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Climatological Analyst & Lead Consultant at Browning Media, James J. Garriss understands how climate influences demand for things like water & coffee, giving investors a head start on commodity price movement.

Published on
25 August, 2016
Technology, Food agriculture, Soft Commodities
37 minutes
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  • jg

    james g.

    3 9 2016 15:50

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    The devil is in the detail Gerald G. - I found this presentation from DDP interesting:

  • JM

    John M.

    31 8 2016 03:36

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    Absolutely fascinating. I wonder if RVTV could interview Mr Garriss again every 6-12 months, with a brief outlook / update on different sectors and continents etc just like he did in this interview.

  • RS

    Roger S.

    29 8 2016 20:40

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    Having known and talked to his grandfather back in the early 1980s there are many other catalysts that can effect the economy that his grandfather studied and used for prediction. Some of those included planet and moon alignment, earthquakes, sunspots, ocean tides and many others. He was a very fascinating man to hear.

  • GR

    Gregory R.

    28 8 2016 17:16

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    RE: Gerald G. Most agree that the earth has been getting warmer at a fairly constant rate for 300 years. Science asks if it correlated to human emitted CO2. Appreciable increases in CO2 didn’t occur until mid-20th century yet rapid glacial melt commenced in the mid-1700’s. Example: Glacier Bay melted back 40 miles from 1770 to 1879. As it continues to melt today (+20 miles) the petrified stumps from the last two interglacial forests are being exposed. Clearly the earth is still advancing to the height of this interglacial period and warming correlations to human CO2 appear to be very weak.

  • SP

    Steve P.

    28 8 2016 05:58

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    Fascinating from an investing perspective but obviously (as pointed out) more for the hedge value than speculation. Very informative.
    But what a talker - only thing missing was the vacuum cleaner!

  • GF

    Guillaume F.

    26 8 2016 00:14

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  • PR

    Peter R.

    25 8 2016 21:41

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    Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it....
    Interesting but not helpful. More smoke and mirrors.

  • BB

    Bill B.

    25 8 2016 20:13

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    Are they looking into using machine learning? Machine learning is great for teasing out patterns in massive data sets.

  • GG

    Gerald G.

    25 8 2016 19:54

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    Is this guy an American? To make the assertion that there is good science behind both the arguments for and against climate change is a flat out lie. There is certainly a debate but it most certainly ISN'T scientific. On one side there are the scientists who argue that climate change is a reality and, on the other side, there are the lobby groups who's immediate interests are being threatened and argue against it. Then there is the average North American idiot who'd prefer not to think about the consequences of consuming (and polluting) at 10 times the rate of everyone else on the planet. Of course that guy will always CHOOSE to believe just exactly what he wants to believe which, of course, is that there is a debate and climate change has not been proven.

  • de

    dale e.

    25 8 2016 19:17

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    Different for RV but very interesting. Well done.

  • KF

    Kieran F.

    25 8 2016 18:48

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    View on European/UK winter?

  • WE

    William E.

    25 8 2016 14:36

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    Great presentation but thank you for the fast forward button!

  • DW

    Daniel W.

    25 8 2016 14:12

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    This. Was. Awesome! I've never even considered weather and climate playing this big of a role in investing. He managed to stay objective on a topic that typically evokes strong emotions in people nowadays, and then uses that information to help his clients. Just the facts here, nothing else. Clearly a brilliant individual providing a indispensable service. Simply amazing.

  • WM

    Will M.

    25 8 2016 14:10

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    Interesting perspective and clearly an expert on the topic. would have been great to hear an even longer term perspective, more global heating or are we approaching the onset of an ice age (atlantic halo current failure due to melted north pole ice with subsequent northern atlantic cooling) Ha....

  • DR

    Dan R.

    25 8 2016 11:23

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    Absolutely fascinating. Markets cannot affect the weather but weather can greatly affect markets. This guy may be the brightest yet on real vision.