Big Bucks Off Wall Street’s Beaten Path

Featuring Marc Lasry, Marc Levine

From co-owning Milwaukee’s NBA franchise to working with multiple U.S. presidents, Marc Lasry has worn many hats during his career. However, the co-founder of Avenue Capital Group says his core strategy for making money today does not resemble the approach he took a decade ago. In this in-depth interview, Lasry speaks with Illinois State Board of Investment chairman Marc Levine about running a successful hedge fund, finding value in Europe and Asia, and why he loves opportunities in aviation. Filmed on April 11, 2018 in New York.

Published on
20 April, 2018
Asia, Business Strategy, Europe, Career
59 minutes
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  • TT

    Trenton T.

    24 5 2018 03:08

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    Great interview. Marc Lasry certainly views the world differently than most and conveys a clarity on objective reality that is unmatched since the last Artemis Capital piece. Marc Levine redeemed himself from the Innovatus commercial.

  • CM

    Chris M.

    12 5 2018 02:53

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    Fantastic. I'm a Mark Levine fan.

  • XP

    X P.

    26 4 2018 15:26

    1       0

    Very good interview. I just learned a lot about the philosophy of distressed investing.

  • LC

    Luiz C.

    25 4 2018 23:00

    2       0

    Very good interview... seems underrated by the thumbs ups/down balance. Marc Lasry speech is very clear. As opposed to other interviewees who make their talk unnecessary complicated or obscur, he explains in (correct?) extremely simple words the rational of each of his investments.

  • MH

    Marco H.

    25 4 2018 08:35

    2       0

    Very enjoyable interview. Marc Levine makes a great interviewer. I understand Grant cannot do all and RV needs to have more than just him but in the search some interviewers do not have what it takes to interview other people. To be knowledgeable and being able to listen is clearly too often a challenge. Marc Levine clearly is able to. And of course Marc Lasry makes a great guest!

  • IH

    Iain H.

    24 4 2018 21:14

    0       1

    A real cracker. Thanks

  • JL

    Jim L.

    23 4 2018 22:53

    2       0

    Very interesting thanks
    Great interviewer

  • RA

    Robert A.

    23 4 2018 18:46

    3       0

    Nice interview. The really successful good ones can make it seem Soooo easy!

  • JH

    James H.

    23 4 2018 06:07

    2       0

    Love the topic of conversation, shows how many different levels of investing there really is. Great interview!!

  • TT

    Tokyo T.

    23 4 2018 00:24

    2       5

    3:23 when he talks about his "bonus" of 10K, and he decides to leave his first firm. An excellent example of the 'Pinocchio Effect.' When not telling the truth blood rushes to the nose, and he couldn't resist a stretch.

  • F

    Floyd .

    21 4 2018 22:48

    3       0

    Excellent interview. Strong investment ideas and advice as well as human interest. Living in Milwaukee and Bucks fan made it special as well.

  • RR

    Raj R.

    21 4 2018 17:45

    2       0

    Awesome interview! So much to learn

  • MA

    Mikael A.

    21 4 2018 15:06

    1       0

    Jordan Petersons brother?

  • RA

    Ricardo A.

    21 4 2018 12:32

    5       0

    Top 3 from 2018 so far. M. Levine, thanks for bring this guy.

  • KE

    Kathryn E.

    21 4 2018 11:34

    3       0

    Great interview guys. Keep it up!

  • PB

    Pieter B.

    21 4 2018 09:19

    3       0

    I really enjoyed this interview! Thanks a lot to both Marcs!

  • WB

    William B.

    21 4 2018 04:45

    6       0

    One of the best and I’ve watched all of the videos since RVT started!

  • BP

    Besar P.

    21 4 2018 04:03

    4       0

    One of the best interviews in here. Excellent! Thanks!

  • WS

    William S.

    21 4 2018 01:21

    2       5

    One of the few areas where the once-almost-extinct California Condor has been reintroduced is in Zion National Park in southern Utah, the northernmost entrance to which is about ten miles south of where I live. Vultures are highly valuable -- one might say even *essential* -- to the ecosystem. They also grow very large and soar very high, often not flapping their wings for well over an hour. They're quite majestic when viewed in flight from far below, although close up they strike many people as quite hideous in appearance. Beauty is, as always, in the eye of the beholder.

  • js

    jacob s.

    20 4 2018 23:41

    5       1

    Marc's a good interviewer.

  • DR

    David R.

    20 4 2018 20:07

    3       1

    Incredible! Well done!

  • TK

    Thomas K.

    20 4 2018 19:47

    2       0

    Great interview but I would have loved to have heard some more about when things went wrong for Mark. He talks of the pain of going through drawdowns before coming out the other side but not about the deals that never came back. I think that would have given a better flavour of the risks involved in his business and why the returns need to be so high in compensation.

  • DD

    Daniel D.

    20 4 2018 19:45

    7       0

    Thank you to the two Marc(s). Outstanding content. Marc does an awesome Clinton. Too funny!

  • SS

    Sam S.

    20 4 2018 19:42

    1       5

    Buy Low , Sell High.

  • BL

    Bruce L.

    20 4 2018 16:04

    3       0

    great conversation . Interesting discussion of limitations of scaling a process up. We always had that problem on the exchange floor with good trades. Could make a great return but only with the size available on offer. I had not realized how many more areas those same limits applied.

  • RM

    Richard M.

    20 4 2018 15:27

    5       1

    Great interview! Marc Lasry was a very interesting individual and had great stories to tell. Marc Levine was also a great interviewer - please keep him in the line up!

  • RO

    Riskis O.

    20 4 2018 13:50

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    Interesting story!
    Why would the debt holder sell their debt so cheaply instead of taking a haircut?

  • TJ

    Terry J.

    20 4 2018 12:22

    32       1

    I really enjoyed this. This is an area where RVTV is as far as I am aware unique. Getting mega successful investors like Marc to tell us about how he has made his money, and also, thanks to the excellent prompting from Marc the interviewer, to provide an insght into his personality and personal life, is totally absorbing! Some of Marc's business stories such as how he out-trumped the Donald added additional spice. It is just so useful to try and learn to be a better investor by listening to successes like Marc.