View From The Peak – Peer to Peer Lending – Part 2

Featuring Paul Krake

Paul Krake of View from the Peak discusses the disruptive impacts of Peer to Peer Lending with Sloan Fellow Paul Jeffery

Published on
22 October, 2014
Technology, Lending, Financial System
21 minutes


  • PJ

    Paul J.

    25 10 2014 13:33

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    This is a market where the smaller investor can be involved. Return from cash in bank or return of 4-5% from PtoP Lending?

  • pk

    paul k.

    25 10 2014 01:49

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    So the pressure on the traditional banking model comes from both consumers (as was the case with music) and regulators. This twin front will be difficult to stop

  • pk

    paul k.

    25 10 2014 01:48

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    I like the analogy. The difference though is that the music industry didnt have a regulatory body overseeing it that despised the existing format. "Regulatory Hate Banks". Period! Full Stop! No Debate

  • RG

    Ric G.

    23 10 2014 23:21

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    Very interesting interview. I see similarities in peer to peer lending with what happened in the music industry.