The Last Great Commodity Bull Run – Dwight Anderson – Master Class

Featuring Dwight Anderson

Legendary commodities investor Dwight Anderson sits down with veteran macro manager.
Dan Tapiero for a ‘Master Class’ of commodity hedge fund investing, with actionable insights into some of Dwight’s favored trades. There’s also a rare glimpse into his incredible backstory and the contrasting philosophies of mentors, Julian Robertson and Paul Tudor Jones, who he partnered with to launch Ospraie, which became the world’s biggest commodity hedge fund firm.

Published on
16 September, 2016
Gold, Hard Commodities, Energy Commodities
48 minutes
Asset class


  • my

    markettaker y.

    14 10 2018 21:55

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    Oh my goodness; I'm five minutes in and I'm having one of those 'this five minutes just justified my annual subscription' moments.

  • LA

    Lewis A.

    11 9 2018 05:00

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    Would love an updated interview with Dwight

  • CT

    Christopher T.

    25 8 2018 23:33

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    Why hasn't this guy been asked back?????

  • VS

    Valeriy S.

    17 10 2017 10:53

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    It was great! Thanks.
    But I suspect there was mistake in the chart of Palladium/Platinum. The chart that was presented in the video is actually Platinum/Palladium. Am I wrong?)

  • vP

    vince P.

    25 6 2017 00:24

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    Forgot feedback

  • vP

    vince P.

    25 6 2017 00:23

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    Very informative. Great!!

  • JU

    Jay U.

    22 5 2017 10:24

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    Can we get these two back sometime soon?? Dan was an amazing interviewer, and Dwight has awesome knowledge of the commodity space. Probably the most interesting viewpoint on oil I've heard, about EV adoption -> large oil project capex delays -> higher prices.

  • PS

    PD S.

    13 2 2017 17:00

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    This was a great interview with Dwight Anderson of Ospraie, one of the true pioneers of the commodities trading hedge fund biz. Great job guys. :)

  • SC

    Shane C.

    24 1 2017 04:43

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    Pure carbon+new refining graphite refining will generate silly returns, both on the demand side and the supply ...extremely rare

  • AC

    Andy C.

    27 12 2016 04:52

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    Brilliant. I hope to someday have half the depth of insight that they have and share. Thank you Real Vision

  • KC

    Klendathu C.

    24 9 2016 20:08

    2       4

    I appreciate his comment on oil. So funny how he leans in. I see what he's saying, but it takes a decade for an oil project to come online. Not sure how that really matters to the oil price for the next 3-4 years. Not to mention, medium size projects are coming online in the gulf of mexico. Russia is pumping out extra oil from its wells using fracking. Iraq building as well as Iran. US shale coming back online. Barring a major supply shock, oil shouldn't break 50 till at least the end of 2017. IMO.

  • JC

    John C.

    24 9 2016 04:04

    4       1

    really enjoyed this interview. Dan does a good job of asking the questions and keeping it interesting.

  • AS

    Andrew S.

    24 9 2016 01:24

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    I run an investment firm that's wholly unrelated to commodities and I'll never be involved in global macro. So while I always enjoy learning about those markets, there is tremendous value in hearing how Mr. Tapiero and Mr. Anderson developed their investing style as well as the differences among the firms for which they've worked. Getting a sense for how Tudor manages talent versus Tiger was very valuable for how I might grow my own firm. Thanks, RV.

  • PP

    Peter P.

    23 9 2016 16:45

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    Loved this interview & disagree w/ those who say first part is not relevant. No one on RV, much less someone who has had success as Mr. Anderson has, needs to open up on their background & past. Showed humility, planning, and tenacity to get to where he wanted to be, and should be of value to young people starting out - dream big but have a plan and follow through on your career (no one seems to have parachuted this man into a HF job out of college)....Maybe sets the bar for others to also talk career background (& use Milton's new chapters tabs if you care to skip)...On the two investment ideas - prefer the idea of a death of diesel trade in +Pd/-Pt (if correct that Pt is in oversupply & Pd not just lower priced in oz, but I believe more rare & lower yield/ton mined) - Thank you RV, Dan, & Dwight

  • JH

    Joakim H.

    22 9 2016 07:47

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    Great interview!

  • JA

    J A.

    21 9 2016 16:01

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    Very good interview, lots of depth.
    Dan is a great interviewer. Not an easy thing to do, but he made it look easy.

  • MB

    Matthias B.

    20 9 2016 19:41

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    sry. does not seem to work.

  • MB

    Matthias B.

    20 9 2016 19:40

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  • MB

    Matthias B.

    20 9 2016 19:37

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  • MB

    Matthias B.

    20 9 2016 19:35

    4       1

    I would like to disagree with part of his gold statement: the "horrible" demand situation in China

  • CH

    Calvin H.

    20 9 2016 01:35

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    Gets moving at 20min mark. I'm work in oil (drilling) and I think I will go shoot myself - 10-15yrs of low prices! :( I agree Demand is key, but it can't take that long to recover. please?
    Gold - How can he not see the debt levels are unsustainable and paper currencies will collapse.? Too biased with gold as a commodity. He contradicts himself several times - low oil demand, due to weak productivity - why is is it weak? -- too much debt, hence gold. At 14min, what was the point about low CAPEX and oil? Is this the coming supply shock he dismissed earlier? How do u get a 200% reduction ? Uh, if it takes 30 days to drill and complete initially and now takes 10? On Ag - interesting.

  • KC

    Kevin C.

    18 9 2016 23:32

    8       3

    As an EV owner (2016 Nissan LEAF SL) I think non-EV owners misunderstand / overstate the range and charge time issues. Neither of those have been a problem for our family. We drive ours about 80 miles per day.

    Here is what I think will happen: Multi car families will buy an EV for one of thier cars, to save money once gas prices eventually rise again. When they buy that EV they won't think it will be used much. But once they get it, it will become their most driven car by far. That's what happened in our family. And if you talk to other EV owners you'll find the same story.

    So the eventual bump is gas prices will cause a bump in EV sales, and once people see how well EVs fit thier life style then they will really take off.

  • JM

    James M.

    18 9 2016 10:52

    1       4

    Useful interview, but agree the 1st half is of little value (but maybe of interest) to amateurs who dont know who "Bob" and "Steve" at XYZ firm are.

    Thanks RV for the fast turnaround from filming to publishing!!! Nice to see.

  • RM

    Russell M.

    18 9 2016 06:58

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    The interviwer has a good style of questioning. Suggest making further use of him going forward.

  • JR

    Jared R.

    17 9 2016 22:54

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    Amsterico! I drive by those abandoned manufacturing plants all the time. What a trip. Great interview thanks Dwight and Dan

  • MS

    Mark S.

    17 9 2016 22:01

    7       1

    I appreciated hearing how both Dan and Dwight think about markets. I won't get this anywhere else. Having spent a lifetime in US E&P business, I will say Dwight's views of oil and gas supplies, and markets are spot on. He gets how prices and their projections into the future drive capex, thus affecting future production levels.

  • MD

    Matt D.

    17 9 2016 20:40

    8       3

    Wow, 13 people didn't like the interview ( the thumbs are down) - not sure what they are looking for !

  • MD

    Matt D.

    17 9 2016 20:39

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    Simply awesome interview. Well done real vision.

  • RC

    Ryan C.

    17 9 2016 14:45

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    Ooze advice !2? Z w2: trxav

  • RC

    Ryan C.

    17 9 2016 14:44

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  • RC

    Ryan C.

    17 9 2016 14:43

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  • RC

    Ryan C.

    17 9 2016 14:42

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  • RC

    Ryan C.

    17 9 2016 14:42

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    Bought Jpp

  • db

    don b.

    17 9 2016 13:27

    11       1

    This interview gives me confidence that anyone can compete with the "so called" best in the world if they are willing to put in the time.

  • KB

    Kreso B.

    17 9 2016 11:46

    1       12

    He's wrong on agriculture being inflation protection. The only protection against inflation are self-reliance, knowledge and social contacts.
    He's very wrong on hybrids and palladium.
    He might be wrong on oil (check Ray Kurzweil).

  • FC

    Fractal C.

    17 9 2016 00:29

    8       0

    You are so right, Raoul. I got an interesting perspective on how Dwight is looking at commodity markets. Also, perspective on PTJ's style of trading as contrasted with Tiger's style was very informative. Even on trade recommendation front, that Cocoa trade is worth taking a look at. BTW, we should bring in Dan Tapiero again - brilliant mind.

  • RP

    Raoul P.

    16 9 2016 23:10

    66       1

    Nowhere else in the world will you get content like this. Two legends shooting the breeze. Again, its not all about trade recommendations. The worlds best investors have a story to tell and their story is what we should all learn from, not just their trade ideas...

  • J

    John .

    16 9 2016 22:56

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    Dwight is not just well-informed and prepared, but he's also both confident and humble. He's smart, prepared, confident yet humble.Strong combo. Thank you Dwight , and you too....Julian Robertson.

  • JW

    J W.

    16 9 2016 22:53

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    Excellent-I also especially liked the contrarian view on oil demand and electric vehicles. Lots of food for thought throughout.

  • EL

    Elizabeth L.

    16 9 2016 21:43

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    Dan, really good job.

  • NW

    Noah W.

    16 9 2016 21:15

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    Very good piece - not sure if it's my browser or how the video was recorded but the frame rate is quite low.

  • WE

    William E.

    16 9 2016 21:03

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    Good interview... I believe the truth, not surprisingly, is somewhere between John N and Richard M's comments!

  • AH

    Andreas H.

    16 9 2016 18:59

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  • NG

    Nicolas G.

    16 9 2016 18:58

    2       29

    Fire the presenter please...

  • GG

    Gerald G.

    16 9 2016 18:16

    3       26

    I'm really not interested in getting a traditional supply/demand perspectivein in a world where markets are being fundamentally distorted by CBs?

  • RS

    Roger S.

    16 9 2016 18:11

    10       0

    Lots of good investment ideas with great explanations to back them up. I especially appreciate his contrarian view on oil and EVs.

  • AL

    Alexander L.

    16 9 2016 16:52

    5       0

    Great presentation. It gives me insight into soft commodities. I am long gold and silver miners for the last two years. Although I was early and lost 40%, now I am up about 20%. Going forward, I have to think of diversification through agriculture

  • HS

    Hubert S.

    16 9 2016 16:36

    15       0

    This was as good as it can get.
    Interesting takes on gold and oil.

  • PV

    Peter V.

    16 9 2016 15:29

    10       2

    A great interview. Dwight is top class.

  • RM

    Richard M.

    16 9 2016 15:10

    28       1

    Fantastic interview. Who knew Dan was such a good interviewer! It was like 2 friends just shooting the breeze, very casual but very, very informative! Really enjoyed Dwight's trip down memory lane as to his earlier formative years and all the "greats" that he got to work with (and their methodologies). Very useful info on the metals, grains and the surprising insight on EV's impact on oil prices down the road (pun intended )!

  • jn

    john n.

    16 9 2016 13:57

    21       34

    too much early in interview about his background. views about investment opportunities more important

  • AZ

    Abbas Z.

    16 9 2016 13:24

    7       0

    Very thoughtful presentation

  • NR

    Nuno R.

    16 9 2016 12:08

    6       0

    Brilliant, thank you RVT!