Green Shoots for Europe & Asia

Featuring Greg Weldon

Greg Weldon takes our audience on a macro tour through the recent economic bouts in Europe as rate-differentials with the US provide the Euro a leeway to rally, China having rebounded from it’s economic slowdown; creating momentum for the Shanghai stock market and Asian markets benefiting from the pick-up in growth.

Published on
4 August, 2017
Macro, Global Outlook
58 minutes
Asset class
Bonds/Rates/Credit, Currencies, Equities


  • DC

    D C.

    15 8 2017 02:41

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    Can anyone explain which data sets were used to create chart on Fed Fund futures market? (38min48s in video) How is Dec 2018 vs Aug 2017 future Swap rates calculated?

  • AW

    Anak W.

    12 8 2017 00:30

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    i am 19 years old. and i love investing, and holy smoke, never thought i would get this insight. i learn so much from RVT. it is keeping me on track, help me understand what i should pay attention to and what i should ignore.
    love REAL VISION TV. but sad new for me, since it upgraded i will not be able to continues. but now i know what to do.
    time to go broke(in case things goes horribly wrong) before rise to the top. YEEHA!

  • JC

    John C.

    8 8 2017 15:26

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    Great stuff really like Greg's product, his run-through of the various markets and his trading ideas.

    However, with regard to the USD, I'm a bit wary at this point staying long Euro or the other currencies vis-a-vis the USD and am somewhat puzzled re the interest rate discussion/Fed dot plot etc. While I agree with everything he's said re the Fed and their rate hikes and don't think they will be doing too many more (1 currently priced in, and we all know we can't trust the Fed to stay true to their dot plot graph given how far off they are at this point), I think that it's not all about rates re the dollar and as we all know Greenspan raised US rates for years all the way up to over 6% I think and the USD dropped the whole time. So the basic correlation hasn't always worked so not sure how a lot of this stuff isn't priced in already.

    Also the EU isn't as strong as everyone is saying and they have had their 'run' while the US has more potential upside if Trump can get some sort of tax reform done in the 3rd and 4th quarter. Moreover, Germany is loathe for the Euro to appreciate too much more given it's impact on exports, and we're already seeing auto sales slow down bigtime which has to worry them re the Euro getting too much stronger.

    Furthermore, the technicals I'm seeing look like an inflection point pointing to a rebound (Demark and fibonacci) or at least we're getting close. And any slowdown in global markets whether it's the US or China will create USD strength, not weakness.

  • EL

    Edmond L.

    8 8 2017 14:02

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    RV should do more videos like this

  • TM

    The-First-James M.

    7 8 2017 17:14

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    I love listening to Greg and seeing his process and methodicality at work. Some real gems in here. Thanks.

  • TS

    Tarek S.

    6 8 2017 18:57

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    Consistently one of my favorite Real Vision guests. Fast, actionable, and entertaining.

  • RM

    R M.

    6 8 2017 15:36

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    Greg: I was long Europe and Euro but recently lighted up because: 1)If Car sales tank as other RV folks suggested, Germany will be hit hard. 2) $ may have bottomed at least short term. So, Europe may be hitting at least a near term high. Am still a bit long European Financials as interest rates may continue to rise for a while, but out of Germany, Spain and Portugal. What should I look for to reload? Thanks, brilliant work, if your a single man shop, over the top good...

  • CB

    Cliff B.

    6 8 2017 12:25

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  • js

    jacob s.

    6 8 2017 03:03

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    you can't trust xinhua

  • DP

    D P.

    5 8 2017 23:44

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    Greg is a stud. It's great to see his process. Sure, it's a "commercial", but those who are serious about learning how to think, instead of just getting a hot tip, appreciate these sorts of "commercials".

  • PW

    Phil W.

    5 8 2017 22:49

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    Thanks Greg a good 30,000 ft view I trade mostly Can stocks but your view of the wider picture is most informative ................Thanks

  • NS

    Nico S.

    5 8 2017 21:55

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    Boy, talk about a wealth of knowledge. Love him as he takes you around the world like no other!

    Listen, learn, invest (moreso, divest)...

  • HJ

    Harry J.

    5 8 2017 18:16

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    Just a long commercial add.

  • ZH

    Zack H.

    5 8 2017 16:36

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    Awesome work👍

  • cv

    chani v.

    5 8 2017 16:00

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    Great presentation. I kind of wish we had coverage on smaller asian countries other than China

  • WM

    Will M.

    5 8 2017 15:00

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    Great summary. Always like Greg's passion and strong technical commentary.

  • RR

    Raj R.

    5 8 2017 05:13

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    Excellent recap of the markets!

  • VS

    Victor S.

    4 8 2017 12:05

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    Trading since 1968( and receiving almost every trading accolade available under "trader Vic" ) i will confirm Greg is a must have service ,and the best of his kind! Nobody does technicals better with the scope and depth of his coverage....PERIOD .