looking forward to part 2.

  • Sv

    Sid v.

    30 1 2018 23:18

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    quality production

  • JM

    Jason M.

    30 1 2018 20:38

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    I knew all of this and it was still fun. Great for broad release to all of the people of the Western world.

  • PS

    Paul S.

    30 1 2018 10:48

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    The laziness of just 'buying the ETF' blows my mind in gold investing

    Some awful companies take up significant space in the GDX for example - ones whose capital allocation has been so poor you would be better off just owning the metal.

  • SS

    Steven S.

    30 1 2018 06:03

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    Simply brilliant, Grant. Truly informative, captivating, enlightening, and insightful. Highlighting the historical and rational context of gold's usage is extraordinarily important, particularly at this point in time.

  • SD

    Stephen D.

    30 1 2018 05:30

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    A great job done by Grant, beuatifully put together. For science nerds I include this 'amazing but true' bit of sciecne. Whilst the carbon and oxygen atoms that make up organic life, are likely the result of supernova; gold it seems is the sole product of extremely rare neutron star collisions billions of years ago. All that gold is interstellar stuff.

  • AG

    Austin G.

    30 1 2018 03:45

    2       1

    Gold is not money. It's an asset. Paper money depends on consensus, people have to agree to accept it. Gold is an asset that people want. People have wanted it for 1000s of years. So it will only lose it's value if people stop wanting it (or some incredible supply comes to market). But after this long history of people wanting gold I think the odds are people will continue to want gold, so it will have value. There are other things people want but they are not as durable or portable or rare. 100 years from now will people want gold? Probably unless technology makes it common.

  • AG

    Austin G.

    30 1 2018 03:45

    1       1

    Gold is not money. It's an asset. Paper money depends on consensus, people have to agree to accept it. Gold is an asset that people want. People have wanted it for 1000s of years. So it will only lose it's value if people stop wanting it (or some incredible supply comes to market). But after this long history of people wanting gold I think the odds are people will continue to want gold, so it will have value. There are other things people want but they are not as durable or portable or rare. 100 years from now will people want gold? Probably unless technology makes it common.

  • ZH

    Zack H.

    30 1 2018 01:37

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    Outstanding. I love real vision, keep up the great work, huge fan of all the guys in that piece.

  • RJ

    Russ J.

    29 1 2018 22:11

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    Fantastic! Can’t wait for the next episode. For anyone who has not seen Mike Maloney’s series called “Hidden Secrets of Money”, start with Episode 1. Its also a very nice, historical account of golds

  • DC

    Dave C.

    29 1 2018 21:39

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    Impressive documentary - just a small nitpick - The Incas referred to gold as the sweat (not tears) of the sun - Silver was the tears of the moon.

  • RN

    Robert N.

    29 1 2018 21:12

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    Since manipulation is to be covered in Part II, I hope you can include analysis of the CFTC statement on precious metals market manipulation:

  • JD

    Jeffrey D.

    29 1 2018 20:55

    3       0

    One of your best productions to date. Bravo!

  • AS

    Alex S.

    29 1 2018 18:51

    2       0

    I don't consider myself a Gold-Bug but that was fascinating to watch

  • RB

    Richard B.

    29 1 2018 13:14

    8       7

    bitcoin is the new gold.

  • TB

    Thomas B.

    29 1 2018 08:46

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    just started to watch; the background music often is too loud, makes it hard to understand the voice/speaker.

  • ML

    Mark L.

    29 1 2018 06:59

    12       0

    Fantastic piece! Excellent job RealVision team! I plan to re-watch it with the wife tonight...could RealVision and Chill become a thing?

  • CC

    Charnes C.

    29 1 2018 05:58

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    When...when will gold (and silver) reprice????

  • SG

    Sherman G.

    29 1 2018 05:38

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    This was a fantastic assemblage of people and places. Well Done! This is an extraordinary documentary. I'm looking forward to the next episode.

  • AS

    Alan S.

    29 1 2018 04:26

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    Mr. Williams, I see you keep your hands at your back when in the Alps vault; concerned the temptation would be too great?

  • LA

    Linda A.

    29 1 2018 04:05

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    Beautifully done & informative. Looking forward to Part II!

  • JT

    Jonathan T.

    29 1 2018 04:03

    2       0

    Nicely done. However, I think more should have been said on silver, which has actually been used much more than gold as money, in daily transactions, over the centuries. I was also surprised that Mike Maloney, who does an excellent job of explaining why gold and silver are money, wasn't interviewed. Overall though, very informative.

  • JW

    James W.

    29 1 2018 03:34

    6       9

    I'm ambivalent about pieces like this, and gave it a thumbs-down. While it's excellent and interesting, to me it's in the category of infotainment - and it doesn't contribute at all to investment analysis or decision making (and I found the prior series "World on the Brink" both tedious and useless) With 3 vids coming out per week and great interviews such as those from Jim Grant coming in, perhaps I should consider it as value-added - but not if it's being done at the expense of more useful projects.

    With all of the other great podcasts being produced out there - Grantham on Wealth Track this weekend, Chris Cole on Macrovoices, Peter Bookvar and Yra Harris on FPA, new excellent pieces from Anne Stevenson-Yang, a great 2018 primer from Doubleline, outstanding daily and weekly content on Bloomberg (including Ritzholt's "Masters in Business", etc., Real Vision has been progressively moving down my daily and weekly priority list.

  • DM

    Doug M.

    29 1 2018 02:16

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    Fascinating examination of mining and refining, with excellent production to boot. Thanks for this!

  • GC

    Gary C.

    28 1 2018 22:13

    0       0

    go nuclear, fighting this, even more so than with current Cryptos like BTC, Etherium. I think Grant will endorse this idea...will see!

  • GC

    Gary C.

    28 1 2018 22:11

    0       0

    who agree to put there gold in the Kinesis (name of crypto coin) vault for backup. Hopefully they will use the hashgraph consensus algo to validate and disperse this yield for holding gold. Banks will

  • GC

    Gary C.

    28 1 2018 22:07

    0       0

    to encourage its use as a transaction currency as opposed to a holding asset. The transaction fee is shared by crypto holder, the admin cost for transaction, and to large gold holders

  • TS

    Tor S.

    28 1 2018 22:06

    0       0

    Great work from the RV team - again. Thanks :)

  • GC

    Gary C.

    28 1 2018 22:05

    1       0

    Both the Perth Mint and Tom Coughlin/Andrew Maguire are developing separate CryptoGold backed currencies. The Coughlin developed coin has a Capital One like cash back feature

  • MT

    Martin T.

    28 1 2018 21:57

    0       0

    Beautiful work, really top quality documentary. Well done!

  • ii

    ida i.

    28 1 2018 20:55

    0       0

    so if someone owns physical gold and you are not a billionaire where do you keep it if you advise to not keep it in a bank? I looked up gold vault Alps, the name and location is secret, seems you have to have the right friends to go about it

  • JV

    Jens V.

    28 1 2018 19:48

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    Fascinating. Great job Grant and Co

  • DH

    Daniel H.

    28 1 2018 19:28

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    Impressive piece.

  • EL

    Edward L.

    28 1 2018 19:00

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    simply brilliant.

  • CD

    Cheryl D.

    28 1 2018 15:07

    0       0

    Fabulous job!! Grant love your series of interviews! Keep up the great work!!!!

  • RT

    Rune T.

    28 1 2018 12:31

    3       1

    With enough gold in the earth's core to cover the planet in 13 inches of the stuff I know what Elon's next project will be... (right after the first settlement on Mars of course).

  • KJ

    Kulbir J.

    28 1 2018 11:52

    1       0


  • RP

    Ryan P.

    28 1 2018 03:57

    13       0

    Rick Rule “gold is a payment rather than a promise to pay, where as most money is a promise to pay rather than a payment” .... Rick is a savage. Grant you might be up for a golden globe after this bud

  • DS

    David S.

    28 1 2018 02:42

    1       0

    Most enjoyable! There is one caveat that I would like to see addressed. The tail risk for gold/silver, miners, ETFs, physical, etc. It would be interesting to hear interviewers discussing the percentage of gold/silver that they have in their portfolios and in what instruments. Canada sold half its small gold reserves in 2016/2017. Cypress was forced to sell gold from reserves in its banking crisis. Greece has about $6 billion in gold reserves. Will they be forced to sell before they can get a debt haircut? In the short run, we are always dealing with supply/demand and risk. DLS

  • AC

    Andrew C.

    28 1 2018 02:12

    1       0

    Is it just luck that gold looks great as jewellery as well as being chemically stable to be a long term store of value? Did they South Americans (Incas /Aztecs) just like the look? How much of the allure of gold is just the emotion society has built it into? How did these ideas ultimately shape the way the world see gold today? Ask any man on the street if they want to see and touch a gold bar and he will give a resounding "absolutely", even if he doesn't understand the fiat currency system. Hopefully some comment on these in Part 2?

  • GM

    Greg M.

    28 1 2018 00:00

    9       0

    That was great. Please get Ross Beaty on for a full hour. Lets hear his stories.

    Gold is the only asset in the world immune from inflation. The hidden and worst tax of all.

  • PT

    Priit T.

    27 1 2018 23:08

    1       0

    Absolutely great stuff! This should be shown to 1st graders due to killer graphics and story board.

  • RM

    Robert M.

    27 1 2018 22:52

    3       25

    Frigging swiss vaults of gold, full of the takings of the greedy and the dodgy and shady (I have swiss heritage and am not proud of this sort of whoring).
    And rick rule talking of protecting his wealth from the depradations of society is off. What about the inequity of ever having such wealth.
    Come the revolution, I am all for society coming after that gold in full force.
    Anyone who is rich and without Buffett and Gate's attitude of giving back is ultimately living in fantasy land. Always wanting to feel safe and secure, to a pathological extent.

  • AZ

    Afraa Z.

    27 1 2018 21:17

    1       0

    very fascinating. Great work RV guys. The whole family sat and watched, and can't wait for Ep2.

  • PB

    Pieter B.

    27 1 2018 19:56

    0       0

    Legendary job! Thanks a lot!

  • PU

    Peter U.

    27 1 2018 19:20

    9       1

    I wonder what is going on in the minds of the few people who voted thumbs down on this. Would any of you care to elaborate? On balance, how could this not be rated thumbs up by all viewers? WTF

  • SJ

    Stephen J.

    27 1 2018 18:32

    1       0

    Excellent, nothing more needs to said.

  • GF

    Guillaume F.

    27 1 2018 17:52

    0       1

    Great video! Looking forward to the 2nd part!

  • JB

    Jim B.

    27 1 2018 17:05

    0       0

    Terrific production, great job.

  • TS

    Todd S.

    27 1 2018 15:23

    7       0

    This episode just made me a lifetime subscriber to RVTV! Cant wait for part 2.

  • GT

    Graham T.

    27 1 2018 13:55

    3       0

    This is weird Grant. Just bought some EXK on Monday (for the first time in my life) and then you bring out this fab video of its history. Spooky. Wonder what Mark Carney, Mario, Janet and the rest of the good lads will have to say in Episode 2 . Some patronising comment because I don't have a PhD in Economics. Thank F*** for RV.

  • MN

    Mark N.

    27 1 2018 13:41

    1       0

    Really nice production. I'm in awe of the amount of experts they interviewed in part 1, and from the backgrounds you could tell these are new interviews, not clippings from old interviews. Makes me wonder whether each interview will also be used as a piece of content for upcoming RV videos. I guess Ross Beaty will not be a full-size interview considering the background noise.

  • GB

    Grant B.

    27 1 2018 13:08

    2       20

    Aside from some nuggets from Rick Rule, Brent Cooke, & Ross Beatty nothing anyone with a library card hasn't been able to surmise.

  • AF

    Andrew F.

    27 1 2018 12:07

    2       0

    Thx for a very Special Documentary Grant and The Team. Can't wait for the next one.

  • HA

    Hammad A.

    27 1 2018 10:19

    2       0

    Amazing video and full of insights

  • T~

    Tshort63 ~.

    27 1 2018 07:49

    8       1

    This is an f-ing amazing piece of work. As a gold bug the episode resonated with me and I was fascinated by the storyline as well as the superb audio and video style. Guests were articulate and Grant, as always, a trustworthy host. RealVision - coming soon to a television channel near you?

  • JZ

    J Z.

    27 1 2018 06:48

    15       0

    This is 10/10 production

  • CW

    Chad W.

    27 1 2018 06:27

    4       1

    Excellent work Grant and team, I'm really enjoying the documentaries, keep em coming. Some beautiful footage of Vancouver too, my home town. Crown mountain at the 33:00 min mark, I've stood on that very spot.

  • CS

    C S.

    27 1 2018 06:06

    1       1

    Who wrote and produced the music for the documentary?

    And, ought gold be a medium of exchange?

  • JN

    Jill N.

    27 1 2018 06:01

    13       0

    Bravo Grant 👏 An excellent timeless insight into the wonderful world of gold. In due course this brilliantdocumentary should be shared widely to educate , inform & inspire millions around the world.

  • SS

    Sami S.

    27 1 2018 06:00

    2       0

    Beautifully made documentary - thanks!

  • GM

    Gerald M.

    27 1 2018 05:12

    2       0

    I've never been too enamoured of gold. This outstanding documentary has given me an appreciation for the "barbarous relic". In a world where cryptocurrencies are just something someone made up, I can respect the longevity and reality of gold. I look forward to part 2!

  • GO

    Gary O.

    27 1 2018 04:37

    11       0


    Best series yet. You and Real Vision are going forward like no other. There is nowhere on this planet with a documentary series of this quality.

    Thank you!

  • AC

    Andrew C.

    27 1 2018 04:28

    7       1

    Fantastic video. Just a point of discussion,
    Gold is a store of value and has been for thousands of years. I understand Buffet's thinking; at what point do you stop growing your wealth, and start saving it? Thousands of years is a long time, particularly when I only live for 80 or 90. Over this time frame, Gold fluctuates wildly, 400- 500% up or 70, 80, 90% down. And this is against that hot-dog example that Grant used in a previous presentation. Or 1oz buys 260 cups of coffee at $1300 or 200 at $1000 per ounce. That's a big difference for a storage of value.
    (full disclosure, I have my own bars as well as gold mining stocks).

  • JM

    John M.

    27 1 2018 04:27

    5       1

    Great video Grant.
    BTW I believe that astronomers have recently confirmed that most gold and other heavy metals were formed through the merger of neutron stars - that certainly adds to gold's mystique!

  • WS

    William S.

    27 1 2018 03:35

    5       0


    Grant Williams at the apex of his game, and with arguably the most important topic to be thoroughly understood by *everyone* at this critical juncture of human economic/monetary history.

  • jd

    john d.

    27 1 2018 02:00

    5       0

    Well done guys. I hope you are proud of this. I am looking forward to the next episode keenly. Cheers John.

  • JC

    Ja C.

    27 1 2018 01:30

    16       0

    Grant Williams is the new gold standard. What strings did he have to pull to get into that Swiss vault. Great production. Keep 'em coming, Grant!

  • PM

    Pebbles M.

    27 1 2018 01:21

    3       0

    Once again both content (substance) and production values (form) were excellent. A very well produced and informative interview. And yes, I would love to have a way to share this with family members.

  • RA

    Robert A.

    27 1 2018 01:16

    16       0

    Just an excellent high quality Production Grant. Very well shot and edited compilation, synthesis, or summary of the subject covered. Interestingly, and what some may not realize, is the Gravitas in the industry enjoyed by the Gentleman you had speak. A lineup of true heavyweights with regard to their expertise, reputation and in some cases, their Financial Net Worth. Quite a Rolodex you’ve acquired over the years my good fellow.

  • TT

    Tim T.

    27 1 2018 01:09

    19       0

    Don't comment often but....what a fantastic piece of financial journalism!

  • WE

    William E.

    27 1 2018 00:26

    5       0

    Grant - Like JH comments below I too have incorporated gold into my personal portfolio using both physical as that long-term store of value and good stocks to gain leverage regarding fiat, and the lon

  • JH

    Jesse H.

    27 1 2018 00:19

    9       0

    Very interesting and enjoyable. And loved the cinematography in this one - beautifully shot as well!

  • DS

    David S.

    26 1 2018 23:10

    7       2

    The debasement of the dollar was made possible by eliminating the gold standard in the United States. It also eliminated the US government from pegging the dollar/gold rate incorrectly - which I am sure it would do repeatedly. Any country that allows its citizens to buy and hold gold - domestic or foreign - is on a gold standard, just not pegged to its currency. Just protect the free market in gold and your gold holdings! You are establishing your own gold standard. Nothing will stop the governments from printing money and gold will increase in value. DLS

  • JH

    Joel H.

    26 1 2018 22:57

    4       0

    Love everything about this. Appreciate being a subscriber to get the inside track, but hope this piece goes out to the world. Also, that's one heck of a vault.

  • FC

    Fractal C.

    26 1 2018 22:38

    7       0

    Brilliant content and even more brilliant production quality. Great job Grant!

  • MC

    Miki C.

    26 1 2018 22:26

    3       0

    Really enjoyed this; you covereed a lot of ground without losing too much substance. My one criticism would be that there were a few instances where the background music overpowered the diction

  • SS

    Steven S.

    26 1 2018 22:18

    4       0

    fantastic stuff! - nature's money.

  • BM

    Bryan M.

    26 1 2018 22:06

    3       6

    Wonderful again. Grant is firing on all cylinders in this series. And I agree, this series should be on You Tube at some point, if possible.

  • SH

    Stu H.

    26 1 2018 20:52

    4       0

    Superb, I'll be showing this to my daughter when she's old enough to comprehend. Maybe it'll help to explain why I choose Gold for my savings and her inheritance...

  • DL

    Dan L.

    26 1 2018 20:40

    9       6

    Buy, accumulate, and HODL all the gold. Been doing it for 10 years and I won't stop doing it. One day I'm going to buy a Ferrari with 1oz, and Condo for 2oz, thank you and good night.

    Favorite video yet Grant! Absolutely loved it!!!

  • WM

    William M.

    26 1 2018 20:39

    12       0

    Outstanding! I look forward to the next installment. You should do series on the evolution of fiat money....

  • TB

    Tad B.

    26 1 2018 20:03

    3       0

    Love this.

  • TJ

    Terry J.

    26 1 2018 19:58

    5       2

    Brilliant. I loved it. I cant wait until Part Two and presumably the evidence from the likes of Dmitri Speck and Andrew McGuire of the manipulation of the price via the Comex and LBMA by the bullion banks, often in collusion with the Fed to ensure price suppression.

  • V!

    Volatimothy !.

    26 1 2018 19:50

    4       0

    Gold standard ends in '71. The US national debt started to rise exponentially in early 70's and early 80's for US equities. Coincidence? RV should show these charts in next episode.

    Will definitely watch again.

  • SS

    Sam S.

    26 1 2018 19:42

    12       0

    Very well done! This video confirms that learning is a life-long process. Grant just has a way a making these productions come together, so thank you and everyone at RV.

  • WM

    Will M.

    26 1 2018 19:41

    5       0

    Wonderfull primer; looking forward to Part 2. Had to laugh at Bernanke saying gold is not money, as if he really believes that.

  • MP

    Mark P.

    26 1 2018 19:18

    16       0

    Beautifully presented. Impressive line up of experts. Loved the periodic table demonstration.


  • VS

    Victor S.

    26 1 2018 19:16

    3       0

    Very well done

  • Jc

    Justin c.

    26 1 2018 19:06

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    Great insight. Great production.

  • JS

    John S.

    26 1 2018 18:43

    4       0


  • KB

    K B.

    26 1 2018 18:35

    4       0

    The bit about the mining techniques where Grant discusses the invention of high pressure water blasting away rock and soil in the 19th century can be dated back further. The Romans used this technique to mine gold in Spain and in the process created an absolutely bizarre landscape

  • JL

    Johnny L.

    26 1 2018 18:33

    4       0

    Another epic production. I had no idea what a storage vault involved. Now I that I know how much people will do and pay to preserve and protect their gold it makes me wonder why gold isn't $5000.
    The storage feature alone brings home the value argument for gold and how rare/precious it is. Some of the history was equally interesting.

  • RE

    Rafael E.

    26 1 2018 18:00

    2       0

    Top notch

  • KB

    K B.

    26 1 2018 17:52

    19       0

    The one person who still needs to be interviewed by RV on precious metals, natural resources, and the economy is Eric Sprott.

  • EL

    Elizabeth L.

    26 1 2018 17:46

    7       0

    Thank you Grant. Exceedingly well done in every manner possible. And thank you for covering gold so thoroughly for us.

  • IO

    Igor O.

    26 1 2018 17:29

    5       0

    Where is Josh Crumb?
    His 'Gold is only element resists entropy' stuck with me.

  • EL

    Eugene L.

    26 1 2018 17:07

    1       1

    Couldn't you make the argument that the USD right now is backed up by petro? Hence the term petrodollar? Although, still doesn't eliminate the issue of CB backed money printing...

  • JH

    Joe H.

    26 1 2018 16:40

    9       0

    Maybe I'm suffering from confirmation bias but that was great. I was totally against gold a la WB until I found RV and especially Grant a couple of years ago. Thank you for changing my mind.

  • RM

    Richard M.

    26 1 2018 16:37

    4       0

    Fascinating Grant! Really liked your selection of interview subjects (all very knowledgeable in this space) and quality of discussion. Definitely looking forward to part 2!

  • SS

    Stefan S.

    26 1 2018 16:13

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    Please please please put this video on YouTube.

  • RS

    Ryan S.

    26 1 2018 16:04

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