Harvest the Opportunity in Forestry

Published on
May 8th, 2017
Food agriculture, Fixed Investments, Investment Framework
72 minutes
Asset class
Bonds/Rates/Credit, Commodities, Equities

Harvest the Opportunity in Forestry

The Interview ·
Featuring Peter C. Mertz

Published on: May 8th, 2017 • Duration: 72 minutes • Asset Class: Bonds/Rates/Credit, Commodities, Equities • Topic: Food agriculture, Fixed Investments, Investment Framework

Peter Mertz details the opportunity in timber and as the CEO and CIO of Global Forest Partners, with over 35 years’ experience in forest management and investment, he breaks down the business of investing in growing trees and related manufacturing activities. Understand the outlook for returns and potential for productivity improvements in the forest, alongside the state of the market for carbon credits. Filmed on April 12, 2017, in New York.


  • TR
    Travis R.
    5 February 2019 @ 23:29
    Hemp farming now legal in the United States. Hemp is an existential threat to the timber industry.
  • PF
    P F.
    11 January 2019 @ 15:10
    This is a hidden gem! Would love to see him back on RV.
  • FL
    Frank L.
    18 May 2017 @ 16:25
    Way ahead of most professionals in the Forest business. Very insightful !
  • S
    Sean .
    11 May 2017 @ 18:58
    Really interesting! I've been interested in investing in forestry for a while. It is a renewing asset that is always in demand. Anyway, outstanding interview!
  • SD
    Stephen D. | Contributor
    11 May 2017 @ 02:56
    It's interesting how few thumbs up and comments there are on this incredibly detailed tour of the world of timber. What this guy doesn't know about timber isn't worth knowing. If this had been about Gold the numbers would have been very different. But given the RV crowd deeply distrust fiat money, it strikes me that trees are every bit as good as gold as a money substitute except in terms of liquidity and portability. Certainly better on yield, and unlike gold the trees organically gain value whilst we wait for the collapse.
  • SH
    Steve H.
    10 May 2017 @ 23:49
    Wow. He sounds just like Lacy Hunt.
  • CB
    C B.
    9 May 2017 @ 15:03
    Fascinating insights into this asset class. Anyone who is interested in an ancillary public investment to private timber should take a look at Rubicon, listed in NZ. They own 33% of a forestry biotech firm that sells seedlings to timber growers.
  • fT
    forecast T.
    8 May 2017 @ 22:42
    List of forest stock reits by invest snips http://investsnips.com/list-of-publicly-traded-timberland-real-estate-investment-trusts-reits/
  • MN
    Mark N.
    8 May 2017 @ 20:11
    Really interesting video. In-depth, but still leaves some areas unexplored so would definitely like a follow-up at some point in the future.
  • rr
    rlw r.
    8 May 2017 @ 15:13
    An excellent long-form interview with trremendous high value content thank you
  • RM
    Richard M.
    8 May 2017 @ 14:41
    Very enjoyable deep-dive into the timber arena. Really, really liked this. I have always stayed away from the MLP world as I'm just not sophisticated enough to want to deal with the tax implications of them but I know many investors who have spent the time learning about the tax advantages and really like them - this interview should be especially interesting to them. And timber REITs which are easier to understand but I just don't think they panned out like a lot of people thought they would. Thanks for a truly out-of-the-box interview on a not so commom investment vehicle!
  • GR
    Gregory R.
    8 May 2017 @ 14:39
    Wow! A brilliant dissection of payback analytics! His logical framework elucidates and quantifies a nebulous array of ‘known’ and ‘known unknown’ risks in a sensible manner. Thanks for a glimpse into the soul of an unusual long term horizon business.
  • AS
    Arun S.
    8 May 2017 @ 10:37
    Can we please have the transcript uploaded soon?

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