The Hon. Dr. Harald Malmgren 2

Featuring Dr. Harald Malmgren

In Part Two of the conversation with his daughter, Dr. Pippa Malmgren, Dr. Harald Malmgren continues the discussion on modern-day markets and geopolitics. In this far-reaching look at the modern world, two Malmgren generations discuss China’s investment in emerging market infrastructure, strategic security issues and geopolitical risk in the Middle East, as well as the ever-more dominant effects of coordinated central bank policy on today’s global markets.

Published on
24 July, 2015
Financial System, Monetary policy, Geopolitics
57 minutes


  • BL

    Brian L.

    3 4 2016 22:19

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    Very interesting. But no mention of the massive islamification-immigration of Europe and the pending clash of civilizations? Odd

  • ef

    eduardo f.

    28 11 2015 06:39

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    Terrific job to you both & grateful to RvTV for providing this platform. A retrospective thru history unlike ANYTHING we've seen. Posterity thanks you - bravo!

  • SJ

    Suzanne J.

    2 9 2015 05:07

    2       1

    Extraordinary! My learning curve went parabolic. To have access to such deep history and knowledge is a privilege. Thank you Drs. Malmgren. So informative.

  • KE

    Kenan E.

    4 8 2015 17:01

    6       1

    The Americans are responsible for the regime change in Ukraine (We've got Miss Nuland on tape). Crimea was a response on that. WHO IS PROBING WHOM??

  • KE

    Kenan E.

    4 8 2015 16:59

    5       1

    After thinking about this a while I had to write this.I think his thoughts about China and Russia are massively flawed and saturated with Pentagon-Propaganda. PLS get a competent russian for a reply!

  • SL

    Steven L.

    3 8 2015 21:33

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    HM's comment about the Eurocrats making laws made me think of the TPP treaty and it's allegedly similar capability to effectively annul laws.

  • SS

    Stewart S.

    3 8 2015 01:37

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    one word: EXCELLENT

  • DS

    David S.

    2 8 2015 12:01

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    Very good. I note that he followed the US line on Ukraine, but it made me wonder whether Nuland's destabilisation was intended to stop Germany's pivot East.

  • sa

    santosh a.

    31 7 2015 05:42

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    So China is doing big picture geostrategic thoughts and acting on it around the globe. Curious what HM thinks the US should do? Its outsourced its industrial base and has financialized its economy.

  • sp

    shashwat p.

    30 7 2015 08:23

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    There is a short story by Arthur C Clarke called "Superiority" which is very relevant to the strategic discussion here. US military superiority is far from certain in Asia.

  • AE

    Alex E.

    27 7 2015 03:44

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    Grant & Raoul do it again! I could listen to both father and daughter for hours. Hope you can get both to speak again to us.

  • DC

    Dale C.

    26 7 2015 14:06

    11       0

    After listening to this I think it would be appropriate to have Marc Faber on. He is also warning of the narrow exit door.

  • SS

    Sam S.

    25 7 2015 13:43

    5       0

    More "cushion" suggestions would be as awsome and welcome as this fabulous daughter father interview---- more please!! Part 3?

  • AA

    Ali A.

    25 7 2015 12:20

    14       0

    Any counter views out there to Harald Malmgren and George Friedman? Perhaps a weekly geopolitics summary would be more useful than the "market recap" piece that usually occurs

  • sh

    simon h.

    25 7 2015 08:14

    8       1

    So glad to hear that such a distinguished gentleman shares so many of my thoughts though I do think that he may be underestimating the military prowess of Russia and China.Brilliant sweep of history

  • sm

    stephane m.

    25 7 2015 02:19

    6       1

    Wow! Could listen to this Gentleman everyday... Hope to see him again on RVTV

  • RA

    Robert A.

    24 7 2015 23:19

    3       0

    Yup, "I can hedge the right and left tails, But the 'all the lights go out' is so unthinkable, I won't waste any time worrying about a 'doomsday' scenario. Logical I guess, but a little unnerving.

  • RA

    Robert A.

    24 7 2015 23:14

    4       0

    My Repartee to the RV Teaser Quote for this one about Piipa?.Keeps up, guides the flow, and she above all knows when her Dad begins to wander. Love that Pippa!

  • BL

    Bruce L.

    24 7 2015 22:21

    7       0

    HM's remarks on liquidity risks in today's electronic exchanges is spot on. Brilliant conversation. Thanks for getting this one done.

  • TJ

    Terry J.

    24 7 2015 17:33

    17       2

    More brilliant insights from a man with invaluable political experience and knowledge, although I was disappointed with his assertion Russia and China are always the aggressors. Bit naive.

  • CU

    Clay U.

    24 7 2015 17:21

    8       0

    Great interview and much to think about. A well-thought out exit strategy could engender a false sense of security when everyone is eyeing the same exit. Love the last-second shout out to TLT.

  • GB

    Gary B.

    24 7 2015 17:00

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    Crazy good analysis of current world market, economic, and security situation. Worried that Wash. isn't thinking about some of this.