The Essence of Momentum Analysis – Michael Oliver

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Michael Oliver draws on four decades of trend analysis to outline a series of price targets and predictions for every asset class under the sun. Highlighting the ability of momentum based studies to provide early indications of market turning points, which aren’t obvious on price charts, Michael’s forecasts include a bear market for the dollar, potentially shifting all four tectonic plates in financial markets.

Published on
24 January, 2017
Technical Analysis, Gold
62 minutes
Asset class
Bonds/Rates/Credit, Equities, Commodities


  • CH

    Chris H.

    17 9 2017 14:30

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    This is brilliant! More of Mr. Oliver, please.

    BTW his way of looking at momentum is not a black box, as was commented early on. The indicator is just different from the usual momentum oscillator everyone else is looking at.

  • AH

    Alan H.

    8 8 2017 16:03

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    BRILLIANT! I love how John Michael Oliver thinks. He is among the very best in understanding and explaining the long-term, global macro to short-term spectral linkages. Daniel Want of Prerequisite Capital Management was spot-on in referring us back to this presentation. I will be re-viewing both.

  • SL

    Seth L.

    30 5 2017 12:05

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    Fantastic interview! Does anyone know if a similar type of momentum chart can be created using Bloomberg?

  • AJ

    Aditya J.

    20 2 2017 02:37

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    amazing ! i have subscribed to his service after watching this interview

  • JD

    Jonathan D.

    10 2 2017 09:47

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    As in Intermiediate to long term TA, ie speculative investing not trading / swing trading

  • JD

    Jonathan D.

    9 2 2017 19:53

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    Brilliant. MORE TA PLEASE!!!

  • PS

    PD S.

    9 2 2017 05:04

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    This was probably the best video I've seen on your guys site (minus the 2 famous hedge funders of course, Kyle Bass & John Burbank). Guy I like as much as that guy Dave Flynn )I think) from Aspen Trading who does the technical analysis, both of whom I had never heard of before subscribing to your service. Great job guys; keep up the great work.

  • RT

    Rune T.

    6 2 2017 06:17

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    Michael offers a two week free trail where you can read his work, it's great! I just signed up for the actual service too. Very valuable interview! Thanks.

  • SR

    Sean R.

    6 2 2017 02:30

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    The best interview I've seen on RV so far. I can't believe I hadn't heard of Michael. An Austrian, Rothbardian, AnCap who trades on momentum. Brilliant.

    Please invite him back as soon as possible!

  • mf

    mark f.

    5 2 2017 12:08

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    Great Interview..when he talks about momentum breaking highs and lows for the year, which particular bloomberg technical function is he using for the momentum indicator(s), is he referring to? is it the 1 year or 3 year high/low that matters more for a breakout/reversal

  • SB

    Sulinder B.

    1 2 2017 10:46

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    We hit 108 on the Euro...does a monthly close for the dollar index at 99.48 qualify as "anywhere in that vicinity" (of 99) so that we are now going to have a change in the FX markets (and every other correlated market)? I assume yes.

  • DP

    Daniel P.

    31 1 2017 20:50

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    About to become my most re watched video on RTV.

    Excellent work.

    Would love to see him again in 6 months for a recap!

  • DF

    Dave F.

    29 1 2017 01:27

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    Been a client of MSA for some time - very valuable tool to have as a trader.

  • WM

    Will M.

    28 1 2017 20:02

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    Just great. Definitely in my top 10 RVT presentations and I have watched 95% of them. I know his take is against the view of Raoul and a few other top quality macro folks but if he is right the gold "bugs" infesting this site will be really really pleased (I am cleaning my multiple legs as I type).

    What I really like about some RVT presenters is when then provide hard stops or levels upon which their analysis is founded. Mike provided some great targets for gold, DXY, S&P, the Euro and the US$ which I have jotted down and highlighted together at my desk. For those of us that are not semi-professional or experience traders these levels provide an edge to act upon.

  • AC

    Andrew C.

    28 1 2017 12:26

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    I am frustrated about the phrase used in the comments "the stock market". Mr Oliver said GDX should go up more than gold. GDX is a collection of stocks. Ergo the "stock market" is not going down. Some stocks will go up, some down. Now appears to be more a stock pickers market, a "value stocks" market and Mr Oliver seems to agree.

  • RM

    Rainer M.

    27 1 2017 19:23

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    Great Interview !

  • PJ

    Peter J.

    27 1 2017 14:20

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    If I had enough money and a significant portfolio then I'd sign up for Michael's offering today! Great interview, would love to see Michael again to follow up on his forecasts.

  • AK

    Anthony K.

    27 1 2017 02:45

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    I've followed Michael for some time and he does a superb job in his analysis. Thanks RTV for bringing him on!

  • CL

    Chewy L.

    26 1 2017 23:37

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    Great stuff but somewhat wary as it seems like this method is 100% right all the time. Would have liked to heard how some of his past calls have been wrong

  • TA

    Tommaso A.

    26 1 2017 11:34

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  • AB

    Aaron B.

    26 1 2017 03:59

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    Excellent, full of actionable information.

  • CH

    Clay H.

    26 1 2017 00:41

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    I would like to read more about Momentum analysis. Does Mr. Oliver have any books he could suggest?

    Thanks. Great interview.

  • RS

    Rick S.

    26 1 2017 00:39

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    Great perspective and very articulate. Also, thank you for asking about silver separate from gold. I appreciate the distinction.

  • MY

    Madjid Y.

    25 1 2017 22:05

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    Don’t take his comment on the DXc1 for granted, he is dead right and it is happening.
    Trump is going to push for a lower dollar, and put the Fed under constant pressure.

  • Jc

    Justin c.

    25 1 2017 19:45

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    One of the best in a while. Looks like I got some learning to do.

  • SG

    Sven G.

    25 1 2017 16:57

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    Great interview. Thank you very much.

  • TH

    Timo H.

    25 1 2017 16:42

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    Milton, there's still a problem with the user interface. Some people accidentally hit the thumb down button.

  • SC

    Shane C.

    25 1 2017 16:16

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    Very Informative, so thank you guys. I feel the same about the market. Obviously we are topped out. Things are so different now though. The dollar is so tight, believe it or not. Its needed everywhere and there isn't enough. I think the dollar goes up because of supply/demand dynamics. The stock market might go down, I hope it does, because it needs to deflate a bit. But like previously, there is no where else to go for safety in the world. The dollar could still go higher. Just thinking out loud. Still great interview and awesome shout out for Murray Rothbard!

  • RM

    Richard M.

    25 1 2017 16:10

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    Milty, can we add Michael Oliver's work to the RV Publications list? It would be great to see what an actual newsletter (or however he delivers his product) would look like! Many thanks, and great interview Michael (and Grant)!

  • TM

    The-First-James M.

    25 1 2017 13:41

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    Fantastic, just fantastic. Thanks so much for this interview.

  • vt

    vadim t.

    25 1 2017 13:41

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    Michael, is it possible for a private investor to subscribe to your services?

  • SS

    Sam S.

    25 1 2017 13:35

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    Glitter not Bitter---well done. Thx guys.

  • TH

    Timo H.

    25 1 2017 13:21

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  • RA

    Ricardo A.

    25 1 2017 13:17

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    Bring this gentleman again. And add him to the research list !!!!

  • CD

    Colin D.

    25 1 2017 12:55

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    Excellent interview once again with a superb guest. Keep them coming and make sure you get Mr Oliver back again soon!

  • PS

    Peter S.

    25 1 2017 12:55

    4       1

    That was frigging awesome !! Up there with Julian Brigdan and Hugh Hendry

  • JG

    Jeff G.

    25 1 2017 04:11

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    Thank you, a top tier interview. Only REal Vision gets this out to the inquisitive market followers.

  • MO

    Michael O.

    25 1 2017 04:09

    28       1

    Yes, I simplify what MSA does. Measure against a mean means measure again a given moving average. Long term down to short term, for the supposed "traders." In my prior comments I meant to say that at 2280 the S&P was 12% above its 3 yr. avg. What about its oscillating around its 3-qtr or 3-mo. avg. Each presents a different visual image of trend, sometimes in agreement sometimes not with a larger time scale of trend measure. We fit those pieces together, long-term, intermediate and short term. A puzzle with definable layers. Depending upon your participation horizon (trader for several days, weeks, months or quarters, you need to know what your time-frame of reference and concern says. We do that for institutional clients. Also have HNW clients, but fortunately or unfortunately demand for our unorthodox method has moved us up to mainly institutional client base. Best to you all. But what we do does require our degree of experienced interpretation and is not a black box. (And if you think about the notion of blackbox it means a method of timing that was humanly developed but then cut off from analysis. Would love that and we approach it, but without any desire to actually approach it fully. Human consciousness ultimately designs black box tools, hence by implication all black box tools are objects of "interpretation" despite their declaration of full objectivity. MSA seeks to be objective and cutting, but won;t claim black box. Besides its an invalid concept. - Michael Oliver

  • MO

    Michael O.

    25 1 2017 03:45

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    Rather than respond to all good questions, Mike Oliver would like to try to overarch answer many. Momentum Structural Analysis is fairly simple, though unorthodox. We measure price not against a money unit (dollar, euro, etc.) but against an average/mean of those price measurements. So, for example right now the S&P500 is at 2280 and that is 12% above that long term avg..mean. A single date point. Then collect month by month similar data points, but include the monthly range in relation to that man. And voila you have a single bar (month) that is a certain amount over or under that chosen mean. Run enough of those bars and you have something worth looking at. A momentum chart with structures, trends,etc. that can then be used to determine when a trend is positive/negative/transitioning. You can also do this on lesser time scales, like versus monthly momentum (3-mo. avg.) or weeky vs. 3-wk. avg.) etc. and will come up with various pictures, often crystal clear,of the momentum trend of a market. And you will learn over time that those trend measures are often more valid, earlier, anticipatory, than is the old orthodox exercise of involving price charts. Best to you all, hope you enjoyed the conversation.

  • KH

    Kanwal H.

    25 1 2017 02:16

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    Great interview. Great insights. Must be regular

  • JE

    Joseph E.

    25 1 2017 02:13

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    Great interview. I subscribe to the MSA

  • BL

    Bruce L.

    24 1 2017 23:45

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    Brilliant. His career beginnings are very similar to mine and contemporaneous. he certainly managed to accomplish more than I did. Absolutely agree with his thought processes. Highly recommend.

  • GR

    Gregory R.

    24 1 2017 23:35

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    Thanks! I enjoyed this. Oliver is wise and cleaver .. but he is still an alchemist.

  • GB

    Grant B.

    24 1 2017 22:28

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    THIS year I meant

  • GB

    Grant B.

    24 1 2017 22:28

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    Great candidate for rewind late next year.

  • BG

    Bruno G.

    24 1 2017 22:24

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    Can you have him back every week? No really

  • RF

    Rob F.

    24 1 2017 22:03

    6       0

    Try to keep him coming back as a regular guest - great interview!

  • AP

    Adrian P.

    24 1 2017 21:59

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    Great interview, with clear views, timing and levels. Skin in the game!

  • JH

    Jacqueline H.

    24 1 2017 21:56

    7       0

    Fabulous interview! Learned a great deal.
    Curious to know if Mr. Oliver thinks that gold and silver will dip with the next correction down to 2200 (or lower). In Jan. '16, gold dropped with the market in the reaction to the Dec. '15 rate hike. Would he expect the same reaction again?

  • AI

    Andrew I.

    24 1 2017 21:34

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    Is it really as simple as: Avg( daily closes of 1 month) - Avg(daily prices of 1 year)

  • AH

    Andreas H.

    24 1 2017 21:11

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    Wow, breathtaking! Super!

  • DB

    Don B.

    24 1 2017 20:48

    4       0

    Careful, intelligent analysis, combined with future goals and guidelines. This was the best interview I've seen yet.

  • T~

    Tshort63 ~.

    24 1 2017 20:40

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    Brilliant. Great questions too!

  • AA

    Aymman A.

    24 1 2017 20:30

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    I really loved this presentation!

  • DM

    Daniel M.

    24 1 2017 20:29

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    Awesome interview!!!!!

  • AA

    Aymman A.

    24 1 2017 20:29

    8       0

    Will you please recomend a charting program that do these structural momentum charts?

  • P

    Phillip .

    24 1 2017 19:45

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    Best video to date!

  • ns

    niall s.

    24 1 2017 19:45

    4       0

    At time stamp 15:20 there are two charts shown ,
    one is a simple price v time chart from 1/30/2009 to 12/07/2016.
    The other chart 2, is labeled "Momentum" and has time ( same period as chart 1) on the X axis , and a percentage scale on the Y axis and appears to show a fall off from around april 2014 in "Momentum " but it is not at all clear from the chart how this momentum value was arrived at . A clue is given by the name on the chart "annual momentum : monthly ranges vs 36 -mo avg. and in addition there are two dotted lines , one white and one red with no label . The reason I bring this up us that the 36 month moving average of the SPY is presently close to 2050 and I was trying to figure out why the level mentioned in the interview of 2211 is indicative of a breakdown ? . Can anyone enlighten me on how the momentum chart show at 15:20 is actually generated . Thank you .

  • RM

    Richard M.

    24 1 2017 19:26

    9       0

    Wow, fantastic! Really insightful, really liked his method of his particular flavor of technical analysis! I know he has a good track record too (and Fleck really respects his work too)! Thanks RVTV.

  • LA

    Linda A.

    24 1 2017 18:48

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    I buy the downside - major divergences in an interconnected world. When I looked at the spy, dow charts after the run up towards 20K, it looked like a blow-off top to me.

  • rr

    rlw r.

    24 1 2017 18:37

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    Excellent big picture assessment. Really terrific perspective of momentum wrt price.

  • JC

    Joe C.

    24 1 2017 18:36

    2       0

    Great interview.

  • HJ

    Harry J.

    24 1 2017 17:55

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    Can you say black box?

  • AV

    Alexander V.

    24 1 2017 17:25

    1       0

    Love it.