The Humble Approach to Managing Billions

Featuring Joe Duran

In his much-anticipated return to Real Vision, Joe Duran, founder and CEO of United Capital, explains how the role of a chief executive has changed amid a turbulent political climate. Specifically, Joe discusses how he used introspection and behavioral economics in order to become a titan in the financial services business overseeing $24 billion in assets under management. Additionally, in this interview with Brian Price, Joe offers a plethora of perspectives on Nike, General Electric, Google, machine learning, Bitcoin, autonomous driving and President Trump. Filmed on October 3rd, 2018 in New York.

Published on
16 October, 2018
Portfolio Management, Career, US Economy
49 minutes
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  • GS

    Geoff S.

    31 10 2018 00:08

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    Best thing I’ve seen on RV.

  • MT

    Matthew T.

    28 10 2018 19:20

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    One of my favorite RV interviews to date. Had no idea what to expect going in, but continue to think about it many days after listening. Thank you.

  • GC

    George C.

    28 10 2018 10:26

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    Mr. Duran mentioned "Awareness," a book by Anthony de Mello. I had never heard of or read this book, but Mr. Duran's interview intrigued me sufficiently to purchase and read the book. Suffice it to say it may be life changing. Thank you, Mr. Duran, for mentioning this hidden gem in your interview.

  • BT

    Brian T.

    27 10 2018 13:17

    1       0

    There are extremely few interviews that truly move me emotionally. This was one of them. Bravo guys.

  • HH

    Henri H.

    27 10 2018 12:04

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    Absolutely fantastic interview! One of my all time favourites!

  • FM

    Faris M.

    24 10 2018 00:37

    1       0

    Once, maybe twice, in your lifetime you will hear a message that's timing and impact is so critical to you personally it makes you feel like the speaker was selected to deliver through an act of divine intervention. This was my experience listening to Joe. What he reflects is so deep and inspirational and you know he's right because your extinct is to punch him the face for being so right!!! Thank you Joe.

  • CS

    Charles S.

    23 10 2018 18:58

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    Would be interesting to get the Fuller & Thaler guys in for an interview. Richard Thaler and Daniel Kahneman are both nobel prize recipients for their work on economics. The entire strategy is based on behavioral finance. Would be a great interview. Thanks for the content!

  • FG

    Fraser G.

    22 10 2018 06:47

    2       0

    Very impressive interview. His approach to using behavioural economics as well as his underlying stoic philosophy is a powerful mix. Really enjoyed that and well done Brian Price - great questions.

  • IM

    Isabella M.

    21 10 2018 09:08

    0       1

    Respect, a giant of a man and much to learn from him. Please advise, do you have a forum where one can put forward the prospectus of a discretionary traded algo that is applying sound risk management and offering solid returns on risk-reward?

  • PK

    Pheerasut K.

    21 10 2018 04:26

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    Love it ! ... excellent interview.
    @Joe, I learn a lot from you ....thanks for sharing your thought.

  • JD

    John D.

    21 10 2018 03:50

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    Great interview... Brilliant Guy !!!

  • my

    markettaker y.

    21 10 2018 00:37

    1       0

    Amazing. Happy to see Brian do a full length interview, too.

  • MM

    Mak M.

    20 10 2018 14:19

    1       0

    Thank you so much for that interview. Knowing that there are people like Mr Duran, makes you feel good that you are human.

  • JK

    John K.

    19 10 2018 22:43

    0       0

    Excellent. Please allow subscribers the ability to forward this interview to those we love.

  • OS

    Oliver S.

    19 10 2018 19:49

    3       0

    Great work Brian & RV. An interview that made me pause, draw a notepad and pen, and rewind. Fantastic content.

  • EL

    Erik L.

    19 10 2018 15:38

    8       0

    In my opinion the best interview on Real Vision. Ever.

  • DY

    Dmytro Y.

    19 10 2018 13:35

    0       0

    Fantastic. Brilliant in its own way.

  • AH

    Ahmed H.

    19 10 2018 09:50

    1       0

    great interview - love his philosophical outlook - there's a great note by david foster wallace - if anyone wants to read -- inline with joe's thnking here..

  • AL

    Angie L.

    19 10 2018 09:14

    0       0


  • YB

    Yuriy B.

    18 10 2018 20:30

    5       0

    One of the best Real Vision interviews of all time. Just brilliant. Thank you!

  • JK

    Jan K.

    18 10 2018 20:28

    6       0

    It is interviews like this I subscribe to RV for.

  • FD

    Francois-Guy D.

    18 10 2018 00:42

    2       0

    Very pertinent interview addressing real life issues and fundamentals of living with others

  • MS

    Marcus S.

    18 10 2018 00:01

    3       0

    Phenomenal interview, inspiration to to be a better version of myself in all aspects of life!

  • AR

    Alex R.

    17 10 2018 17:35

    2       0

    Fantastic conversation, definitely going to keep increasing my knowledge on stoicism, especially pertaining to markets

  • bm

    brian m.

    17 10 2018 17:29

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    Macro position sizing

  • TR

    Thomas R.

    17 10 2018 15:28

    3       0

    Excellent. Thanks RV

  • DW

    Daniel W.

    17 10 2018 14:49

    3       0

    here is a guy who's name is not a Dr. but whose message is far more reaching than any Dr.'s I have heard. Bravo sir.

    RV. please ask Joe to come on more often.

  • SW

    Scott W.

    17 10 2018 14:09

    5       0

    So much wisdom here. Fantastic job. Chalk this up as one of the greats that proves RV is "on point".

  • cr

    chris r.

    17 10 2018 14:02

    2       1

    Now that was a fantastic interview. So good that I asked my wife to watch it. (and shes not in the business) This was more of a look back of a successful business mans journey from a life of lessons instead of what part of the market he thinks can make us money. It was real refreshing and enlightening. Its mind boggling that 8 people actually gave this a thumbs down. Well done Mr Duran.

  • SS

    Sam S.

    17 10 2018 13:11

    2       0

    My Dad knew exactly how to develop his children's character to have empathy, compassion, responsibility and consideration. With Mr. Duran's example of his daughter being late for steaks, my Dad ate her steak and calmly said, "well, you didn't show up on time and dinner was ready, so we ate". Nothing else was said and he wasn't mad. There's 2 biscuits in town, 10 town's people and they are hungry, so are you going to eat or go hungry? Better show up and get a biscuit. Self-driven and very responsible is the outcome so people will do as Mr. Duran suggests, change themselves, if they choose.

  • RB

    Richard B.

    17 10 2018 12:38

    1       0

    Brilliant. If anyone wants to change, check out this work by legendary trader Ed Seykota. The Trading Tribe process. It's designed for aligning oneself with feelings, rather then viewing them as the enemy.

  • MA

    Michael A.

    17 10 2018 12:12

    5       1

    I can't help but think Mr Duran reminds me of Warden Norton from Shawshank Redemption (looks wise)

  • JM

    John M.

    17 10 2018 09:35

    5       0

    Great life lessons. I can relate to this video personally. I am just learning how to control my feelings and reactions to events that I cannot control. I wish I had learned this lesson long ago and I would have been happier instead of frustrated and angry. We can all be players and not victims. Who knew that watching RVTV would enrich our lives as well as our financial education?

  • BC

    Bryan C.

    17 10 2018 08:24

    2       0

    One of the most helpful interviews I have seen yet. The underlying focus on a personal “why” behind your investments is probably more important than the mechanics of the next trade or even the forces influencing global economics. Well done.

  • DS

    David S.

    17 10 2018 01:33

    2       0

    I would like to join the chorus that this is an exceptional interview. Aristotle wrote the Nicomachean Ethics to advise Athenian youth on how to be good citizens and obtain the goal of happiness in their lives. His basic thesis for virtue is the use of “practical wisdom” in balancing temperance, prudence and justice during one’s life will lead to a state of happiness. After listening carefully to Mr. Duran, I feel by being prudent in his goal of “doing everything possible before you die”, he can realize that he has met Aristotle’s definition of happiness. He is surely way ahead of me. DLS

  • TS

    Todd S.

    17 10 2018 00:17

    7       0

    Massive value. Worth a decade of real vision subscriptions for this one interview. Well done Joe and RV.

  • JP

    James P.

    17 10 2018 00:04

    2       0

    If you enjoyed this (I did) you must read (or re-read) “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

  • JH

    Jesse H.

    16 10 2018 23:46

    1       0

    Vintage Joe - and absolutely top notch! Learned a lot from this one...thanks RV!

  • TQ

    Tom Q.

    16 10 2018 21:03

    3       0

    "Learn if a person is driven by fear, or a need to protect; a need to enjoy life, and make the most of it; or a need to give. That lens affects very much what you think money's primary purpose is."

    This is one of the top 10 statements I've heard on this platform, both about markets and about humans. You could easily replace the word "money" with "life" and it would fit just as well.

  • jl

    jay l.

    16 10 2018 21:00

    1       0

    Thanks for feeding me Consciousness, awareness. Talking like fine buddhist.

  • SS

    Sean S.

    16 10 2018 13:25

    18       0

    Completely brilliant...

    Joe's interviews are possibly the highest value interviews on RV for me.

    Thank you Joe!

  • SH

    Scott H.

    16 10 2018 12:34

    5       0

    I haven't had a chance to watch this interview yet but the last interview Grant did with Joe was one of my all time RV favourites. It's had so many valuable life lessons I had my children sit down and watch it. It was that good.

  • TJ

    Terry J.

    16 10 2018 11:57

    4       0

    So inspirational. Such wisdom and so much invaluable advice. What a guy! Thank you.
    Btw Good luck to any robboadviser trying to replace Joe and his team!

  • CM

    Carlos M.

    16 10 2018 10:40

    7       0

    what a great interview ! I loved the holistic approach to life, family and investing.

  • RP

    Raoul P.

    16 10 2018 10:23

    28       0

    This is a Masterclass in leadership. Hugely inspiring...