Grant Williams in Conversation with Ross Beaty

Published on
21 September, 2018
Gold, Energy Commodities, Career
92 minutes
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Grant Williams in Conversation with Ross Beaty

Featuring Ross Beaty

Grant travels to western Canada for a conversation with Pan American Silver Chairman, Canadian Mining Hall of Fame inductee, and Order of Canada recipient Ross Beaty. The two discuss Ross’s extraordinary career as a serial entrepreneur across multiple different resources, and pick apart the successes and failures that have shaped one of the most successful mining executives of the last half century. Ross describes his successful ventures in silver, gold, copper, and alternative energy, and explains his deep philanthropic commitment to the environment, in a fascinating and engaging conversation. Filmed on July 23, 2018 in Bowen Island, British Columbia.

Published on
21 September, 2018
Gold, Energy Commodities, Career
92 minutes
Asset class


  • KL

    Kathlyn L.

    4 11 2018 00:45

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    More natural resources please : )

  • dm

    dan m.

    3 11 2018 19:29

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    Doug Casey's boy

  • dm

    dan m.

    3 11 2018 19:29

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    Doug Casey's boy

  • AS

    Abu S.

    23 10 2018 21:03

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    I suggest making an interview with the Australian mining prospector: Mark Creasy, if possible. Thanks again.

  • AS

    Abu S.

    20 10 2018 12:42

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    Great interview.. Thanks Grant ... Looking for more in near future.

  • GS

    Gordon S.

    13 10 2018 21:40

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    For those wanting to look into the company that acquired Alterra, it is *Innergex* and not Energex as stated in the transcript. (c.f. Website:

  • DH

    Dale H.

    12 10 2018 22:19

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    Great job Grant. Great listening and "yep" "right" are actually things that keep the conversation flowing without interfering with it.
    Ross is a really interesting man and has great insights on not just mining, but life

  • yd

    yon d.

    12 10 2018 00:36

    0       6

    "Yep", "Right"....sorry Grant. Not sure how your interjections help the interview.

  • CB

    Chris B.

    2 10 2018 23:17

    4       0

    Excellent interview and great content - I could have watched another 90 minutes.

  • GG

    Glenn G.

    30 9 2018 01:38

    2       0

    Grant, as a Vancouverite, thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job on this interview with Ross. You were very fortunate to have done this interview in July as we were ravaged by smoke in August from the worst year on record for forest fires in the interior of BC. Did anyone happen to figure out the 40 cent "flop" company that Ross was referring to that he felt may trade at multiples of current stock price in the future ? I haven't been able to figure it out. TIA

  • Sv

    Sid v.

    29 9 2018 18:51

    0       1

    Great work RV! Thank you.

  • SB

    Salvatore B.

    29 9 2018 17:03

    1       1

    I dream of a Nolan Watson RV interview one day

  • WB

    Wes B.

    26 9 2018 22:25

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    Omg. That property was majestic. Great interview.

  • MB

    Matthias B.

    25 9 2018 20:06

    8       0

    great interview. I had the pleasure to meet Mr Beaty a couple of times and true to word fell for his charming sales pitch, in my case Pan American Silver and Equinox Gold (at higher prices...). But seeing this interview, it makes perfect sense why he/Equinox Gold bought the asset from New Gold last week. He is betting again on the cyclicality of the gold price and time will be on his side. Given how much money New Gold had to write off for this asset (or how "cheap" Equinox could buy it) is telling of his business smarts. This gives me comfort that in the end, his last "hurrah" Equinox Gold as he stated it himself will eventually do well. I guess what differentiates him to many other mining executives is the humble and non-arrogant manner/talk and execution of a business plan. Too many others are just in for the "get rich quick" scheme which may partly explain why the sector has such a bad reputation. A few more the likes of Ross Beaty, Sean Boyd or Mark Bristow would do the sector a great favor.

  • GS

    Gerold S.

    24 9 2018 22:13

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    You are my favorit, Thank you: Give me more... Please...

  • MF

    Michael F.

    24 9 2018 20:12

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    Great interview! Wondering what Ross's view of the pebble creek mine project in Alaska are given his environmental stewardship.

  • KF

    Karen F.

    24 9 2018 11:39

    1       1

    I wonder when (if ever) Equinox Gold is going to be profitable

  • MZ

    Michael Z.

    24 9 2018 10:55

    1       0

    Thanks Ross and Grant for a great interview, it was truly inspirational on so many levels and I enjoyed every minute.

  • PB

    Pieter B.

    24 9 2018 08:51

    1       0

    Thanks a lot Ross and Grant! This was a fantastic conversation in a wonderful setting.

  • FV

    Fredrik V.

    24 9 2018 07:09

    2       0

    ”It is pure luck” that is my take away.
    Without people like Ross a lot of us would be less lucky😀

  • PS

    Patrick S.

    24 9 2018 00:58

    2       5

    if he cares so much about environment the guy should start a nuclear/uranium company - carbon free baseload power on a grand scale - weird that such an obvious thing wasn't mentioned

  • PG

    Philippe G.

    23 9 2018 21:32

    1       0

    Amazing! What a story!

  • WM

    William M.

    23 9 2018 20:15

    3       0

    It's great to have interviews like this with successful entrepreneurs. Ross's life story is instructive, very entertaining and inspiring, and there's so much to admire about his career and his philanthropy. About half way into this interview he mentions a trip south to look at a mining property - I'm guessing that was New Gold's Mesquite mine in southern California - which Equinox acquired last week. Looking at the details of that deal and how well it fits with Equinox's other mine in that area, it's clear that Ross is as shrewd as ever... Bravo Grant for another perfect interview. In a world of soundbites and tweets it's great to have these lengthy interviews with real substance.

  • SU

    Shakeel U.

    23 9 2018 14:48

    5       0

    Brilliant and fascinating 10/10

  • BF

    Bruce F.

    23 9 2018 12:33

    5       0

    your in depth interviews are always excellent. this one is beyond that.

  • SK

    Stephen K.

    23 9 2018 10:08

    5       1

    A masterclass in resource investing. Pair Ross's interview with Tony Deden's lessons in capital preservation and you have the best survival guide available.

  • IC

    Ibrahim C.

    23 9 2018 05:26

    10       0

    It is one the best interviews I've ever watched in RV. Although Mr. Beaty says he owed much of success to LUCK, but I believe that his enormous work accumulated with the experienced knowledge brought him this stupendous career. So I can say that this gentleman validates the meaning of LUCK as "Laboring Under Correct Knowledge"!

  • GO

    Gary O.

    23 9 2018 04:26

    2       2

    Grant, by the way, we will be needing a documentary on the global trade war that the US has started and how it will affect us all.

    I know it will be great! Cheers!!

  • GO

    Gary O.

    23 9 2018 04:23

    5       0

    Ross Beaty should write a book of the world of mining and all the adventure and danger he has experienced! I am sure it would be a great read!
    Thanks guys.
    Another great interview from Real Vision!!

  • FM

    Faris M.

    23 9 2018 00:03

    6       1

    Just brilliant. Sheer inspiration. Grant Williams is the best interviewer of our time. Everyday I look forward to the next in depth discussion. So many life long lessons to take away from these mini autobiographies.

  • JG

    Jory G.

    22 9 2018 15:46

    5       0

    Great discussion. I think this was most enjoyable and informative and has calmed some of my anxiety with the mining sector.

  • CP

    Chris P.

    22 9 2018 15:36

    6       8

    I loved the interview, but was frustrated by the fact that Grant didn't ask Beaty what made him so confident in his forecast for new all time highs in the price of gold. In an industry filled with promoters, frauds, and perma-bulls, Beaty shows a rare integrity, and therefore when he makes a statement like: "we know gold is going way beyond it's all time highs of 2011" it is worth exploring. This video went on for 90 minutes, spent lots on production, but came up short because it didn't ask a very credible person why he felt so confident about gold's future price-- and for that I would have traded images a hundred shimmering lakes.

  • MZ

    Martin Z.

    22 9 2018 13:31

    11       0

    Grant probably asked fewer questions in this 90-minute interview than any of the much shorter ones he's done for RV, but then he didn't really need to say much. Beaty's enthusiasm is inspiring and infectious; he obviously loves sharing his great love for the resource business, environment, and life in general. He's one of my favorite CEOs, and it was great having him sit down with my favorite interviewer.

  • PJ

    Peter J.

    22 9 2018 12:13

    8       0

    Brilliant interview, about three hours too short

  • ET

    Eduard T.

    22 9 2018 06:31

    3       0

    Great Interview!!!

  • NI

    Nate I.

    22 9 2018 04:57

    5       1

    Another spectacular interview Grant. I enjoyed every minute. Thanks so much.

  • FD

    Francois-Guy D.

    22 9 2018 02:24

    7       0

    Love to see business guy that can recognize the value of the natural world and want to protect it from irrational human activity and it's impact on the ecosystems

  • SD

    S D.

    22 9 2018 00:58

    0       18

    You need to pace your interviewees. It's clear this guy got tired, and was having to push.

  • AH

    Andreas H.

    21 9 2018 18:46

    1       0

    Very good interview!

  • MN

    Maverick N.

    21 9 2018 17:49

    9       1

    Fantastic interview! Grant alone can outdo himself!

    If only every interviewer just had the patience to listen rather than keep interrupting their guest just to get through their list of questions/notes.

  • DD

    Daniel D.

    21 9 2018 16:14

    4       0

    This is great content and well done by Grant and Ross. Thank you!

  • JH

    Joe H.

    21 9 2018 14:16

    5       0

    Excellent. Thank you, Ross and Grant. At the end of the day, we like do business with or invest in people we like and trust. Ross checks those boxes and has a fantastic track record. Glad to be a current shareholder in Equinox Gold.

  • TJ

    Terry J.

    21 9 2018 13:39

    22       0

    What a refreshingly uplifting interview! Ross Beaty is such a breath of fresh air in a commercial world that is all so often populated by greed and a disregard for honest endeavour or moral values! So great to hear the life story of a gifted entrepreneur who also possesses rare humility. His enthusiasm for life is so infectious. Listening to Ross and Grant in conversation has already made my weekend!

  • TS

    Tamas S.

    21 9 2018 12:49

    4       0

    Another amazing interview, thanks!

  • GS

    George S.

    21 9 2018 12:31

    4       0

    Damn, that opening sequence!

  • CC

    Christopher C.

    21 9 2018 12:15

    14       0

    Great interview Grant and Ross. Thank you for sharing your time. A wealth of knowledge, a healthy helping of common sense, and a reminder that persistence married to frugality, morality, and merit can and will payoff in the end. That is a message that refreshes the soul of entrepreneur and investor alike.

  • BT

    Brian T.

    21 9 2018 12:10

    5       2

    Should get Lukas Lundin, Rick Rule, Marin Katusa, Eira Thomas into this conversation

  • NG

    Nick G.

    21 9 2018 12:00

    14       0

    Great guy who has lead a magnificent life. A privilege to be able to listen to his life story.