Trading Fast and Slow

Featuring Brett Steenbarger

Esteemed trading psychologist Brett Steenbarger discusses how the psychology of trading differs from the psychology of investing — and provides a valuable lesson on the mind’s modes as they relate to the making of investment decisions.

Published on
29 May, 2018
Trading, Psychology
8 minutes


  • MM

    Michael M.

    11 6 2018 11:13

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    This is for someone that majors in chemistry and is interested in learning the difference between trading and investing because he overheard it in a finance 101 elective class. Good video for that person. But why is it here?

  • JC

    Justin C.

    30 5 2018 21:09

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    This felt more like page 1 of a Trading for Dummies type of book than a Real Vision video, but at least it was short.

  • JL

    John L.

    29 5 2018 21:08

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    I’ll never get that time back. I didn’t know captain obvious posted videos in addition to promoting travel websites.

  • GO

    Greg O.

    29 5 2018 18:45

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    If you're into trading then this video is a perfect way to waste 7min of your time. With all due respect to Brett Steenbarger (and his work) this video is totally worthless, it's about nothing. To his defense, this is a cut out scene from the entire interview.

    However keep in mind that trading is an individual journey/experience and no one can really "teach" you trading. They can point you in the right direction but that's about it. The sooner you realize that, the better for your trading carrier.

    • ML

      Maxim L.

      29 5 2018 19:03

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      Daily Trading Coach is A++++

    • ns

      niall s.

      29 5 2018 21:01

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      Greg , Thank you for confirming what I have long believed to to true , that is why youtube is awash with scammers offering to "teach" people how to trade without offering any real proof of the value of their methods . After all if they really were good traders why would they waste their time teaching .

    • CM

      Chris M.

      5 6 2018 18:22

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      I found value here as a trader for sure! My g/f doesn't understand day trading/scalping. So now, I have the ability to have her watch this guy and (hopefully) listen to a trader/psychologist as to why I cannot deal with "Whats going on with this garbage bag? Why is it full?" Type insanity while I am 20 contracts deep in the SPY at 9:45AM

    • CW

      C W.

      28 6 2018 15:54

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      WADR, it could actually be a waste of 7 min of your time but for others less intuitive these 7 minutes could help novice traders/investors to 'map out the messy landscape' and decide what path to pursue based on their perceived strengths and preferences.