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Featuring Juliette Morgan

Juliette Morgan is at the center of technological innovation in real estate, having been closely involved influencing public policy to build smart communities. As the leader of Cushman & Wakefield’s Technology practice in London, she brings insight into financing methods, urbanization and the issues at the forefront for major property investors. Filmed on March 22, 2017, in London.

Published on
11 April, 2017
Housing Market, Fixed Investments
21 minutes
Asset class
Real Estate


  • MD

    M D.

    5 7 2017 12:54

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    Decent interview. Would like to see more on real estate in major cities on RV. Significant asset class,the value of which has significant knock on impact to other.

  • VM

    Vincent M.

    20 4 2017 00:47

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    Alex E. ,

    It is all a function of household formation and supply. When we were building near 2m homes a year and only need 1m \- 150k and go to 300-500 k for years you would expect a snapback like w

  • AE

    Alex E.

    18 4 2017 23:55

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    Can someone explain to me how Real Estate is going to be an investment when 1.) people are losing their jobs to automation so how can they afford to buy housing and 2.) retail and commercial real estate is being cratered by Amazon et. al.? There are millions of soon-to-be retiring Baby Boomers who are going to want to down size their homes and maybe pocket some cash so that they aren't eating cat food in retirement, so who's going to buy all these houses? This isn't going to end well...

  • KB

    Kreso B.

    17 4 2017 18:55

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    Ian, how is she concerned about affordability?
    The interest only loans with always falling rates, and even introducing NIRP is outright criminal towards young. Expect no mercy. You've been warned.

  • GS

    Greg S.

    13 4 2017 00:48

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    How about getting Sam Zell for an interview?

  • HJ

    Harry J.

    12 4 2017 21:21

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    Reminds me of the opinions of those who don't have money at risk

  • CM

    Carl M.

    12 4 2017 04:31

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    An interesting perspective that I enjoyed listening to, and yet could only disagree with many of her assertions.
    Few people want to be nomadic for an extended period of time. Most want to "Come Home" eventually.
    In addition, I would not invest in what sounds very similar to "Time Shares" for a younger and likely, mostly single demographic subset.
    Centralization or Decentralization, that is the question? (Ron Burgundy)
    Driverless Cars in Los Angeles? ..."Second star to the right and straight on till morning."

  • JS

    John S.

    12 4 2017 02:41

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    Ian Laming is a superb addition to the RVTV interviewer team

  • GS

    Gordon S.

    11 4 2017 23:47

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    Loved the last two tech centric interviews. Please more of these!

  • RA

    Robert A.

    11 4 2017 23:00

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    Interesting insightful piece and an excellent job by the interviewer. I was involved both from a legal and investment aspect in the "Shared Equity" craze several RE cycles ago. There were incentive problems which, IMO, were not recognized leading to the unworkability of the concept. Interesting that this concept is being recycled once again. Sorry, but beware, IMO.

  • IJ

    Ian J.

    11 4 2017 16:26

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    There have been many iterations of "crowd funding" CRE throughout past cycles. Every single one of them has ended with a share of catastrophic losses borne by mom and pop investors. If you are an individual investor with no CRE expertise and want CRE exposure, buy REITS.

  • RM

    Richard M.

    11 4 2017 15:42

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    Very nicely done! Interesting people and interesting topics. I had not heard of the "roamer's housing" concept, I will have to investigate that. Lot's of non-traditional information here - many thanks!

  • MY

    Madjid Y.

    11 4 2017 15:31

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    Very interesting, is it possible to upload the extended interview, not just the 20min?

  • GM

    Greg M.

    11 4 2017 15:23

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    Doesn't timber burn? I would rather be in a fireproof concrete and steel building...

  • JK

    Jon K.

    11 4 2017 13:49

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    Thumbs up, but this interview barely scraped the surface of some important topics and real time changes happening in Real Estate that go far beyond Fintech. Real Estate deserves more coverage in RV and perhaps those involved in this interview deserve more coffee.

  • RA

    Ricardo A.

    11 4 2017 12:31

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    Great interview. There's a few things happening, but I just can't see a UBER moment in Real Estate - still by far my favourite investment