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With 30 years of investing in Asia and 100% returns over the past 5 years, Benoit Descourtieux, CIO & founder of OP Investment Management, has learnt a few things & offers us original investment know-how.

Published on
1 September, 2016
Asia, China, Investment Framework
29 minutes
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  • KB

    Keith B.

    24 12 2016 17:32

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    Exceptionally insightful material for a recent economics graduate such as myself.

    Planning to rewatch for further study.

  • YC

    Yves C.

    17 9 2016 22:18

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    Had the pleasure to work with Benoit for years on the CFA Institute Curriculum development. I am not surprised to see how insightful his comments are. A real master piece!
    Yves Courtois

  • JN

    Jason N.

    10 9 2016 03:37

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    Thank you so much for this eloquent interview and wealth of information!

  • JM

    Justin M.

    6 9 2016 16:56

    6       1

    I'm surprised that this interview was not better received by the RVTV audience. The valuation principles that Benoit discusses are more important than ever in a world where the Divergence between GAAP and Pro-Forma Earnings is so wide. Granted, an argument can be made for tech companies and their leadership as a sector over the past few years; but my money is on an eventual reversion to the real analysis that Benoit discusses.

  • BD

    Benoit D.

    5 9 2016 23:29

    3       0

    Hi Uday, if you need more information, you can reach us directly. Email is

  • DS

    David S.

    5 9 2016 02:18

    3       1

    Great Interview! I would trust this man with my money. Very rational, experienced and skeptical. Looking for the higher profit margins in the supply chain. No wonder his firm has such an exceptional record. They earned it. DLS

  • VR

    Vincent R.

    4 9 2016 03:21

    4       0

    Great interview! Looking at ratings confirm the audience is primarily interested in macro. Thanks for broadening and bringing bottom-up equity investors.

  • MC

    Michael C.

    2 9 2016 09:55

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    A lot of very smart insights into how they invest. The ETF conversation was particularly interesting as a source of Alpha. Hard work = solid returns. Should not be a surprise but it probably is to many.

  • JG

    John G.

    2 9 2016 00:53

    5       0

    I thought the comments about the footnotes in the reports were interesting, and I wonder how many others read them or pay attention to them.

  • RM

    Russell M.

    1 9 2016 19:32

    3       0

    Refreshing focus on company profitability, whereas most presentations here on macro leave me afraid to invest lately.

  • T~

    Tshort63 ~.

    1 9 2016 19:23

    9       0

    Amazing. One of my favorites, explaining how there is not a shortcut for hard work and fundamentals. I particularly like how he scans the official reports and then starts forensically to see who is real and who is full of BS and then takes appropriate positions for or against. His breakdown of the vertically integrated supply chain is brilliant.

  • fc

    frank c.

    1 9 2016 19:02

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    Best Le Club b interview by far!!

  • UA

    Uday A.

    1 9 2016 18:11

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    There's also a v.interesting Asian Moat fund which focuses on "Hidden champions" in EM which have high ROE, competitive advantages etc.. They focus a lot on Forensic accounting & advance / early detecting of potential accounting fraud. But once they've cleared those kind of tests, there are very interesting opportunities

    Person who runs the fund :
    and Asia's Moat Report :

  • UA

    Uday A.

    1 9 2016 17:53

    3       0

    Good interview.. Anyone knows where one can find his fund's presentation / info / fees / returns? Closest thing I found was this site :

  • RM

    Richard M.

    1 9 2016 16:46

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    Wow, he is a very, very sharp guy! I really like his forensic accounting approach (applicable everywhere but absolutely essential in China). His comments on ETF's are spot on too! Great segment.

  • tW

    tgwtom W.

    1 9 2016 16:14

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    Excellent, informative, how to think, under the radar type interview. Negative early response puzzling but that is the *edge* by getting value where another does not.

  • IZ

    Ignacio Z.

    1 9 2016 15:26

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    The streaming stops at 25:08. Have tried several times. Error Code: PLAYER_ERR_TIMEOUT

  • BV

    Bryan V.

    1 9 2016 14:52

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    Always something to draw out of each video. For me, I thought his comment about indexes and dynamics within them (technological changes / creative destruction) limit the profit potential when investing in them was interesting. I would imagine that it depends on your investment horizon and particular sector.

  • EL

    Elizabeth L.

    1 9 2016 14:25

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    Incredible amount of information on how to choose a company to invest in. A high value interview for us viewers of Real Vision.