Interview with The Right Honourable Dr Liam Fox

Featuring Dr. Liam Fox, Dr. Pippa Malmgren

The Right Honourable Dr Liam Fox gives three reasons for why he supports the decision for Brexit; the democratic management of the bureaucratic political body in Brussels, the control of the UK borders and the fiscal costs involved in remaining a part of the union.

Published on
20 June, 2016
Sentiment, Politics, Brexit
28 minutes
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  • JC

    Justin C.

    16 7 2016 14:15

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    Now that we are out, I am reassured that Dr Fox is a key figure in managing the exit negotiations. Brexit has the best chance of success with the likes of him and David Davis running it. His arguments completely command the moral high ground.
    The new government is shaping up extremely well...just need to get shot of Mark Carney and any others connected with Goldman Sachs. His days with BoE are well and truly numbered. What happened to his proposed rate cut I wonder?!

  • KS

    Kathleen S.

    2 7 2016 21:43

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    Love this interview, but let's step back and look at why the EU was created??? Was it created to help the individual countries and people get over their world wars or was it created to help international corporations and arms dealers??? The Washington consensus has been looking to control Europe since WWII ended - can it say this is what is wants? Of course not, because if it did no one would agree with it. I am a teacher and I tell my students when the devil comes he does not come as the wolf, because if he did you would know to run away - instead he comes as your friend and says he wants to HELP YOU - which is the exact opposite of what he wants - Goldman Sachs optimizes this. The EU is the corporate wolf that wants to destroy Adam Smith capitalism and turn it into what we have now an upside down financial system that services the uber rich at the expense of the rest of the population. Human nature never changes and that is why history repeats over and over again - this won't be the French Revolution or FDR's New Deal - but it will be its own version of a revolution against the elites which is coming.

  • PA

    Paul A.

    1 7 2016 18:34

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    I am always curious about the thumbs Up vs. Downs on the original interview. I personally found the interview very interesting and well done which is the basis of my Up vs. Down vote, not on whether I thought Brexit was a good or bad idea. In reading the comments there are rarely comments that appear to me to coordinate with the thumbs down vote.

  • Sv

    Sid v.

    27 6 2016 23:22

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    brilliant. can we vote him president.

  • JC

    Joseph C.

    27 6 2016 12:06

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    I can't remember the last time I was so inspired by a speaker!

  • CH

    Calvin H.

    27 6 2016 00:41

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    Is he inline to take Cameron's slot?

  • DS

    DAVID S.

    26 6 2016 21:02

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    Very good quality content thanks. A shame that most of the pro Brexit campaigners were a bunch of...not as good.. I was and still am so against Brexit from an ideological point of view and I ma deeply sad. We all know that Europe is a failed economic project so far (see the ESR ) however it doesn't mean that it will fail forever. I believe that , Please quote me... The UK leaving the EU is the best opportunity that the EU had in many decades. Now that the 'turbulent spouse' has left the house, will the EU nations be smart and fast to change what doesn't work... let's hope so ...but in the meantime, the UK and the EU will remain strong partners, because it brings money. in...Let's show the world how mature we all can be..:0)

  • JV

    JP V.

    26 6 2016 19:04

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    the best explanation on Brexit if seen so far. Brilliant

  • AE

    Alex E.

    26 6 2016 04:47

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    Was it me or did Grant introduce Dr. Malmgren as "Phillipa"? I write this knowing the outcome of the vote and I first applaud and congratulate the people of Britain for having the testicular fortitude to give the Euro-elites the one-fingered salute! Secondly, I wholeheartedly concur with much of what Dr. Fox stated given the overbearance of the Brussels bunch. I look forward to a renewed and much more vibrant Britain! Well done!

  • WM

    Will M.

    26 6 2016 00:58

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    @SHYAM D. I guess you got a big surprise on the 24th eh?

  • DS

    David S.

    25 6 2016 21:03

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    It would be pleasure to hear Dr. Fox comments now that that the "Leave" won. How will they proceed to implement Brexit. I am looking forward to a dynamic new Great Britain.

  • GT

    Graham T.

    25 6 2016 12:30

    3       1

    outstanding. get in there. I thought I was alone in voting for brexit.

  • RW

    Raymond W.

    24 6 2016 19:32

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    Smart guy ... very well spoken ... By now we know that his side won.

  • RA

    Ricardo A.

    23 6 2016 08:17

    3       2

    Regardless of the BREXIT outcome .. Britain will stay in the Eurozone (one way or another). There's too much political will behind this EU project to allow democracy to prevail. I'd love to see a Brexit vote (not to see the UK outside the Eurozone but to expose yet again that we no longer live in democracy). It might indeed be better not to live in democracy, but at least let's be clear about that.

  • AG

    Austin G.

    23 6 2016 02:57

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    All this talk about Brexit, which is not as big a deal as it would be if the UK was part of the EU and had the euro as currency. I don't see much about the spanish elections on Sunday, isn't this a bigger issue? So do we get a negative Brexit vote, inertia rules, market pops only to get slammed Monday when the spanish election really hits the eurozone hard. He is an eloquent speaker

  • DL

    Derek L.

    23 6 2016 00:18

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    Interesting discussion. American leaders lecturing the Brits that they should be ruled by Bureaucrats in Brussels must indeed be annoying. The power brokers in Europe and the U.S. are seeing their wealth and influence threatened by those pesky voters and they will fight back by whatever means necessary.

  • RA

    Robert A.

    23 6 2016 00:12

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    Back of the trade agreement Queue? Really? A little "heavy handed" there. We should be more concerned about Texas tossing their big hat into the "exit" party. When does the "nudge" turn into a "push" and then into a "shove"? Hubris has ruined more than can be counted. Great job as usual Pippa!

  • RA

    Robert A.

    23 6 2016 00:03

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    Extremely well done timely presentation. Back of the

  • FR

    Fields R.

    22 6 2016 22:30

    7       0

    If Pippa can be VP.

  • DB

    David B.

    22 6 2016 20:27

    11       1

    Terrific! I am starting a campaign today; Dr. Fox for President of the United States. Who's with me?

  • BL

    Bruce L.

    22 6 2016 19:47

    11       0

    Bring this man back for longer broader conversation post Brexit. Very impressive, wish he were running for POTUS.

  • BF

    Bruce F.

    22 6 2016 17:39

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    Very well presented

  • R

    Raymon .

    22 6 2016 09:27

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    FEAR AND GREED paradigms, RV is giving us perspective, education opportunity in the social, humanitarian and financial tug of war. Elites will not rollover easily!! Well done Dr Fox, Grant and Pippa.

  • JF

    Jennifer F.

    22 6 2016 06:33

    2       0

    Exellent discussion. Thanks for having the fore sight to interview him.

  • TS

    Thomas S.

    22 6 2016 03:59

    8       0

    Great discussion. Some big ideas here. Are we protecting those who became successful first to the detriment of those who could become successful in the future. How do we restore faith in the financial system? All related. Politicians are bought and paid for by the first successful. That is why so much faith has been lost in the system. Crony capitalism. Unfortunately, only a crisis or catastrophe will give us a chance for change. Meanwhile politicians and Central Bankers work to maintain the status quo at any cost.

  • EB


    22 6 2016 03:44

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    Not only should the British leave the EU, but as an American who works in Europe, I will too. Europe is not for anyone who wants to make money.

  • KB

    Kreso B.

    21 6 2016 22:19

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    Right Honourable and Pippa are not even puppets, harlequins.

  • mj

    maria j.

    21 6 2016 22:10

    4       2


  • MK

    Mark K.

    21 6 2016 21:38

    6       2

    A sensible view on a topic that sees so much nonsensical commentary. Well done!

  • JS

    John S.

    21 6 2016 21:26

    6       2

    Excellent discussion and another worthwhile contribution to RVTV from the fabulous Dr. Pippa.

  • DS

    David S.

    21 6 2016 21:19

    16       1

    Dr. Fox is very articulate and presented his position forcefully. Thank you RVTV for presenting this interview. There will be political and economic consequences regardless of the decision. People will acquiesce to non-elected authoritarian rule as long as things are going well.

  • db

    don b.

    21 6 2016 20:50

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  • ML

    Matthew L.

    21 6 2016 20:02

    3       2

    I would say the chance that "they" allow a Brexit is pretty close to zero.

  • SS

    Sam S.

    21 6 2016 19:59

    5       2

    Need to get this video out to the people of the UK and FAST. Ask the people of the UK if they vote to abolish the British Pound and adopt the Euro as sole currency, I think the number of "stay" votes would be very low.

  • LA

    Linda A.

    21 6 2016 19:26

    12       1

    Very cogent points Mr.Fox! In my opinion, Britain is unable to be the great super power they once were by remaining in the EU. There are too many freeloader countries that are being supported. Change is good if led by great leadership & is " For the people." There will be pain in leaving but the exit must be well planned. Pres Obama should mind his own business as Britain does not meddle in Pres Obama's failed health care & welfare system

  • AP

    Armin P.

    21 6 2016 18:56

    3       22

    Non-sense politicians talk!

  • VP

    Vincent P.

    21 6 2016 18:53

    3       3

    It was great how he chastised Obumma. If Fox gets the broad ear of the British people, there's likely no contest and UK leaves. However the Bully Pulpit gangsters wish to be ruled by EU technocrats!

  • JS

    Jon S.

    21 6 2016 18:50

    2       0

    This seems appropriate. Clash -"Should I Stay?"

  • SD

    Shyam D.

    21 6 2016 18:38

    3       20

    I am disappointed a politician is on here.
    We are staying in.
    The vote will be OUT when the case is made well for the non white voters. Right now its the expats and lots of rural white voting out and that wont be enough. Need to articulate this case better next time - and as we know when the Eurozone implodes in 7 - 8 years we ll have another go.

  • PK

    Paul K.

    21 6 2016 18:22

    27       2

    That's the most mature discussion on the referendum I've heard so far. Thanks Pippa and Liam for raising the tone and thanks to RealVision for organising.

  • LA

    Linda A.

    21 6 2016 17:33

    12       1

    Very cogent points Mr.Fox! In my opinion, Britain is unable to be the great super power they once were by remaining in the EU. There are too many freeloader countries who are being supported. Change is good if lead by great leadership & is " For the people." There will be pain in leaving but the exit must be well planned. Pres Obama should mind his own business as Britain does not meddle in Pres Obama's failed health care & welfare system.

  • SS

    Sam S.

    21 6 2016 17:01

    9       2

    The EU is a gigantic HOA Subdivision. Pay in every month even if not getting what you pay for. Voting to stay is insane. I'm just saying.

  • CC

    Christopher C.

    21 6 2016 16:47

    19       3

    Why would anybody "not" want to be governed by a body under which they have no form of actionable dissent or self-determination? It is a bit ironical given the recent unpleasantness (a few hundred years back) between the US and Britain. Especially poignant since the issue seems to be one and the same though the shoe is now on the other foot.

  • SD

    Sebastien D.

    21 6 2016 16:23

    6       5

    I am not from the UK so i see this as an outsider. I have mixed feelings about this one. I am not so comfortable in giving politicians a platform.

  • GC

    Gary C.

    21 6 2016 16:12

    10       0

    So refreshingly logical. The Fox tearing up the straw arguments in the hen house of the remain camp. I feel privileged to have a ticket to this forum.

  • TS

    Thomas S.

    21 6 2016 14:14

    14       24

    Apparently he voted for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. That went well...