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Featuring Tom Thornton

Tom Thornton has spent three decades in the investment markets, sharpening his technical analysis framework, from brokerages to hedge funds to his latest venture Hedge Fund Telemetry. In this interview, Tom lays out his technically-led trading process, examining the sectors set to lead and lag, with actionable insight on single stock names. Filmed on July 14, 2017, in New York.

Published on
25 July, 2017
Sentiment, Technical Analysis
63 minutes
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  • RA

    Robert A.

    9 8 2017 18:43

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    Another great one guys! A lot of "de Mark" chatter going on these days so nice to get a little insight from Tom

  • CB

    Cliff B.

    7 8 2017 12:20

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  • NT

    Nicolas T.

    2 8 2017 20:16

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    Personnally the best part was on his position/risk management process. Very interesting ! Great interview !

  • RT

    Rune T.

    30 7 2017 16:47

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    Maybe NFLX is overvalued and produces lower quality content compared to when they launched... but lets not forget who they are competing against... cable TV which is 50% advertisements and 50% reruns. Basically pure junk and price 5x or 10x against NFLX. Im not long or short but competition is rated 0/10 in my book. Hopeless crap. Youtube has better content for free.

  • RM

    Ronnie M.

    29 7 2017 02:26

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    Episode sponsored by FedEx?

  • AC

    Andrew C.

    27 7 2017 06:33

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    A great podcast on masters in business this week, not specifically talking about "Level Global" but about the legal cases against firms through the "noughties", or perhaps that should be naughties. I do remain skeptical.

  • MM

    Michael M.

    26 7 2017 21:21

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    There's just something incredibly genuine and likeable about Tommy. Great daily note and twitter account too.

  • MB

    Michael B.

    26 7 2017 15:31

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    Not sure I believe the whole "passive etf" bubble. Sure, if you are buying thinly traded obscure etf's, no doubt liquidity could be an issue, but not for bigger products. Might they experience some pricing issues like back in early 2016, sure. But I have news for stock pickers, how exactly would individual stocks inside hold up if ETF's are liquidating? Asset allocation for the long term. Everything else is just noise.

  • JM

    James M.

    26 7 2017 15:10

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    This interview like many on RVTV brings up a very important discussion that RVTV should do a series on I think and maybe others would agree. TA, FA, and by extension EMH have been battling it out for decades. I like others have studied them all and find it intriguing to delve ever deeper into this profoundly important debate. I have always found it difficult to "Believe" in TA all seems a little to easy(Just do this then that there etc). FA is dependent on input data being correct to have half a chance of being successful. With all the non GAAP and other financial fraud going on in the world of never failing EPS hows anybody meant to approach any of this money game with even a hint of success. I think its always best to simplify thing as much as possible and therefore like the Jim Rogers approach of just buy things when they seem ridiculously cheap historically and sell when it feels a little crazy at the other end. Easier said than done I know. As Raoul has pointed out several times maybe the only "Edge" (If there is such a thing) can only be time. But in the end as Johnny Keynes said we are all dead so we are fucked with the time gig too. Anyway hopefully the Milton guy reads this and maybe we get RVTV to take a punch at this Humongous debate. Heres hoping.

  • EG

    Eduardo G.

    26 7 2017 12:14

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    Great interview, Grant. Now, about ETFs, what will be of all of this 'Robo-advisory Revolution' that has been going on for the past 4 years? It seems that there is a massive problem in the horizon and a hell of a lot of people are going to lose their entire life savings... Maybe in volume terms per capita is not going to be that significant, but in overall terms it's going to be scary, I think!

  • RM

    Russell M.

    26 7 2017 05:16

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    Any way to run demark indicators without a bloomberg or tradestation?

  • AK

    Anthony K.

    25 7 2017 22:47

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    As always, nice work, Tom

  • CY

    C Y.

    25 7 2017 22:35

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    It's funny he mentioned unemployment exhaustion. I've been seeing the exact same thing when looking at unemployment and jobless claims using momentum structures.

  • CR

    Charlie R.

    25 7 2017 21:25

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    Maybe my confirmation bias talking, but found the clear articulation of current market/macroecon conditions spot on! I remember those mid-90's CSCO days in LA too! Another great RV vid! Well done gents!

  • AG

    Andrew G.

    25 7 2017 21:22

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    Grant, you forgot yo ask him about gold! ;)

  • VS

    Victor S.

    25 7 2017 18:51

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    A regular guy -enjoyed the story and sign me up ...

  • pd

    peer d.

    25 7 2017 16:58

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    Hey Damian, long Netflix? Why not fade them and add?

  • HJ

    Harry J.

    25 7 2017 15:32

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    Excellent start to finish.
    Compair this to our friend David in Aspen!
    I don't like charts or black boxes but
    This makes sence!!!

  • SS

    Sam S.

    25 7 2017 14:25

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    Well done Gentlemen! Clear, concise to the point by each of you. Can I have some more please?

  • DK

    Damian K.

    25 7 2017 14:11

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    Found Thomas' views on the current market quite informative. Would have loved to dig deeper into the lessons he has learned over the years from his way of looking at markets and trading. However, the discussion on Netflix is quite frankly pointless and shallow, if not entirely annoying.