Predicting Others’ Emotions

Featuring Denise Shull

Once investors have learned to take better stock of their own emotions, how can they benefit by predicting the emotional responses of others? Famed decision coach Denise Shull discusses.

Published on
31 July, 2018
Psychology, Trading
6 minutes


  • JC

    Joe C.

    7 8 2018 15:41

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    I would really like to watch an hour-long deep dive interview with Denise

  • BV

    Bogdan V.

    31 7 2018 20:59

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    I am interested how can this be applied to individual traders, prop traders, lonely wolves trading alone from their desk, isolated from the world, without access to trading flows, commentary, etc...

  • RA

    Richard A.

    31 7 2018 11:55

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    She mentions an app they developed to help people bring out their inner shape talent lol, but is it available and how does one get it? Rich

  • LP

    Lionel P.

    31 7 2018 11:12

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    I find these videos on psychology very interesting but always a bit short, it would be even more interesting if there would be concrete examples or situations.. use a case to show how these skill/techniques are used
    Thank you