Finding Your Fractals

Featuring Denise Shull

Renowned decision coach Denise Shull, famous as an inspiration for Wendy Rhoades’ character on “Billions,” discusses the valuable concept of mental “fractals.” What influence are prior outcomes exerting over our current decision-making?

Published on
17 July, 2018
Trading, Psychology
6 minutes


  • BM

    Beth M.

    20 7 2018 19:42

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    This was great. I will watch it over and over again. Reminds me of a whole book by Dr. Caroline Leaf called "Switch On Your Brain". One of the greatest things I've ever read!

  • fT

    forecast T.

    18 7 2018 19:38

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    So true...traumas carry over. Traumas affect brains ability to fire off chemical communication and that translates to decision making patterns.

  • KE

    Kathryn E.

    18 7 2018 11:07

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    This lady is amazing! I feel like the 5 min clip leaves out some of the message that could be delivered in a full hour discussion, but at the same time there is so much good information on those 5 min that I couldn't appreciate if it was just a side story.

  • MS

    Matt S.

    18 7 2018 03:35

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    I'll have to watch that a few times to get it I feel...

  • ev

    ernie v.

    18 7 2018 02:57

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    I understand the concept of fractals in trading and attempt to use them every day. Now comes a life fractal? Sort like groundhog day? And now I have to relive my high school years to figure out where my trading mistakes come from. Yikes. This may not be fun. Or easy to do. Truth or fiction. I can remember a blend. There may be something to this. TX

  • IC

    Ibrahim C.

    18 7 2018 01:44

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    I should admit that this short presentation helped me a lot to visualize myself on my trading performances where I am heading to. Fractal in Fractal out! At the end, a new pattern forms!

  • CC

    Christopher C.

    17 7 2018 15:30

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    Probably a LOT closer to home than most people want to admit. That which you most need and will be most useful to you is always found in the darkest and scariest corner of your personal thoughts and fears. Unconscious or not.

  • AA

    Aymman A.

    17 7 2018 14:44

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    Great short presentation!
    Would love a little longer presentation with practical guide on how to evaluate yourself.