The Truth About Thinking

Featuring ReThink Group

Denise Shull of the ReThink Group addresses a “misconception” about how emotions interact with decision-making.

Published on
8 May, 2018
Psychology, Trading
6 minutes


  • DS

    David S.

    23 5 2018 07:49

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    If you really want to know how to balance your cognitive and emotional mind to trade or live a better life, I suggest you understand Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. The Nicomachean Ethics were written by Aristotle 2500 years ago to teach an Athenian youth how to understand temperance, courage, practical knowledge, and justice. It is apparent that justice is no longer in vogue, but to trade successfully you need temperance, courage and practical wisdom. I would suggest you listen to the Teaching Company's lecture 408 on the Nicomachean Ethics. It organized and presents a coherent message and is easier to understand than Aristotle's notes. This will give you the structure to think about the disjointed tidbits of knowledge that are presented here. If you do not wish to understand the Ethics, then ignorance is bliss. If you are offended, I am old and tired of the latest information presented as coherent. The prime example is the American Heart Association when they told everyone to eat hydrogenated margarine full of trans fatty acids instead of less butter – the latest scientific information at the time. Get a grip and get a perspective and understanding so that you can use these disjointed pieces of modern information coherently. I would suggest Ms. Shull read and understand Aristotle also. If she has read it, please read it again and listen to the lecture. It will make a major difference to you and your firm. If you do not give a client perspective some new firm will. I am not talking cursory, I am talking in depth understanding since your are advising paying clients. Sorry I am so blunt, but when you are old there is no time to be nice/nice. DLS

  • WG

    Wade G.

    9 5 2018 16:56

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    Interesting material. I'd ask for a longer segment, but I had to listen to this one twice. Ha! So maybe you could convince her to do a bunch more short segments. I'd take a few minutes nearly everyday to try to digest this kind of material. Thanks.

  • AB

    Anthony B.

    9 5 2018 06:48

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    Love RV, another amazing one. Signed up, done, and happy to do so.

  • DS

    David S.

    8 5 2018 23:43

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    While tidbits of human cognitive behavior are helpful, the task of interpreting and applying them is dangerous. An overwhelming part of our thinking is unconscious. With the Caltech study, it is far more likely that the traders already processed consciously and unconsciously all the analytical information they can to make the trade. Long-term traders must generate a narrative, rational and emotional, as to why their predictive outcome will be profitable. At the point of trade, they are using non-mathematical parts of the brain to make the final trade. If we actually believe that financial/mathematical analyses are not part of the trade, then the trade is a short-term momentum trade, an algorithm trade or just throwing darts. DLS

  • HU

    Henry U.

    8 5 2018 23:22

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    Market profile chart, been meaning to study it for some time but as far as I know only Bloomberg or other paid services have it. Any reco about free resource or study guide?

  • F

    Floyd .

    8 5 2018 23:00

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    Never heard some of these concepts presented in this way..really like the idea of understanding who you are trading "against".
    Also, this short piece illustrates what a waste of time it is to listen to most business commentators that are reacting to min. by min. market movements as they go through the predictive thought process she described which is generally wrong.

  • JA

    John A.

    8 5 2018 10:23

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    Wow, that is incredible. Multiple viewings required to process that one. The true reality of what you are doing when you are trading is fascinating. Not at all what you are told when you start. Without a doubt where most people get lost is this idea that if they just recalibrate an indicator or have a better backtest they will improve their trading. All along their time would be far better spent thinking about money management and what is going on between their own ears. I am learning so much through RV, I can hardly believe it. Beautiful.