The Godfather of Sovereign Debt Management

Featuring Lee Buchheit

From confronting maverick creditors to discipling rogue nations, attorney Lee Buchheit has spent his career maneuvering the world of distressed sovereign debt. When it came to dealing with Greece and Mexico, his success was unmatched, and in this interview with Greylock Chairman and CEO Hans Humes, Lee unveils how he operated during the Brady Era and also discusses his approach for negotiating with governments, banks and world leaders. Filmed on July 31, 2018 in New York.

Published on
10 August, 2018
Career, Debt, Monetary policy
66 minutes
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  • DD

    Derek D.

    28 2 2016 15:23

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    Very similar to the thoughts of Peter Schiff, who was my gateway drug into this more advanced/nuanced stuff. Yes to a discussion with him/Raoul, and also with Hart re: China. Deval vs Reval? Ahh!

  • AA

    Ali A.

    12 1 2016 18:12

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    Would be interesting to hear what Raoul thinks of his Treasury/inflation thesis

  • TJ

    Terry J.

    30 12 2015 11:03

    2       0

    An interesting and highly thought provoking think piece as we continue to digest the turkey while looking into the 2016 tea leaves

  • IF

    Ian F.

    30 12 2015 07:42

    7       8

    As the great Hugh Hendry once said "you ain't a contrarian".

    One of John Mauldin's unoriginal thinkers... Regurgitation of the contentious views on central banking... Yawn..

  • AP

    A P.

    30 12 2015 02:01

    6       0

    Juxtaposing with Burbank's talks provides compelling counterpoints regarding US prospects. Great piece.

  • RD

    Ryan D.

    30 12 2015 00:40

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    QE Beer Goggles! That was great!

  • WM

    Will M.

    29 12 2015 20:07

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    Peter made excellent & logical linkage between inflation, interest rates, bonds & EMs/precious metals. He talks fast but clearly. I appreciated his honesty that his timing was usually too early.

  • KE

    Kenan E.

    29 12 2015 15:37

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    Very nice wording! May the juice be with you ;-)

  • KA

    Kelly A.

    29 12 2015 15:22

    5       0

    Really good explanation of the complexities for 2016. A number of good strategies to consider based on the scenarios he outlines. RV: what happened to the table of contents tab? Missed it. Thx